Muslims Take Fifty Innocent People, Cut Their Heads Off, And Place Their Heads On Poles All Throughout The Area (Must See Footage)

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat

After the ISIS defeated the Raqqa base manned by Division 17 of the Syrian army, the countless POWs were then beheaded and their heads were displayed for public view in the city square. was the first to obtain this extremely gory footage: also translated what the ISIS spokesperson said during the filming:

In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful
He had fulfilled his promise and defeated the enemy by himself.
Your brothers here, the soldiers of the Islamic Caliphate,
Allah had blessed us a great blessing from him.

He had allowed us to defeat Division 17. This is a victory from Allah.
We thank Allah for our strength and power, and our armament.
Today, and till the day of judgement, devils who Allah had allowed us to defeat,
and to be hung in this place, and we ask Allah to complete this victory the great victory of your brothers in the Islamic Caliphate.

Allah had promised the believers that they will dominate the land as it was dominated previously. And will strengthen the religion to be acceptable to him.

“And after their fear he will give them safety to worship me, that they may not worship others besides me and whoever disbelieves, these are the wrongdoers. They must worship me! and must associate anyone with me” (Quran), and that means that they believe in the absolute oneness of Allah. The nation has been victorious, that its base is the unique oneness of Allah. Just as Muhammad was victorious in Mecca when he was surrounded for three years, but the oneness faith has proclaimed itself in the hearts in the individuals, and Allah gave them victory over the land. Here are your brothers, by the will he gave them victory with the oneness of Allah, to defeat the kafirs. But when the oneness was proclaimed, your brothers were victorious. Here are heads that have ripened, that were ready for the plucking.

Division 17 is the largest military base of its kind in north-eastern Syria and is said to be well-stocked with weapons and ammunition.

The ISIS spokesperson continued to speak to each head asking them “why didn’t you defect” as a warning to other Syrian soldiers. “The Oneness” the spokesperson mentions is regarding Allah not being Triune and is the basis of Islam’s war with Christianity. Regardless that the victims are Shiite, ISIS proclaims it ultimate goal is to establish the oneness faith over Christianity which believes in the Trinity.



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  • TnBob86

    Napalm and white phosphorous are both far far too good for these animals

  • TruthBeTold

    In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful

    Do these people even understand the words that come out of their mouths?

    What kind of ‘god’ do these people worship and honor?

    • Willard Boggs

      Please read the Quran: they are doing exactly as the Quran commands them to. I love Muslims who are willing not to obey the commands of Mohammed to kill infidels and commands all to submit to Allah.

  • MattBracken

    It was ever thus with the insane rape and murder cult.

  • Christian

    O Merciful God!
    I hear myself saying John 3:16,17 “For God SO loved the WORLD that He gave His only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Fot God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the WORLD but the WORLD through Him might be saved,” and asking “My sweet Jesus, how can You love these demon possessed, murderous, savages?”
    O God help me to love them like You love them, that I may pray, truly, for their salvation, for You died for their salvation as much as You died for mine.

    • Andrew

      “For God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself not counting their trespasses against them”. In other words, those outside of Christ are still in their sins and cannot ever see God, nor are they forgiven. We need to accurately interpret the scriptures.

      The wrath of God is what awaits these evildoers. They are demon possessed and have a temporary appearance of power, but they will die just like all of us and then there will be a judgment meted out as God, our Savior Jesus, deems just! It is in Christ, “In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins.”

  • DAN

    You can blame Obama and his administration for this. His actions and support for muslim extremists have emboldened these animals and created another major problem in the middle east. This isn’t going to end well.

  • falling321

    But Obama is raising record amounts of money for the Democrats, so all is well in their world!

  • Jason Method

    These animals need to be eradicated. Period.

  • redbird

    no moslems ,,,no terror

    • Fawz Hussein

      Let me guess… You’re from Israel? You know nothing about Islam. Don’t judge it.

  • jb

    muslims know nothing about the koran

  • jb

    the glow in the sky isnt mohammad returning trust me in that

  • Bill_Levinson

    See how civilized they are!

    • Ellie Smid

      and all of this USA supports , for petro dollars from the house of Saud , Qatar and UAE , they supported them in Afghanistan , where Taliban now rules and are global opium dealers number one , with USA aid .. in Libya , where USA came to spread democracy and brought Saudi Sharia law instead , in Syria , where they AGAIN try to support EXTREMIST , against secular Muslims and Christians , with USA AID and tax payers money the Christian village of Maaloula which had PEACE and FREEDOM of religion till the “Obama boys” came along …….. you never wondered why USA the fighter for “democracy” fights with SAUDI AND QATAR BACKING ? Saudi as in 15 Saudi who dropped themselves on USA soil ? PETRO dollars , OIL , power and real estate , THAT is what the USA is about

  • yahshua love’s you

    It won’t take long until we see these kinds of things happening in the west and isn’t it funny how we are not being told by or media of whats really going on in Syria Iraq and Nigeria oh no of course they rather pick on Israel who’s defending it self from these cave men that are now called the good guys by our politicians

  • 1Bobby8

    These are the same evil monsters Obama aids, abets, arms and supports.

  • Until America realizes the seriousness of Islam and its false ideology we will see more terror on the mainland. These are animals and devilish destroyers !!

  • Devils !!

  • Gunny L

    Wow, do you eat with that mouth? Naughty, Naughty.

  • Red Pill

    Jesus never said to love the enemy’s of God, just our own enemy

  • Captain Beyond

    These scorpion riders do not understand the horrors that await them after death. One demon will scare you almost to death. Imagine being chased by untold thousands in dark sulphurous caverns. As a former dabbler in black magic I can verify Demons are very real.

  • Robert49

    They are lucky I am not the President of the United States because I would have gave orders to have them shredded by with A-10’s before they would have got within 500 miles of any city in Iraq of any size! Then again who is the main country in the middle east that is financing sick groups of pond scum like these? Oh that is right, I lost my mind for a minute and forgot that it’s Saudi Arabia that is the primary financier and armors of these Wahhabis Sunni Arab terrorist scum!


  • Tim Denbok

    Let’s see. History. 2600 years ago, the Assyrian empire was in the same area. They skewered people through their anus’s up to their mouths, and left them outside till they were literally prunes in the sun. 3500 years ago nations in that area offered human sacrifices, including children to appease their gods. Fast – forward to the Romans – they crucified people, an excruciatingly slow way to die. The Vikings just lopped people’s heads off with battle-axes. The French had the guillotine, and the British hung people in the public square up until just over a century and a half ago. So why is this so surprising? It’s a modern world, we should all be civilized? Sure we should. But some of us aren’t. That’s why it isn’t surprising. Just human nature with no law. May God comfort the victims families and may there be people in their communities who take this as an opportunity to rise to the responsibility of caring for them.

  • micky d.

    Hussein Obama condemns???? The Jews for killing these Pieces of Muslim SHI?. And spare me the children dying those kids would be alive and well if not for the Islamic savages.

  • micky d.

    There would be no one left if that happened.

  • ForPeteSaiche

    Please don’t insult us French with the origin of words that aptly describe these Islamist devils.

    • John

      I tell you what, the French should raise another Charles Martel, then we will be talking.

  • Tim Denbok

    It is people. Yes. People have evil in their hearts which the worst situations bring out. For instance you. my friend, are full of hate yourself, so you should check into a lovely hospital and get your heart checked and your teeth dulled.

  • Chad

    The Muslims of today are simply the Christendom of yesterday. Remember the cleansing during the crusades? RELIGION itself is the evil in the world.

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  • Fr Christopher P. Kelley, DD

    Diabolical actions, straight from the Qur’an & the mouth of Muh’d (POX be upon him!). This is how ISIS celebrates the unholy month of Ramadan.
    The video is NOT for the squeamish, yet should be required viewing for the anchors of CNN and MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and other allies of the mohammedan Brotherhood.

  • Sally Prittie

    Thank you so much Meena – appreciated this very much!

    • Willard Boggs

      Sally there are many you tube videos by sister Hatune about the first hand accounts of what is happening in the Middle East. Please pray and ask all who can to contribute to save their lives.

  • zonie6044

    Some things don’t change… 7th century barbarians. Always have been, always will be.

  • Pedro A. Cruz

    Arm christians to the teeth.

  • Willard Boggs
  • Willard Boggs

    Please watch & learn form sister Hadune . There are many you tube videos . Sister Hatune Dogan Speaks of Unspeakable Atrocities after returning from Trip to Syria

  • Willard Boggs

    This is not human behavior whoever these people are . This is pure EVIL

  • Willard Boggs

    I have read the quran. There are more than a hundred verses commanding Muslims to wage war against the non believer by chopping heads & cutting off fingers till the rest see & submit. Muslims who are not willing to fight are warned that they will be sent to hell if they do not participate in the slaughter. : Please refer to http://www.thereligionofpeace…. .

  • Matt Richardson

    Not much of a difference between them and Hamas, killing civilians for the heck of it, yet for some reason our president seems to be standing with one and opposing the other, can someone please explain this administrations logic, if that’s even possible?

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  • Deb Smith

    The article states this was done by ISIS and the victims were also Muslims. This one radical faction & their perversion of Islam. The people they killed were also Muslims who stood up to them and fought. ISIS does not equal Muslim.

  • Andrew

    Well said Eddie! John 8:44 was one the first verses I memorized after being born again by the Spirit. Continue in His word!!

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  • Leone May

    Terrible! I’m shocked!

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  • Timothy DeVries

    The simple-minded are the people who choose to live life without knowing about life. If you ask yourself any questions about life (how it started, why you exist, etc.) you would realize the MUST be a higher being of some sort, but people like you are satisfied with just living until your time comes without knowing why or how you are living. Everybody tries to either explain this using religion or using science, which is great (I’m a bit of a science guy myself), but the problem with that is that science is still limited. You see, within the realm of science everything happens relative to time (time is greater than (or controls) science). Therefore there can’t be a beginning of time (if you think about it scientifically) and yet there needs to be. There MUST be a higher being (a god) who set up the laws of science and got the ball rolling (excuse my pun).

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  • Rev

    “The genetic code of DNA alone (language) is enough proof that life didn’t happen “by chance”.”

    All of my what.

    Please explain? I wasn’t aware of this proof. And it somehow is “enough”? You might be thinking of the word evidence, but even then; what???

  • Daniel Moshe Johnson

    What we have here is an evil that all need to be removed from the globe. This whole entire war on terror has failed, there are creatures among humanity that need to be eradicated from the earth.

    The problem is hidden among us in western society as well, we have opened the doors of immigration to many refugees who carry these same psychological possibilities.

    The stem factor is all based in a war ideology called Islam.
    Islam is not a religion, and should have never been permitted in western society.
    It’s deeply embedded in cultural, domestic, Arab society in general.

  • Rapheal Sebastian

    What men do on their own for their own selfish needs, prejudices and personal gains is not what the Crusades were all about. There is no institutional sanction, the Church did not tell Godfrey to go out and kill Jews, he took it upon himself for whatever reasons and was rebuked after. Jews paid 500 golden marks and paid Godfrey off (personal gain), he then said he never intended to kill Jews. But this was in Mainz, Germany not Jerusalem but it doesn’t make it any less horrendous. There is no justification to stray from the mission. And the mission at that time was the defense of Christendom and her people. What you should be asking is what brought about this not just the acts of those who went there to defend.

    So similarly today, the very same acts are being perpetrated, the very same atrocities of 1400 years ago replayed, the ideology has not changed despite the rest of the world moving forward.

    Moral equivalence in any argument that is bereft of balance doesn’t bring enlightenment or information.

  • Ron Kelly

    I blame those who wanted to rush out of Iraq. I also heard that the Iraq government asked for drones to take out some of the early camps that formed in the northern Iraq and Obama did nothing. Why must the bodies of innocent people pile up before people who believe in justice take action. Jesus wanted us to love our enemies but taught through His apostles that govenment is to battle evil with justice and these muslim animals that are unjust should be blasted from the earth and sent to stand before the judgement seat of God to receive genuine eternal justice.

  • Blasphemy

    Thank You for that compliment!

    Because YOU have given me a REASON to believe and understand this disturbing fact that people like YOU worship “The Great Deceiver” who orders his followers to offer “ZAKAR” and preach and practice “MURUNA”, TAQAYYA”for the sake of advancing your “religion” THROUGHT the world.

    That makes people like YOU to become Terrorists and “silent” Extremists. People like you shall be judged by Yeshva Hamashiach when he returns to destroy ISLAM: THE RELIGION OF LUCIFER, THE GREAT DECIEVER!

  • Willard Boggs

    Christian blood shed for Allah is what they believe will take them to heaven not just Christian blood. The devil knows the truth that accepting Christ we become partakers of His sacrifice but he wants people to bow down to him & tell them a trick to enter heaven. God will not be deceived.

  • Willard Boggs

    I know you speak out of frustration but if you are a Christian you will not do so. I do firmly believe that Muslim immigration to the US should stop. I do think that we should better vet our candidates for any post in the government. There are millions of persecuted Christians who would love to live under the constitution and respect our values. We need to rapture them in.

  • Merhawi Tesfai

    Just a remainder but Islam didn’t come around until the 7th Century A.D.

  • Ken Rowe

    Why do so many of you try to throw God and Jesus out there? IF and I
    mean IF they exist, then why are they sitting around on their asses not
    doing anything? These ISIS fighters are nothing but serial murderers and
    serial pedophiles.

    Kurds found cell phones with pictures and videos of little children
    being beheaded. There are videos of little girls being auctioned as sex
    slaves. They played soccer with a human head! they can not be followers
    of any god but Satan.

    And I am positive that every man woman or child who has faced them has prayed as
    and with the fullest belief in God as anyone ever could- right up to
    the point their heads were separated from their bodies.

    Where was God then? Was he waiting in the light at the end of the tunnel? How
    nice of him. I am sure the parents of these children who had to watch
    more desperately than ever for a quick death to ease the heart ache and
    pain of seeing their little girl brutally raped and beheaded. And Where
    was Jesus then? Turning the other cheek?
    When they hung a 9 year
    old boy as a spy- Do you think Muhammad put them up to it? Do you think
    he rooted them on when THEY PLAYED SOCCER WITH A HUMAN HEAD?
    There is no religion to blame here. only those who claim to be of Islam
    and who have twisted and mangled it out of proportion- obscenely and

    What more convincing do you need that these are not
    people, they are daemons strait from hell and led by Satan himself? They
    can not be aloud to live. I would sooner see the deaths of 10 times as
    many innocent lives by using a nuke if it meant we could take all of
    them out with just one bomb. And that’s exactly what their plan is. to
    surround themselves with so many innocent people that no one would
    dare put them in danger.

    That is where they have us by the short hairs.

    really have no choice. We need to attack, relentlessly, and with as
    much destruction as we can cause. if it moves, kill it. It is what they
    want, and they have the upper hand. They want us to do this because
    they believe that the rest of the world will turn on us and and that
    they will be recognized in their martyrdom as heroes who sacrificed it
    all to change the world. The longer we go without granting their wish,
    the more innocent lives will have to be sacrificed when we finally do
    come around.

    Do it.
    Do it now.

  • Love to see you get Khazouked on a tower old geezer.

  • BattleHorse

    What bag of pig excrement this moon god allah.