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Why ‘Biggest Scandal in U.S. History’ is Being Ignored

Ben Barrack was interviewed by Sam Sorbo today about the scandal involving the IRS, terrorism, and the extended family of the President of the United States. If the truth about this family were made known to the American people, we might be confronted with the ‘biggest scandal in the history of the United States’.

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Shocking Radio Interview: More than ‘a Smidgen’ of Corruption at the IRS discussed with Jeffrey Kuhner on WRKO in Boston

Walid appeared on the Kuhner Report today with Jeffrey Kuhner on WRKO 680 in Boston. Initially, this discussion was about the terror threats to the Sochi Olympic games but at the 4:30 mark, the interview turns to our recent findings on Malik Obama. Here is the interview, via WRKO:

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Obama Lied about IRS Scandal on National Television

President Barack Obama lied 36 times when he told Americans if they like their doctors / health plans, they could keep them under Obamacare “period”. He also lied during a nationally televised interview with Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly. During that interview, President Obama reassured the American people that there is ‘not even a smidgen […]

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UK Government Officially Embraces Islamic Terror Group

Perhaps there is no greater dereliction of duty than for a nation’s leaders to sacrifice its people to Islamic terrorists. That appears to be exactly what is going on in the United Kingdom right now as Muslim Brotherhood terrorists who have fled Egypt after Mursi’s removal, are finding safe harbor in the UK. Via Ahram […]

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Obama’s Brother Discovered at Party with Muslim Terrorist

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack **EXCLUSIVE** We’re learning more about the photo of Malik Obama donning a Hamas scarf while in Sanaa, Yemen in 2010, during a conference. An article by Mareb Press promoted the conference before it took place with the following headline: The “Commander” of the Gaza “Freedom flotilla” was also there. […]

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Muslims Torture Crippled Christian Man, For One Whole Night (Heartbreaking Video)

By Theodore Shoebat Watch this horrifying video of an elderly Christian man recounting how his crippled son was viciously tortured by Muslims for one whole night, how the Muslims threatened to strip his wife naked, and how Rescue Christians helped deliver his family. AFTER WATCHING THIS, PLEASE DONATE TO SAVE THE LIVES OF THESE CHRISTIANS

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Muslims Brutally Murder Their Own Mother, And Then Eat Her Raw

By Theodore Shoebat Police in the Philippines have said that three brothers, all Muslims, murdered their own mother with machetes and then ate her organs raw, in a bizarre ritual. The body of Musala Amil was found with its blood drained with several organs missing. The brothers’ names are Dante, Paroy, and Ibrahim, and they […]

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