Archive | February 13, 2014

Video shows U.S. President’s Family Ties to Terrorism

Much has happened since we first broke the story about President Obama’s familial connections to terrorism through his brother Malik Obama, last year. This video gives newcomers a brief overview to the scandal that “would” be the biggest in U.S. history if media and politicians confronted it. For more information, click here:

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Did Pope Benedict set a Catholic Time Bomb?

By Ben Barrack Soon after the beginning of every Catholic Mass, a prayer known as the “Gloria” is sung by the congregation. Since 1969, the opening line of the refrain began with: Glory to God in the highest, and peace to his people on earth. In 2011, under Pope Benedict XVI, that opening line was […]

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Vitriolic ‘Christians’ should look in the Mirror and open their Bibles

By Bob Michael LAPD Police Detective Capt. (Ret) I had originally decided on this writing after a particularly vitriolic encounter by two posters on the site engaging in disgusting disrespect and name calling for all Protestants and all Catholics covering hundreds of post. It absolutely dishonored Christ. But I have learned to let some time […]

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Muslims Attack Christian Professor, And Cut His Hand Off

By Theodore Shoebat TJ Joseph, a Christian professor of Newman College in India, was attacked by a Muslim mob after being accused of blasphemy against the prophet Muhammad. The Muslims cut his hand, and part of his arm, right off in Muvattupuzha. A case was observed in Kerala, and one man, Sajan George, president of […]

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Muslims Lynch Christian Man, Relative Says, “They cut his neck like a cow”

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian man, named Pumandele, was attacked by a Muslim mob; they grabbed him pushed him around, stabbed him and then cut his throat. They then dumped his body into a ditch. A Washington Post journalist actually witnessed the slaughter. When the Muslims saw him, they said to him, ““Allez, allez — […]

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