MAJOR NEWS Muslims Utterly Destroy And Blow Up The Tomb Of Jonah

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Iraq, all members of ISIS, destroyed the entire tomb of Jonah. As reported before, ISIS desecrated the tomb of Jonah, but now we know that they blew the entire shrine up. It wasn’t enough that they chipped the tomb, they had to utterly obliterate and destroy the shrine:

Here is the first video which was uploaded by al-Jazeera:

From Afaq TV in Iraq it was also aired:

Here is more footage of the destruction:


Other Middle Eastern sources that mentioned this destruction of Jonah’s tomb is Youm7, shorouknews, Dostor, Sotal Iraq, and DW. reviewed the video and confirmed that it is indeed the shrine of Jonah’s tomb because on the building it reads “Jonah’s Shrine” as well the news has been confirmed by several reputable sources.

The destruction of Jonah’s tomb comes from an iconoclast theology that harbors hatred for any veneration toward the saints. For in the Hadith it reads:

You are sent to do what the prophet sent me to do, to level protruding graves and to destroy every statue

Muhammad himself said:

Allah curse the Christians for they take the graves of their prophets as temples



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  • Julie LaBrecque

    Satan knows that the relics of God’s saints have power, especially bones. The Muslims that expelled the monks and priests from Deir Behnam did not allow them to take the relics with them.

    • Amen to that, Julie. Those who hate relics show they’re in league with Satan. The ironic thing is that mainline Muslims venerate Jonah, so this is a surreal, disgusting event which needs to be answered for.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        From the posts below, some Christians side with the Muslims on relics. I am always puzzled as to why Sola Scripturists don’t know the whole scripture.

  • yahshua love’s you

    That’s to show how evil these people are yehoshua get the scum’s who blew yonah’s tomb up oh adonai

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  • Julie LaBrecque

    (ahem) I assume you read the entire Bible. Do you recall that God COMMANDED Moses to make a graven image of a serpent on a pole? And the Israelites that were snake-bitten were ‘to gaze upon it to be healed”? Only when they worshipped it was it destroyed. Do you recall that God COMMANDED the Ark of the Covenant to be built of wood, covered inside and out with Gold, and 2 Cherubim (heavenly beings) were to be made of hammered gold and put atop the Ark? Do you realize that Solomon’s temple was FULL of statues? Reread the commandment. You shall have no other Gods before me, nor worship anything that you think is a God. God is not anti-image. Jesus is the image of God. We were made in the image of God. You can commit idolatry by putting ANYTHING ahead of God, like sports, wealth, cars, boats. Also in the Bible you should have the story of a dead man being restored to life when his body was thrown on the bones of Elisha. And then mantle of Elijah that fell down to Elisha, and he wielded it and it parted the waters. Joseph asked that his bones be taken out of Egypt where he died. Satan contended with Michael about the bones of Moses. Scarves were taken that had touched Paul and healed and demons left. Relics have power from God, and they are part of our heritage going back to our parent corporation the Jews. I don’t know where you get 1400 years because their is archaeological proof of images long before your calculations. Is the cross an Idol?

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Are you trying to say that the trinity is wrong? Maybe English is a second language for you, I can’t understand your 3rd sentence. Why do you not know that relics have power? Do you skim the Bible like so many do and just take the parts that fit your beliefs? A dead man was restored to life when he was thrown on the bones of Elisha. The mantle of (dead)Elijah parted the waters. Face cloths that touched Paul healed people and exorcised demons. Satan knows darn good and well they have power, and you ought to if you call yourself a Christian, why else do you think he contended with Michael the Archangel over the bones of Moses? Why do you think Joseph made his brothers make an oath to him that they would some day move his bones out of Egypt?

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Kevin, why don’t you read the Bible and find the accounts where relics DO have power. I’m sorry, but I am so sick of so-called Sola Scripturists that don’t know what the Bible says except the parts that their man-made religions have them concentrate on. After you finish reading the Bible, go read the early church fathers, their beliefs all match what Catholics (and Orthodox) believe to this day. All scriptural. But you have to read the WHOLE Bible to get it. We have apostolic succession, you don’t, so all you have left is to smear. You don’t have authority to bind and to loose. No one in your church does. Your church does not have the Keys to the Kingdom. The 265th successor to Peter does.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    2 Kings 13:20-21, 2 Kings 2:14, Acts 19:11-12 Bones and cloths and relics have no power? Really? Why does the Bible record that they do? All the power in the relics comes from the Holy Spirit. The martyrs’ souls are under the altar, Rev 6:9-10. And they cry out to God for vengeance. I suppose you believe that the 250 uncorrupted bodies of Catholic saints is from the devil. The 2 witnesses will have the power to close up the skies and to turn water into blood, and will come back to life after being slain.(Rev 11:6-11) Are these miracles from the devil or from God?

  • You’re not even worth answering, you laughable Gnostc toad. Look at the history of your own cult and see who has done the straying.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    What do you call the prison Jesus spoke about?

  • Julie LaBrecque

    The Pope is the holder of the keys on earth. Jesus is the holder of the keys in heaven. Whatever the Pope binds on earth is bound in heaven. In case you don’t know the OT counterpart, it is in Isaiah 22:15-22. The Royal Steward carried the keys on his shoulder. What he opened, no one shut. He was second in authority with the King.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    “Wherever the Bishop shall appear, there let the multitudes of the people also be, even as where Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church” Ignatius, Letter to the Smynaeans, Chapter 8, AD 107. Church Fathers who taught of Purgatory: Tertullian, Cyprian, Lactantius, Cyril, John Chrysostom. All believed in the authority of Jesus vested in the Pope.

  • You go slander a whole faith, and then dare to make like a victim. No surprise, unfortunately. Your lot remain true to character.