There are No Muslim “No Go Zones” Really?

Posted by Keith Davies

Here you will find in French a list of 751 “urban zones” that have been occupied by Muslims and are dangerous for non Muslims to go. These ‘No Go Zones” have been identified by the French government.

In Britain On January 14, 2014, The London Times reported that numerous murders and rapes are not reported in these no-go zones because of local justice systems. Chief Inspector of Constabulary Tom Winsor confirmed why police officers do not respond in some neighborhoods.


Daily Mail undercover camera proves there are “Muslim Patrols”

The media both in the USA and Europe are either fearful to report the truth or have been bought off by the “moderate” Muslims. Facts and evidence are stubborn things.

  • David Harding

    It is sickening the state of affairs that we have gotten ourselves into.

    • Perry

      It’s like Obama and his Euro-Leftist buds want to keep the “anti-Islam” rhetoric quelled as much as possible up to the point where they believe there’s no stopping the Muslims and their caliphate, it would be too late. It won’t be too late, but they’ll believe that.

  • nick

    Why not set up areas that are no go zones for muslims? you know airports,ports,theaters,malls,suburbs,rural areas,wall street,government. buildings, and last but not least gas stations. Seems fair.

    • nick

      oh i forgot and cant believe i did the military

  • bom gayi

    How can westerner allow all these thing in their country. Are westerner’s coward or fear of life.?