Stealth Jihadist in Red Dress standing next to Hillary Clinton Still Ignored after being Caught on Video

The video of Jason Mattera confronting Hillary Clinton about Benghazi caught the attention of Bill O’Reilly but not for the reasons it should have. O’Reilly thought Mattera was disrespectful To Hillary while ignoring the close proximity to Hillary of a suspected stealth jihadist. It was like a police officer arresting someone for jaywalking as he ignores the armed robbery taking place right next to him. The problem with the metaphor is that Mattera’s actions didn’t rise to the level of jaywalking while Hillary’s actions – to include having Abedin as a close adviser for years – far outweigh armed robbery.

Huma Abedin: Red Flag in a Red Dress.

Huma Abedin: Red Flag in a Red Dress.

As we wrote earlier this week, Bill O’Reilly and Martha MacCallum were both waaaaaaayyy off base when they criticized Jason Mattera for the way he confronted Hillary Clinton.

Nonetheless, both O’Reilly and Mattera continue to miss the RED FLAG wearing a RED DRESS in the latter’s video – Huma Abedin.

In many ways, this episode between Mattera and O’Reilly is a microcosm of a much bigger problem in this country. Fights taking place between Americans far more aligned ideologically than either is with the ideology and tactics of stealth jihad. We can deduce from this that stealth jihad is working.

What should be catching the ire of both men is the fact that walking next to Hillary in Mattera’s video was a woman who has irrefutable, extensive and very dangerous familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. To boot, Abedin began working for Hillary when the latter was first lady in 1996 and continued to do so during Hillary’s tenure as U.S. Senator, Secretary of State, and now apparently as a 2016 Presidential candidate.

Huma could quite possibly become Hillary’s Valerie Jarrett. Yet, O’Reilly and Martha MacCallum attack Mattera?!?!

Though Mattera has not broached this particular issue, he is not taking the cheap shot bully tactics lying down and is calling out O’Reilly for not having him on to make his case.




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  • richinnameonly

    O’Reilly and all the others miss so much (or intentionally keep their mouths shut) while they take their high stand of “cutting edge” TV news. What a joke they are. And just like rushing to elect a black (or part black) president, now the libs are in a hurry to elect a woman. Don’t be so insensitive as to criticize her record or ideology. Just get her in office to satisfy the politically correct “need” to have the first female president. Oh yeah, she’ll also have a Muslim personal advisor. But that’s just what we need now, right?

  • The willful ignorance of those in the news biz, well, actually propaganda trade, continues. They don’t want to know they look bad, when gauged by “Bias”, “Arrogance” and the other books by Bernard Goldberg, and that will continue.

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  • They do not want to see what is right in front of them..And still they see the signing of the book offensive… but we shall also point out Hillary’s other dark side, she does NOT deserve to be in any government office..She is a dangerous nasty woman

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  • yahshua love’s you

    Bumba abedin and Hillary swimpton are laughing their pants of because Jason and bill are just trying to make a story but that witch bumba abedin and her Islamic crime family are trying to make history by playing out people against one an other to build their Islamic empire damn when will the west open their eyes may yehoshua remove the veil so that they may see shalom

  • Proudvet56

    Well, if we are gonna end up fighting Muslims here on American soil, I guess we need to know were everyone stands, and who we can count on. Very sad to know that it will take something terrible happening here to piss off enough Americans to wake them up, and make them put Libs, and Muslims in the same camp.