State Dept Spokesman: Terrorism NOT on the Rise

There was a time when no one thought the “Baghdad Bob” schtick would get old. Well, thanks to the Obama administration, it’s as worn out as Light My Fire by the Doors. The latest incarnation comes from State Department spokesman Jen Psaki who, in response to a question about putting what’s going on in Iraq into a larger context, demurred when asked if she would concede that “terrorism is on the rise” in the world.

State Dept Spokesman: Terrorism not on the rise.

State Dept Spokesman: Terrorism not on the rise.

The fact is that ISIS is on the rise in Iraq; Muslim Brotherhood rebels are on the rise in neighboring Syira; Libya has descended into a terrorist hotbed; Egypt has been fighting off the same Muslim Brotherhood terrorists that Psaki wants back in power; and of course, Benghazi has become the face of the rise of terrorism during the Obama administration.

All of this says nothing about Boko Haram, the swap of the Taliban five for Bergdahl and human slaughterhouses.

As to the reporter’s question to Psaki, it’s a self-evident truth that terrorism is on the rise across the globe. That Psaki denies this is an indictment of her credibility on every one of the administration’s position on terrorism, to include the President’s brother Malik – who works for a State Sponsor of Terrorism (Sudan) – being given favorable IRS treatment by Lois Lerner.

As for the Baghdad Bob reference, yes, it’s tired but it still fits and will have a place of prominence and shame in the history books, just as Obama administration officials like Psaki will:


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  • vaquero70

    terrorism not on the rise!? I guess your dad is the Pope too! this state department for president Barry has hanging out in Denver WAY too much!!!! the dope in the air in denver has gotten to them.

    with the border wide open here in tx… what will the state dept when hamas or fatah or iranian agents starting setting off explosives or even start shooting american citizens.

    I think it is time for the militias to take up arms and defend our borders since this muslim communist isn’t doing anything.

  • richinnameonly

    Psaki, Harf, Rice, Jarrett, Holder and the rest of the crew should be put in a dinghy without oars and set adrift off the east coast of Africa so they can be taken by Islamic pirates. No, I guess we can’t do that because Obama would then trade the rest of the Gitmo prisoners to get them back.