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Government Of Spain Makes New Law: Muslims Will No Longer Be Allowed To Come Through Our Borders

By Theodore Shoebat Spain has made a new law: Muslims will no longer be able to come through their borders between Spain and North Africa. I did a whole video on this: According to a report: A top European rights official warned Spain on Friday that it risked destroying its asylum system if it passed […]

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Christian Pastors Who Are Suffering Islamic Persecution Say, Give Us Guns So We Can Fight Back, The Government Says NO!

By Theodore Shoebat Christian pastors in Kenya, who are now under threat of Islamic persecution by the jihadist group Al-Shabaab, are requesting from the government firearms so that the Christians can defend themselves. The Kenyan government rejected the request. According to the report: Kenyan pastors have renewed calls to be allowed to carry firearms following […]

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ted potential nigeria death

Two Muslims Approach Christian Man As He Goes To Church, And Shoot Him Three Times, Killing Him

By Theodore Shoebat Two Muslims in Kenya approached a Christian man named George Muriki as he was entering church, and shot him three times, killing him in cold blood. The report says: Elsewhere in Africa, police searched for a gunman who shot a Christian dead at the gate leading to a church worship site on […]

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Muslim Brotherhood Agent Pelosi Wants on Intelligence Committee Once Told Authorities that ‘Allah Will Not Allow You To Stop Us’

At the 2012 Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Convention, Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN), a Muslim whom House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi named as her choice to sit on the House Intelligence Committee, expressed solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood in his speech. During that speech, Carson referred to unnamed infiltrators of his event before saying […]

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Kristi Rogers: On Board of Aegis at time of Benghazi attacks.

Ex-Defense Dept Official Connects Outsourcing of Security to Muslim Terrorists in Benghazi to Company that had Congressman’s Wife as Vice Chairman on its Board of Directors

If there has been a U.S. Congressman whose behavior relative to the investigation of what happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, has been bizarre, it’s Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), the recently retired congressman and former chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). According to John Shaw, former deputy undersecretary of defense […]

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The Only Way That Islam Will Ever Be Crushed, Is Not By Useless Politicians, But By A Holy Crusade, By Christians Fighting! By Christian Militancy! And By The Sword Of Christian Warriors!

By Theodore Shoebat Christianity has been soiled and desecrated by modern society. From a religion of warriors, and the foundation of Christendom, it has been reduced to a feel-good club and nothing more. Verses have been isolated to alter and corrupt the image of Christ, from our Eternal General to a hippie with a surfing […]

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