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Couple Found Guilty without Trial; Promptly Stoned by Mob

In some cultures, it’s ‘innocent until proven guilty’. In others, it’s ‘guilty until proven innocent’. In Pakistan, especially if you’re non-Muslim, it’s ‘guilty until executed’. Our contact in Pakistan has confirmed the veracity of this report by VOA News: Authorities in Pakistan say six people have been arrested in connection with the stoning death of […]

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Why We Must Watch Japan In Our Study Of End Times

By Theodore Shoebat While the world is focusing on China and North Korea, there is one nation that has escaped the eye of the universal radar: Japan. Many evangelical writers have continuously affirmed that the armies of the Antichrist will comprise of armies from the Middle East, China, and Russia. While they are fixated on […]

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Republicans to watch when the Malik Obama Dam Breaks

In 2012, one year after we published proof of Huma Abedin’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, it was thrust onto the national stage courtesy of Rep. Michele Bachmann. All it will take for the same to happen with Malik Obama is for a similar batch of Senators or Congressmen to do the same thing. To […]

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McCain sucks up to Anderson Cooper over Pro-Jihadist Coverage

Yeah, we know, there’s plenty of evidence that Senator John McCain (RINO-AZ) supports Jihadists – to include his decision to hire Elizabeth O’Bagy and embrace Mouaz Moustafa – but he’s so invested in that position that he’s willing to suck up to Anderson Cooper. Via Washington Free Beacon: Note in the video that McCain says […]

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Sources: House Intel Chair looking into Malik Obama case while in Egypt

Before reports surfaced that House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) was in Egypt, our sources informed us that he was personally looking into the case against Malik Obama. We cannot reveal anymore of what we may or may not know but those claims appear to have been given additional credence based on Egyptian […]

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