• Truthseeker

    As much as I hate the lost of human life, the only way to stop muslim terrorists is to use force. I wonder how the pilot was able to spot them?

    • Titus Bass

      Probably by sense of smell

  • John Wesley Hayes

    Alu alu snackbar! … and your dead. Dozens of goats breathe sigh of relief.

  • Paul Jaramillo

    There ass is grass!!

  • Truthseeker

    both could be the case, I liked how they kept the camera on the jet then a large fire ball flash can be seen from the jet then its all over.

  • Truthseeker

    they are praising their god aka satan before their own death

  • yahshua love’s you

    Thats to show how dumb these people are hahaha they see the plane comming but they stay to see if it will head their way and then they decide to run when its to late hahaha no wonder why their slogan is we love death I now know why stupid fools hahaha

  • AnthonyM

    A fitting ending for the life the lived.