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Two Barack H. Obama Foundations; One Tied to Terrorism

There are now two Barack H. Obama Foundations. The first one was founded by the President’s brother Malik Obama, who has subsequently been tied to terrorism ( The most recent one was founded for the purpose of handling President Barack Obama’s future library and is being led by close Obama friend Marty Nesbitt, who apparently […]

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Obama Family Discovered to be Part of Secret Muslim Terror Operation

**EXCLUSIVE** By Walid Shoebat The Obama family’s legacy – although most today would not even consider saying it – will one day be etched in history books under the heading, “How a family of terrorists fooled America”. They have promoted Wahhabist interests in Saudi Arabia and were the greatest supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in […]

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Wicked: Bearing False Witness to create a Muslim Lynch Mob

Sandal and Gulsher Masih are Pakistani Christians who were set up by Muslims who wanted to have them arrested for blasphemy against Islam. Their case started when Muslims threw pages from a Qur’an onto their property and then accused them of doing it. This, in turn, created a mob that had found its victims. It […]

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Muslims Butcher 99 Christians In A Matter Of Moments

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims charged into a Catholic church in Wada Chakawa village in Adamawa state, set off explosives, took hostages, and ripped through Christians with bullets in a five-hour attack. The Muslims also attacked another church in the village of Kawuri and killed more Christians there. The incursion left 99 Christians dead. John Onaiyekan […]

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