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Muslims Come To Church, Say “We have orders from above to demolish this church”

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims have torn down a 300 member Church in South Sudan, under the orders of the government of Omar al-Bashir, who is working to uproot Christianity in his devil-riddened country. The police officer in charge of the demolition of the church told a member of the church: We have orders from above […]

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Muslim Blows Himself Up And Slaughters Innocent Christians

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim group linked to Al-Qaeda, called Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, has one of their jihadist low lives suicide bomb himself like a kamikaze in a tourist bus filled with Christians from South Korea, in Egypt. Over a dozen Christians were injured, three Christians were killed, and the bus driver also lost his […]

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Two Malik Obama Missiles Fired at Congressional Wall of Silence

The Forum For Middle East Understanding (FFMU) has partnered with Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid in sending – via certified mail – correspondence to several members of Congress, requesting that an investigation be opened relative to the alleged terror connections of Malik Obama (links to each letter are at the bottom of this post). A political […]

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Persecuted Syrian Christian Rips Senator John McCain

By Anonymous Note: The following article is written by a Syrian Christain victim of jihadist persecution whom Rescue Christians helped to escape. For various reasons, the identity of this individual cannot be revealed at this time. A chameleon can adapt to almost any environment. It can blend in and has the ability to change as […]

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Obama Appoints Pro-Muslim Agent To Infiltrate US Government

By Walid Shoebat “Mr. (Robert) Malley is coming back to the White House, administration officials said on Tuesday. This time, he will manage the fraying ties between the United States and its allies in the Persian Gulf, a job that says a lot about how America’s role in the Middle East has changed… (Malley’s 2008 […]

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Is Bill O’Reilly a Pinhead? We will let you Decide!

By Keith Davies Like many of our BLOG readers, you may also watch Bill O’Reilly. I confess to being one of his regular viewers but lately I have become frustrated at Mr. O’Reilly. His level of ignorance and complete lack of understanding with respect to the Middle East and Russia is mind-boggling. That says nothing […]

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