JUST CAME IN Muslims Massacre Thirty-Three People And Kidnap 200 Men, Women And Children

By Theodore Shoebat

Boko Haram Muslims just conducted a major massacre in Nigeria in which they slaughtered 33 people and kidnapped 200 men, women and children. As one report informs us:

Militants have stormed a remote village in north-eastern Nigeria, killing at least 33 people and kidnapping about 200, a survivor has told the BBC.

He said that suspected Boko Haram militants had seized young men, women and children from Gumsuri village.

The attack happened on Sunday but news has only just emerged, after survivors reached the city of Maiduguri.

Meanwhile, Cameroon’s army says it has killed 116 Nigerian militants who had attacked one of its bases, AFP reports.

The state of Borno has seen at least two militant attacks over the past few days.

Residents told the BBC that armed militants attacked the border town of Amchide on Wednesday, arriving in two vehicles with many others on foot.

They raided the market area, setting fire to shops and more than 50 houses.

The survivor of the Gumsuri attack said that he returned to the village and helped bury 33 bodies after the violence.

He said he went from house-to-house to ascertain how many people were missing.

While initial reports put the number of kidnapped at 100, it was actually double that, the survivor said.

His testimony was confirmed to BBC Hausa by a local official. Neither person wanted their names published.

Meanwhile, Reuters and AFP news agencies quoted residents as saying that at least 185 people had been abducted.

A vigilante group that had protected the village from previous attacks was overpowered by the militants, AFP reported.

“After killing our youths, the insurgents have taken away our wives and daughters,” a resident who fled to Maiduguri was quoted as saying.

In Cameroon, the army said vehicles from its elite battalion had been caught in an ambush on Wednesday.

“At the same time… the Amchide military base was attacked by hundreds of fighters from the sect, but the response from our defence forces was instant and appropriate,” the army said, according to AFP.

One Cameroonian soldier was killed and an officer is missing, it added.