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American Spring – Time for Citizens to Descend on Washington

Right now, there are two kinds of politicians who control Washington. Those who are trying to destroy the country and those who refuse to fight them; it’s evil vs. cowardice. The people of this nation are going to have to force action and the only way to do that is through sheer numbers. This short […]

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Muslims Stone Girl To Death, For Using Facebook

By Theodore Shoebat A girl was stoned to death by Muslims in Syria just for using Facebook. Our contact, Hatune Dogan, wrote on the occurrence: Fattoum Al Jassim is a girl from Al Raqqa State in Syria ( A syrian governorate that is controlled by DAESH, the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq ). The […]

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Brotherhood Expert: Obama’s Brother a ‘War Criminal and Terrorist’

Last September, a highly respected Muslim Brotherhood expert named Abdel Reheem Ali made some very explosive claims in an article that appeared on the El-Mogaz website. The reason we haven’t referred to this article sooner is that Ali’s claims seemed exaggerated and there was no sourcing. So we moved on… …until now. Based on our […]

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Joel Rosenberg Targets Russia based on Fictional, Biblical Interpretation

By Bob Michael LAPD Police Detective Capt. (Ret) I don’t too often oppose individuals. I normally don’t even open missives from friends regarding the utterances of author Joel C. Rosenberg. I have a dislike for the Christian writers who send their messages in their fictional formats, knowing their readers understand the writing as absolute truth. […]

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Pastor Receives This Message: “You must leave the region or you’ll die.”

By Theodore Shoebat In Columbia, recently, a pastor received this letter from the socialist-marxist organization, FARC: You must leave the region or you’ll die. The socialists also included a photo of a coffin alongside the letter. The socialists, as they always have, want to massacre the Christians in Colombia. They are no different than the […]

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