Archive | February 14, 2014

School Board Vice Chair says she ‘Will not bow down to Islam’ in Bizarre Rant

Her name is Angie Boynton and she is the Vice chair of a school board in Marion County, Florida. During what appeared to be a televised meeting, Boynton went on what can only be described as an incoherent rant. If you find yourself having difficulty piecing together what she’s saying, you’re not alone. At first, […]

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Italians Combat Islam, Refuse To Allow Islamic Art Museum

By Theodore Shoebat In the land where Italian Christians once arose to fight Muslims and the advancement of Islam, there still lies a remnant of that Crusader spirit in the city of Venice, where conservative Italian are refusing to allow a Muslim art museum. Prime minister of Italy, Enrico Letta, announced the plan to have […]

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Obama’s Brother Works With Muslim Who Murdered Christian Man

By Theodore Shoebat It has been proven, on the Shoebat website, many a time that Obama’s Brother, Malik Obama, works with Omar al-Bashir, the Muslim dictator of North Sudan. Well today it was reported that Omar al-Bashir bombed a Christian area in the South Kordofan state, in which they dropped three bombs on Damardago village; […]

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