(VERY RARE FOOTAGE) Muslims Create A Literal River Of Human Blood By Butchering 1500 Innocent People

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat

river of blood copy

ISIS just released a video showing what they claim are Iraq’s Army POWs captured by ISIS, driven away in truck loads and then shot them all dead. The video caption stated that there were 1,500 individuals. The video shows their end being shot at point blank in several horrific mass slaughters reminiscent to what we see during Nazi Germany. The young teens begged for their lives as they were made to curse Al-Maliki but to no avail while they were forced to chant “long live the Muslim nation”. Shoebat.com were the first to discover the video:

The voice speaks how they captured soldiers covering their uniforms with civilian cloths. Then they show soldiers pleading cursing Maliki while other chant “long live Islamic Nation”. The last man they slapped as they went down to the river had part of his back showing as his shirt was short and they blurred his skin lest it was sexually arousing. Then they are seen shooting the captives in the head and tossing them in the river under a pool of blood as the narrator from the ISIS stated victoriously:

We will revenge and will return measure with measures … soon the Muslim will walk everywhere dignified with his head high …

After the men were executed and tossed in the river the voice goes to say “Here was the spark ignited in Iraq. It will arise Allah willing until they burn the armies of the cross in Dabiq“.

According to Islam, Dabiq is a prophetic battle which speaks of the Last Hour (Day of Judgment) would not come until the Christian masses would land at Dabiq (in Syria) and they will be defeated and then the cross is finally destroyed and all Christian survivors that are left will convert to Islam.

The reason for throwing victims in the river stems from Khalid bin Walid. When the Christians and Persians from Ullays turned down a peace offer by Khalid bin Al-Walid, the most respected Muslim general in Muslim history.

The story goes that when Khalid made a vow to Allah during the battle that if he defeated these resistors, he would make the canal that surrounded their village literally run with their blood. When the outcome was in Khalid’s favor, it actually took a day and a half to behead all of the captives. The obstacle for Khalid was that the ravine of blood coagulated and Khalid’s troops were forced to eventually release water into the canal in order that it would run red with the blood of the slain lest Khalid’s vow be left unfulfilled.

Some of Khalid’s men wanted to meticulously fulfill his wishes:

Even if you were to kill all the population of the earth, their blood would still not run… Therefore send water over it, so that you may fulfill your oath.

Khalid had blocked the water from the canal. Now Khalid brought the water back, so that it flowed with spilled blood. Owing to this it has been called Blood Canal to this day. (1)

But this is not an ancient phenomenon. Today the world can watch it in the clip.


(1) At-Tabari, Vol XI, The Challenge to the Empires, In series: The History of at- Tabari, (Ta’rikh al-rasul wa’l-muluk), Translated by K.Y. Blankkinship, SUNY series in near Eastern Studies, Bibliotheca Persica, State University of New York Press, Albany New York, 1993, p.44-45 Abu Jafar Muhammad ibn Jarir At-Tabari, the early Islamic historian and theologian recorded this event “Khalid said, O Allah, if you deliver their shoulders to us, I will obligate myself to You not to leave any one of them whom we can overcome until I make their canal run with their blood.’ Then Allah defeated them for the Muslims and gave their shoulders to them. Khalid then commanded to his herald to proclaim to his men, ‘Capture! Capture! Do not kill any except he who continues to resist.’ As a result the cavalry brought prisoners in droves, driving them along. Khalid had detailed certain men to cut off their heads in the canal. He did that to them for a day and a night. They pursued them the next day and the day after, until they reached the Nahrayn and the like of that distance in every direction from Ullays. And Khalid cut off their heads.”


  • Steve Smith

    Most of these guys look like kids they pulled off the street,Gospodi pomilui. Lord have mercy.

  • yahshua love’s you

    These people are animals they are also in Europe these Isis bastards

    • Animals only kill for survival. These people are the scourge of the planet. They must be eradicated to the very last man.

      • And animals do kill for food too… They will also try to fight back.. but the poor people have no weapons to fight back.. They are being killed for not wanting to be slaves to that false religion and sharia laws.. These killers in my book are worse then animals… they are under satan control. they are satan’s minions.

  • 1Bobby8

    They’re serving their god Satan, meanwhile not a peep from the mainstream media of this.

    • They won’t report this cause they are serving their god ,Obama… They are guilty as these killers are.. They have blood on their hands as well.. Any reporter that do not report the truth is a traitor to their own people…

      • 1Bobby8

        Amen, DustyFae, amen.

      • Jim Coloma

        remember that the US Military started this with the slaughter of 800,000+ Iraqi civilians… American govt is to blame they turn this all on, never the less all these things where prophecied and are coming to pass. Only Jesus can eternally save.

    • richinnameonly

      That is one of the things I find most disturbing. They don’t want the normal brain dead U.S. citizen to see what’s going on. But they will run many stories about “gun violence” when someone is shot, and how weapons should not be allowed in the hands of citizens. Wouldn’t Islam love to see every law abiding citizen disarmed! The progressives are swarming like roaches in the media, the government and the educational system.

      • 1Bobby8

        It’s all about if it fits their agenda it’s reported, if not, it’s not reported…so much for bringing the news objectively.

  • Ray

    reminiscent to what we see during Nazi Germany? Once again they spout this crap out. The Nazis were the most well documented people in the world. Recording even a missing boot near wars end. So with very little but pictures to claim the idea of so many mass executions, is very stupid. The communists committed so many mass executions that the Nazis don’t even make up one tenth of what the soviets and in fact the Chinese did.

  • HisHandmaiden

    There must be a special place in Hell reserved for these butchers.

  • Totally demented – again beyond words. Where the hell is the Muslim population – to denounce and condemn these horrific crimes of total SADISM?

    • They are not moderate if they practice islam… and some may be really afraid to speak up, after all, they do kill their own ,even their own kids…

  • I’m sorry to say this, but any man who allows themselves to be taken like a coward should expect such a dishonorable death.

    • Who said they did not beg or try to put up a fight… ? where are you going to run too. you going to be killed any ways… They did not deserve to die… please do not say things like that… and if they died for Christ… then their death may be more honorable then what yours or mine may be….

    • Jackson Berch

      Sapper you are a donkey pal. If you’ve not been in that position do not comment on the actions of those who have. Your comment arouses my anger no end.

    • David Daisy May Boldock

      I don’t see as they have much choice!

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  • Fr Christopher P. Kelley, DD

    Does this waterway connect to the Tigris or Euphrates, – so that the bodies float past Baghdad — part of ISIS’s terror campaign? Or any local fish that might pick the bones clean? — This is not for the squeamish, but should be required viewing in Washington.

    SEE What a feckless foreign folly (alias a “policy”) results in?!
    SEE, Mr Zero, what is on YOUR hands??!!

  • Lidia

    Why aren’t these prisoners fighting for their lives? Even if they get killed, at least they died fighting. They are letting these men from ISIS kill them.
    Fear has paralyzed them.

  • corrrine

    Isa 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  • Lidia

    This story reminds me of a story my Slovenian godparents told me. It must be a common practice by Muslim invaders. The Turks killed a lot of people that way. I wonder if anybody else in history did the same thing. When the Turks went through Slovenia, they killed a lot of people and threw their bodies into the river. The river turned red from all the bodies floating in the water. They said that the Slovenians will never forget what the Turks did to their people even though it happened a long time ago.

  • Lidia

    Not a doofus but a fighter!! It must be that Balkan blood in me!

  • Lidia

    They were English and they were serving the King of England!!

    • Lidia

      Spanish and Portuguese were also involved.

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  • Lidia

    You sure talk a lot about Quebec. That’s funny because I am from Quebec. Montreal to be exact. I don’t live there anymore. I love my country, Canada. And I love America too.

    • Lidia

      I miss the baguettes and the cheese curds!! Yummy!

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  • Lidia

    Exactly! I noticed that the prisoners weren’t tied up either. Maybe they were mentally and physically tortured beforehand. They didn’t deserve to die like this. The blood on the ground by the water really bothered me. Any person or country involved in these killings are the biggest losers in the world and they will pay for what they did. They could hide from the world but they cannot hide from God.

  • Nasha

    If they want the media to report this,they need to write that Israel did it…

  • dan soup

    fuck you and your native american bullshit ! We went through the west in peace seeking to find what was around and places to live. If the native americans had not attacked us for traveling through we would not have killed them.

  • whit

    Those were land hungry white folk. Not christians.

  • Homer Pyle

    America 2050.

  • Homer Pyle

    So they executed deserters who, if they had stood like men might have defeated ISIS or died like men trying, instead they died like sheep.

  • Homer Pyle

    Good thing ISLAM is the Religion of “Peace”.

  • James Mccall

    Muslims killing Muslims is a good thing

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  • Lidia

    True but I think it’s important because my ancestors had nothing to do with slavery. Delushia thinks that we are all the same but our history- East and West is different.

  • Lidia

    Ahh yes. English and English descendants. Same thing. Early settlers came from England, Spain and France.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      Well they were forced out of Florida, Georgia and other states too. They ended up in present day Oklahoma. The Osage Indians are one of the RICHEST TRIBES because the land they settled in is loaded with OIL.

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  • Julie LaBrecque

    Delushia please study history. The Muslims were enslaving the peoples that they conquered or subdued CENTURIES before the US existed or Europeans settled there. Black AND white were enslaved. The strongest men were kept as soldiers for jihad, the weaker ones sold as slaves, the women, the ‘pretty ones’ were sent to live in harems for the sick Muslim leaders. Native Americans had slaves. The Creek to this day have members on their role that are of African descent because the Creeks and their black slaves intermingled, and the descendants of those unions are entitled to be enrolled as Creek Indians. Don’t be so lopsided.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    That’s a bunch of hogwash.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Ever heard of JIHAD? It existed more than a millenia ago. Don’t be such a ding dong. You obviously have NO CLUE what the Crusades were. The Christian nations finally had their gut full of Muslims slaughtering them and taking their land and property.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    I pretty much told her the same thing. Always have to blame the white man.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Good job. What a bunch of buffoons, huh?

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Excuse me. Your leftist government is PUMPING $85 BILLION A MONTH OF FAKE MONEY into the economy. There is no gold behind it. I am sorry, but if you are an adult and the best you can do is work at Wal-Mart, then that is your problem, not mine. Last I looked, you can give 2 weeks notice and go to work for someone else. Last I looked, the Dow tumbled 317 points today. Wait to see what happens to it next year. Big Crash coming. You can keep your phoney baloney compassion. I’m not buying it.

  • Lidia

    The Brits may have outlawed slavery first but they started slavery in America-Brittish slave traders!
    Nothing against today’s British people. I think Great Britain is a beautiful country. I saw the Queen in 2012.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      Wrong. They learned of slavery when they came to the continent of America from the natives and when they ventured into Africa.

      • Lidia

        Who brought the slaves to the Native Americans? Who brought the slaves to America? I’m talking about American history only.

        • Julie LaBrecque

          The natives of both North, Central, and South America warred EACH other and took hostages from the conquered tribes as slaves for themselves, and some they sold. It was an established practice BEFORE Europeans settlers came.

  • Mary Taylor

    I didn’t want to watch the video, my imagination is strong enough. I feel it in my bones it’s coming to us. I pray we stand strong in our love for our country and our freedom. They’re already here, I know, it’s too late to keep them out.

  • Mary Taylor

    The Crusades were done by the Roman Catholic Church. Read your history. Starting with 70 AD.

  • Lidia

    If I were a Black American, I wish my ancestors would have come to America voluntarily and not as slaves!

    • Lidia

      I’m done with history. Change the subject. Let’s talk about what is going on today.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        What’s going on today IS HISTORY. “What is past is prologue” Words above the National Archives. If you don’t know the past you are doomed to repeat it.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      But they didn’t. Many WHITE PEOPLE came as indentured servants. Black people OWNED black slaves. Indians had black slaves. You can’t see the forest for the trees. You are only done with history because you don’t like it.

      • Lidia

        I’m not blaming the white race. My point was that it had nothing to do with Christianity. That is how this whole conversation started. It has nothing to do with race either. A lot of Black Americans look at it as a race thing. I disagree. It had to do with certain countries/nationalities and their rulers. I’m white and my ancestors were slaves to the Turks. So the color of the skin doesn’t matter! And you are right, poor white servants from Europe were brought over to America. They were treated badly too. Some of them ran away with the slaves from their masters.

        • Julie LaBrecque

          Many of your posts are implying that slavery was caused by the whites (Europeans), like your post asking who brought the slaves to the Americas. That is why I responded as I did.

          • Lidia

            I’m sorry if that is how it came across to you.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            No biggie. It’s hard to pick up intonations when we read something written versus an oral dialogue.

          • Lidia

            Julie, what nationality/country (not race or continent) physically brought the black people from Africa to America?
            Even if they learned about slavery from the Indians and the Africans, it doesn’t mean they are innocent. They are ALL at fault! You said, history is important and we need to learn from it. So no details left out. Slavery is UN-Christian! Slavery is a sin. Remember I am not blaming the white man or the Europeans. I’m blaming the evil that comes from human beings.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            Guess we can take the blame because slavery is in the Bible, OT & NT.

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  • Lidia

    If you are really a Christian, why don’t you say anything about Christians being tortured, raped, imprisoned, murdered, their homes taken away, their churches destroyed. This so called ‘bunch of extremists which represent not even 1%’ has created a Christian HOLOCAUST!!!!!! NO HUMANITY!!!!!!!
    Can you imagine if there were more than 1% of these extremists, say like 50%!! Can you imagine if they had their hands on weapons of mass destruction!! This world would be screwed. This is why God will intervene!!
    I do feel sorry for the innocent Palestinians, especially the children. But I also feel sorry for the innocent people of Israel, especially those 3 young Jewish boys who were murdered. When these boys were murdered, the Palestinian men and women were celebrating in the streets and passing out sweets. What a lack of HUMANITY!
    Only God can save the Palestinian people, not HAMAS!

  • Lidia

    True! History sucks!

  • Lidia

    Yes Debra.

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  • lisalake

    Gee. Comment denied. I guess Shoebat doesn’t like what they perceive as negative comments about our military/FBI/DHS allowing terrorist camps on our soil?

  • lisalake

    What’s wrong with this site? Gee. Comment denied. I guess they doesn’t like what they perceive as
    negative comments about our military/FBI/DHS allowing terrorist camps on
    our soil?

  • Lyne Shankland

    what an uneducated dick you are delushia get some books you arrogant shit

  • Brian – your reasoning is just as demented as Hamas.

  • Herbert – your reasoning skills are just the same as Brian’s. Notwithstanding your uneducated – drivel. Just like Hamas.

  • Grant Lowe

    But what about native nations who themselves had there own religion that closely resembled christianity….like the cherokee nation…..and your blanket statement counter argued with the fact that the main agenda behind all of the atrocities was land because at that time in history land meant power and wealth……granted many things in this world have been done in the name of religion not just christianity…..but being a follower of jesus is not really a religion it’s a relationship it’s about doing what’s right telling the truth….being a sheepdog for those that can not defend themselves both physically and spiritually……my god teaches peace unless the unfortunate time comes where you are to defend your family from all threats…..I am a proud follower of jesus and proud of my cherokee heritage

  • Frankie Hazard

    Nixion and bush senior armed Al-Qaeda… Or did you forget that?

    • John Accorti Brooks

      ^ You’re correct. Our government has been getting away with this for a very long time. No one ever goes to jail.

  • Frankie Hazard

    Christian jewish and islam all worship the same god just in diffrent ways

  • Lidia

    Mario, I wasn’t talking about the crusades, I was taking about slavery.

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  • Lidia

    All I could say is WOW. This has to be the most powerful message I ever heard on the news! Judge Jeanine is a Christian hero! I hope the Pope listens to her.

  • Lidia

    Patrick, she is Catholic.

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  • gypsyrose1

    How do you blame Jews for Muslims beheading anyone that disagrees with them?

  • John1969

    gunner, I am a former marine, and I am assuming you are x military as well. So tell me how do you conquer an army 10 times your size? You have to divide them, then take the weak out first. Sometimes that requires cunning as much as skill. yes they have been fighting for hundreds of years, and yes it all boils down to a family dispute over birth rights. When Ishmael was sent away God said he would be a mighty nation. His lineage is still here today mainly islamic, and are still fighting mad. The antichrist, “islam” has been hard at work cunningly infiltrating all nations as a peaceful religion, while keeping the zelots close to home, these peace loving ones say,” oh no that is not what we are about and the crazy ones are bashing them, while all the time they are on each others side. All the peaceful ones are funneling money right back to the ones that have the intestinal fortitude to do satan’s bidding. Sometimes my friend you can not see the forest for the trees. Please take the time and listen to Walid’s messages, then you will start to see the trees a lot more clearly. In Christ, John

  • Dean El Loca

    Delusion. You are a complete idiot. Who were the christians you moron? Your just too cought up in self pity to understand reality

  • Carolyn Byrd

    Tell em girl. If you were to really keep up with whats going on in the world, you would know who killed most of the Indian People. It happened in Canada. In the form of child trafficking, torture, beheaded, disembowelment, dismemberment, then burned. All buried in mass graves in Canada. Crimes committed against humanity. Genocide. All facts being hidden from the media. Done by The Ninth Circle. Satanic Cult. Here go educate yourself. http://childabuserecovery.com/pope-francis-found-guilty-of-child-trafficking-rape-murder/#.U9rXqPldXkf

  • Carolyn Byrd

    Not Muslims as a whole, but Islam. Just like in Christianity we have Catholics, Baptist, Lutheran. All different sectors.Muslims are like that too. Now Islam is nothing but a bunch of murders that are Hell bent on taking over the world. Though both follow the Koran. They interpret it with different eyes. There are some Muslims that follow the Bible and the Koran. as tools to live by. Bible teaches of a Loving and forgiving God, with whom to build a personal relationship with.. The Koran teaches of a God of judgement, and damnation. Nothing of any kind of relationship with. In my opinion. The Bible’s New Testament nullifies the Koran. The Bible contains the Word of God. Koran has the words of men.

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  • April Miller

    This is my first time on this website……and might be my last. I am a Christian…..and last time I checked, my God does not spew the hatred toward our fellow man like I am seeing displayed here. He has taught me to hate the sin, but love the sinner. The behaviors I have witnessed here do not display that….calling others “cu**” or moron are not what my God has taught me. May your God give you peace and help our fellow man.

  • whenthedevilvisits_dot_com

    Benghazi was not an accident. It was a gun-running operation that allowed ISIS to get the weapons necessary to take back Iraq. Our president did this. He also removed more troops than advised from Iraq. ISIS is funded by Iran. Valerie Jarrett is an Iranian and is Obama’s right hand in the White House. The Iranians just got back the billions seized from them by the Bush administration for terror activities. Obama is also known for giving the rebels (ISIS) in Syria guns to fight against the people there too. The death toll there is astronomical compared to the death of Palestinians, yet, all we hear is about Israel. Obama told Israel they were on their own. Connect the dots liberals, or do you think this is all coincidental? You have been duped and you aren’t even human enough to admit it. Now we have to watch him destroy America. Look for a financial collapse within his presidency. Look for him to blame the Republicans. Look for a race driven civil war because he wants to declare Martial law which will suspend all elections. Patriots need to get mean and fight back. We only have one small window to stop all of this before it is too late. Religious people know the New World Order has been prophesied. That is what Obama and his cronies want. Tell the liberals to sit down and shut up.

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  • Takiwiaa

    Bull. Until the muslim community stands up to denounce the butchering of innocents they are to blame. We’ve asked, and are still waiting for them to take a stand. Crickets means they support it.

  • Takiwiaa

    Who were they fighting?

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  • Core Chris

    There’s a great darkness coursing over the planet, here at the edge, expanding with a steady pulse. Too much suffering & too little compassion.

    I feel more alien to this planet each day. Looks like they’ve chose to keep with the murdering, plotting, manipulating & destroying. :-/

    Peace be on the peaceful.

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  • Anonymous

    If their so called Gods let these horrible things happen in this allready fuc!!ed up world…
    Then there are no Gods!
    So why kill eachother for nothing! Christianity, Islam or whatever fairytale you believe in…
    ‘you Lowlife mass murderers’!


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  • Robert Earl Dillstrom

    I think the Christians and the Jews should meet the muslims on the field of Armageddon and slaughter each other till not one of them is left… And maybe… Only after the fearful, blind faith in childish incarnations of deities is washed from our society.. May we all live in peace…

  • ensite

    Obama, Erdogan and 1.6 billion others

  • Evilevi501

    Could it just maybe be that they are uneducated extremists that are serving themselves under the guise of a God?

  • Willard Boggs

    Janice please watch & lets learn the truth Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner: http://youtu.be/t_Qpy0mXg8Y via @YouTube

  • richinnameonly

    No, IS people are terrorists that want to kill almost evryone. Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens are the only thing that will protect them from law breaking citizens and terrorists and runaway governments that want to abuse them. Detroit police urged citizens to arm themselves and their crime rate is starting to fall. Look at the crime and murders in Chicago, NY and DC that have strict gun control. Tell you what, I’ll keep mine you don’t have to have one.

  • richinnameonly

    I don’t know where you live or how you computed your 12%. If you like it that way stay there. I know where I live and our law abiding citizens do not use guns to provide mayhem. The criminals and terrorists cause the problems and they will not give up their guns. Lawful citizens need protection, which our current law allows. Then you have to consider our current administration that is trending toward tyranny and away from liberty. Tyranny while stacking our government with Islamists and socialists. This is our reality, which we will not ignore in favor of progressive ideas that will continue to destroy our country and endanger the law abiding citizens.

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  • richinnameonly

    Sure, there is subterfuge and disinformation in this world, but don’t delude yourself by believing Jews are running the Islamic terror groups. ISIS is the beginning of the renewed caliphate which will grow until it ultimately attacks Israel. Do yourself a favor and get on stream with correct bible prophecy. Things will then become pretty clear. There is a bigger story running here beyond the spy plans of the man made governments.

  • richinnameonly

    Have fun, Dave. Goodbye.

  • Stevojax

    The only problem is God is telling these people to do what their doing. We’ll at least they think so.

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  • ninjaboj

    these aren’t soldiers they are massacring, but young boys! God help us all

  • Jan Fearing

    I appreciate the report of the evil of DAESH – what is not right is your insistence on the misleading headline as the river of blood was made from the blood of many Muslims. In Syria, it is the Syrian Arab Army which is 90% Muslim that is fighting against the US/UK/France backed mercenary jihadists who are in fact, armed, funded and recruited for by the west’s great ‘allies’ of KSA and Qatar etc. You keep trying to make this a Muslim vs Christian fight – when in fact, it is the west that has been ‘utilizing’ rabid terrorists and salafists for our own purposes in the region. Come on – start teaching people some of the nuance of what is going on and what is really behind it all…greed for control over natural resources; support of Netanyahu and radical Zionists’ ambitions in the region; paranoia about Russia; and a foolish alliance with the Saudi Royals who really are the most depraved despots perhaps in the world.

  • Agarthi Dreadlow

    Once before, a man walked the Earth. During a time of hatred, persecution, torture, murder, and violence. He tried to teach us lessons of peace and love and respect. Along with Him he had 12 disciples to help spread his word. His last commandment was the most important lesson he can give, regardless of what religion, faith, creed, tribe, or part of the world you come from, it rings true today. His last commandment was ” Love one another, as you had loved me ” . He didnt specify who you should, or why you shouldn’t love someone, just said ” Love one another… ” . Words anyone can follow, whether you have faith or not, they are still powerful words to live by. If everyone did this, we can be one step closer to world peace, one step closer to moving forward as a single nation to truly achieve the remarkable, one step to evolving to a higher state, and one more step to insure a better future for our family’s generations. Think about it.

  • Peg

    You, sir, are so wrong & don’t even know your own history. Check it out before you speak. Africans did sell other Africans to the slave traders. They kidnapped them from their villages. I’m sure you can google & read about it.

  • NehmoSergheyev

    I’m going to pretend you answered in a serious vein.
    These are *people* we are talking about. They aren’t zoo animals.
    If, after emancipation, the southern plantation owners wanted to have people work their fields, they would need to hire them. That’s how modern economy works.