Un-American, Corrupt, and Compromised Politicians Running Rampant in Illinois

There are plenty of un-American activities going on inside the state of Illinois, at the local, state, and federal levels. Those activities involve politically active Muslim Brotherhood front groups and compromised politicians. Unfortunately, though there is an answer for dealing with both, it’s nowhere in sight.

Less than one month before the Benghazi attacks, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn celebrated the end of Ramadan with 15,000 Muslims at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL. The imam who presided over the ceremony was none other than Jamal Said, Walid’s mentor and trainer, prior to Walid’s conversion to Christianity. Walid can provide a firsthand account as to Said’s support for terrorism. The Benghazi attackers and Said both support the Muslim Brotherhood agenda.

Gov. Pat Quinn (R) praying with Jamal Said (L) in black.

Gov. Pat Quinn (R) praying with Jamal Said (L) in black.

At the ceremony, Quinn signed a religious tolerance bill.

On the last day of 2013, in line with the passage of that bill, Quinn’s office released the Muslim “Cultural Sensitivity Guide”, which is to be used by employers in Illinois. Check out some of these guidelines such employers must follow (h/t BNI):

Dress Code

Islam requires women and men to behave and dress modestly. There are a number of ways in which Muslims express such teachings. Here is the most notable attire:

  • Muslim women often times wear a headscarf called a hijab.
  • Muslim men sometimes wear a small head covering called a kufi.

These articles of clothing should not be prohibited in any dress code policies.

Dietary Restrictions

The Quran prohibits the consumption of alcohol, pork and pork byproducts. Many Muslims follow standards of slaughter and preparation of meat and poultry called halal. (Halal is to Muslims what kosher is to Jews.) [Tip: Choose a vegetarian or fish option when catering to Muslims.]

That one is particularly interesting because there is an old American saying that goes something like this: “If you don’t like it, don’t eat it.”

The guidelines also go into significant detail about how Muslim prayer requirements must be adhered to by employers. Have a look at the daily prayer requirements:

Muslims are required to pray five times a day – before sunrise, around noon, mid-afternoon, at sunset and at night. Before prayer, Muslims are required to wash their faces, hands and feet with clean water. Each prayer takes about 5-10 minutes to perform. Prayer may be performed in any quiet and clean place. During prayer, Muslims stand, bow and prostrate to God, facing Mecca (generally, in the northeast direction). During prayer, Muslims are fully engaged and cannot respond to telephone rings or conversations (with the exception of emergencies). Others should not walk in front of or interrupt Muslims during prayer. Muslim employees may pray during lunch and/or other breaks.

Click here to read the entire sensitivity guide.

Gov. Quinn praying directly behind Said.

Gov. Quinn praying directly behind Said.

Said has an intimate history with Hamas and was named as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the Holy Land Foundation trial. Both he and Osama bin Laden had a shared mentor in Abdullah Azzam.

Feel free to speculate about why Quinn – and many other politicians – cater to Islamic extremists but two of the top reasons are intimidation and money. Intimidation is where the term “dhimmi” comes from and the more money accepted by said politicians from such groups, the more “dhimmi” those politicians become.

Jamal Said (far left) and U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (far right).

Jamal Said (far left) and U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (far right).

In Illinois, political dhimmis exist at the city, state, and federal levels. As Governor, Quinn is sandwiched between the compromised U.S. Senator from Illinois, Dick Durbin, who has shown coziness with Said in the past, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who appointed CAIR Executive Director for Chicago Ahmed Rehab to one of his advisory committees.

Jamal Said (Far left) and Ahmed Rehab (Far right).

Jamal Said (Far left) and Ahmed Rehab (Far right).

In this one example – and there are plenty of others – local, state, and federal government representatives have been compromised by the Muslim Brotherhood. These problems are not isolated solely in the state of Illinois. That state is merely a microcosm of a much larger problem.

The Muslim Students Association (MSA) began grooming and teaching Muslim college students how to wield influence at all levels of government in the U.S., the military, and countless institutions. When elected officials have been compromised to the extent that Emanuel, Quinn, and Durbin have, a primary way to deal with it involves the resurrection of the House Un-American Affairs Committee, which was abolished in the 1970’s and its remnants were absorbed by the House Judiciary Committee.

The number 2 man on the Judiciary Committee is none other than Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI), who has a some Muslim Brotherhood front group problems of his own.

The Un-American Affairs Committee is long gone and a long way off if it’s ever going to come back. One such reason has to do with how many U.S. politicians would be caught in its dragnet.


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  • prodigal

    Keep telling the truth and shining the light. God bless you for your work.

  • marlene

    dhimmi me some money, dhimmi me some more money. dhimmi me all your money. and i will sell you America – state by state. Can anybody spell i-m-p-e-a-c-h-m-e-n-t? Throw the bums out!

    • Winston

      It’s too late for that. The world is about to blow. The muslims are a tool for the globalists to eliminate orthodox Christianity and Judaism. My guess is the Vatican has their hand in this too since you never hear a peep from the Vatican about the persecution of orthodox Christians. The Luciferians are in charge until the Second Advent. Make no mistake about that.

      • sumsrent

        The pope and Vatican have been [falsely] promoting for decades the concept that Christians and muslims worship the same god…
        Naturally they don’t want to offend satanic Islam…

        • Winston

          Somehow I can’t imagine that God/Jesus Christ is too happy with the Catholic Church for making this claim whether they believe it or not. Christ’s Church is not supposed to be concerned with offending a group of people with the truth or being ashamed of the Father and the Son.

          “For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father’s, and of the holy angels.” — Luke 9:26

          • ssmith

            Chrislam is also heresy with too many churches involved, Protestant, so the blame lies with most denominations

        • Leftseat1

          Islam is a SATANIC abomination delivering millions and millions to HELL every year. There is no “TOLERANCE” for that destiny !

      • marlene

        i know. you’re right. maranatha!

  • sumsrent

    Satanic Islam is slowly creeping in and gathering a stronghold… that’s why they call it Creeping Sharia…
    Folks… when you go to the polls… know whop the satanic worshipping muslims are. Also know those who lean towards helping satanic Islam expand… like Chris Christie and Ron Paul.

    • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

      As far as i know Ron Paul isn’t running anymore and just so you know Rand Paul is more like the current president than his father.

  • sumsrent

    The article says…

    “Dietary Restrictions”

    “The Quran prohibits the consumption of alcohol, pork and pork byproducts. Many Muslims follow standards of slaughter and preparation of meat and poultry called halal. (Halal is to Muslims what kosher is to Jews.) [Tip: Choose a vegetarian or fish option when catering to Muslims.]”

    Folks understand what this means…
    1) muslims can’t even touch these items… it’s unclean… “Haram”.
    Which means… muslims can’t perform certain duties required by the workforce.
    2) Only muslims can perform the tasks of making Halal [permissible] approved items.
    Which means… jobs will require that only muslims can do them.

    To sum up…
    1) muslims have an excuse to be lazy and get out of work.
    2) muslims are privileged and have protected jobs.

    In other words… all of us non-muslim Infidels are expected to be Equal Opportunity Employers… but muslims aren’t.

    So you can easily see the incentive to become a satanic worshipping muslim and disregard your heritage and freedoms.

  • Goober

    Durbin and Quinn are up for re-election this November. Hopefully we can replace both and soon the gay feminist congresswoman that just introduced a bill that requires all residents register all there firearms with the state and be issued a certificate that you must present when buying ammunition to prove you have a registered firearm that uses that particular ammo. They need to go or it’s time to move across the river.

  • richinnameonly

    This article should go to all U.S. citizens, especially those in Illinois. The pictures of Quinn are very revealing. Never see this stuff on the news.

  • yahshua love’s you

    Hahaha no wonder why society has become so islamized Obama has unleashed his Islamic Gestapo agents all over the damn place to infiltrate and to obliterate

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  • PA1974

    But if a Christian has a Bible on his or her desk at work, that’s offensive to Muslims, so the Christian who has the Bible on his or her desk should be fired.

  • Stephen Dalton

    I’m from Illinois, and I just read this article. So Quinn is sucking up to the Muzzies, eh/ Well, he will never get my vote!

  • shoebat

    sumsrent, I am not here to attract commenters, and what you are saying is false. We added so many more since you left. Also, your comments need to have valid proof and references or else I would have to disconnect you. I know this is asking you to do what I do not ask from others, but you are famous for repeating yourself without proof. If you do not like this rule than do not comment.

  • shoebat

    sumsrent, your last comment did not have any substance, so I deleted it. It has been repeated on my blog as if it was spam.