Huma Set To Do To Hillary What Weiner Did to Huma

When Barack Obama called for America to ‘turn the page’ during his State of the Union address, it was a not-so-subtle endorsement of Elizabeth Warren over Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 2016. Liberal Huffington Post Ben Wikler noticed it as well, writing:

Both in substance and style, President Obama’s State of the Union address echoed the voice of the senior senator from Massachusetts — and the vision that she has championed since before she took office.

Here is the excerpt of the speech that constituted a shout-out to Warren:

It’s an open secret that there’s no love lost between the Clintons and the Obamas. On that score, it makes sense that Obama would be so willing to throw Hillary under the bus. On the other hand, in so doing, the extremely Muslim Brotherhood-friendly Obama is turning his back on Hillary’s Valerie Jarrett – Huma Abedin. With Abedin all but completely exposed as a Muslim Brotherhood agent, why wouldn’t Obama support Hillary for the sake of Huma?

In 2012, Obama went out of his way to publicly defend Abedin at the White House iftar dinner, in the wake of legitimate questions raised by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) about Abedin’s familial connections to the group:

Ever since Abedin’s connections were first published by in 2011, the veracity of the evidence against her has been incubating, slowly gaining an audience with more and more people being familiar with her name. As Winston Churchill would say, the truth has been slowly getting its pants on with respect to Abedin.

Obama’s affinity for the Muslim Brotherhood is so brazenly obvious, claims that he’s a member sound nowhere near as kooky as they once did; his brother Malik’s background is something the mainstream media won’t even try to debunk.

This is where Obama’s support for a Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign – and possibly the larger Democratic apparatus – may need to end; Abedin is increasingly toxic to the Democratic brand. She has become a liability for Clinton, especially in light of the issue certain to be the most damaging to her – Benghazi. Regardless of how anyone parses out the Sunni Muslim terrorists that attacked the U.S. Special Mission Compound (SMC) and CIA Annex there, they’re an extension of the same Muslim Brotherhood that Abedin’s family is connected to.

The more toxic Abedin becomes to a Hillary campaign, the more likely Democrats will choose Warren over Clinton.

After Weinergate 1.0 in the summer of 2011, Huma’s husband resigned from Congress but then amazingly was able to successfully rehabilitate his image. The New York Times reported that Huma was the one really driving her husband’s campaign for Mayor of New York City, appearing to almost want it more than he did. As reported, a Muslim Brotherhood daughter was working to become first lady of the city hit on 9/11.

At one point, Weiner was even the frontrunner.

Then Weinergate 2.0 happened. In a shocking admission at the time, Weiner admitted that Huma had known about the continuing scandal “all along” in the process of his decision to run for mayor:

Most recently, as reported, it was revealed that the State Department is stonewalling a number of FOIA requests. One such request is for information about an agreement that made Huma a Special Government Employee (SGE) from June 4, 2012 – February 1, 2013. According to statute, no Executive Branch employee may work as an SGE for more than 130 days. Abedin worked in that capacity for 240 days according to her own admission. has written extensively on this as well. Since the Obama administration has demonstrated a willingness to backdate paperwork illegally, until the truth about Abedin’s time as an SGE is determined, that possibility should remain on the table as well.

In short, Weiner torpedoed any aspirations his wife had of becoming first lady of New York City. As the truth about Huma continues to slowly trudge ahead, the more the possibility exists that she will do the same to Hillary’s aspirations of becoming President.

Weinergate 2.0 will have made both Hillary and Huma 0 for 2.


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