Pope Francis Holds Meeting With Major Homosexual Group, And Never Condemns Them (THE VATICAN HARLOTS ITSELF YET AGAIN)

By Theodore Shoebat

Pope Francis just had a meeting with a major homosexual group and he never condemned them. In fact, they were brought in by a top Vatican official and also an American bishop. According to the report:

A prominent American Catholic gay rights group was given VIP treatment for the first time at an audience with Pope Francis on Wednesday, a move members saw as a sign of change in the Roman Catholic Church.

“This is a sign of movement that’s due to the Francis effect,” said Sister Jeannine Gramick, co-founder of New Ways Ministry, which ministers to homosexual Catholics and promotes gay rights in the 1.2 billion-member Church.

Gramick and executive director Francis DeBernardo led a pilgrimage of 50 homosexual Catholics to the audience in St. Peter’s Square.

They told Reuters in an interview afterwards that when the group came to Rome on Catholic pilgrimages during the papacies of Francis’s predecessors John Paul and Benedict, “they just ignored us”.

This time, a U.S. bishop and a top Vatican official backed their request and they sat in a front section with dignitaries and special Catholic groups. As the pope passed, they sang “All Are Welcome,” a hymn symbolizing their desire for a more inclusive Church.

View galleryGramick and Francis DeBernardo pose in front of St. …
Sister Jeannine Gramick and Francis DeBernardo of New Ways Ministry, which ministers to homosexual C …
A list of participants released by the Vatican listed “a group of lay people accompanied by a sister” but did not mention that they were a gay rights organization.

“What this says is that there is movement in our Church, movement to welcome people from the outside closer to the inside,” Gramick said in St. Peter’s Square.

There are major homosexual rings in the Vatican, what I like to call “homosexual hornets nests.” I myself have had experience with the homosexual infiltrators in the Catholic Church.

While we were doing some work in Texas we were told of a man named Msgr. Michael Yarbrough (also known as Michael Yarborough), of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, and how he is a deviant priest who forcefully kissed a young man named Hector Escalante on the lips, and how he was supporting a pro homosexual group called Call to Action. Here is a photo of Msgr. Michael Yarbrough:

Msgr. Mike Yarbrough

Well, we decided that we were going to bait Msgr. Michael Yarbrough. I visited him in a confessional booth where I told him my age and apparently it registered an interest and he asked me if I wanted to come and hang out with him. He fell for the bait. I found it very odd that a priest of his high position, with a very busy schedule, would all of a sudden want to spend time with me.

I accepted his offer, and gave him a call, and asked him if we would meet at a book store. He said that he preferred that we meet in his office. I found this quite disturbing because it was in his office where he kissed Hector Escalante. When I did research on Msgr. Michael Yarbrough, I found a 2002 report written in the San Antonio Express which stated:

Hector Escalante complained that Monsignor Michael Yarbrough kissed him on the lips and groped him in his office in 1998 when Escalante was 27, on his last day on the job as a St. Matthew’s Parish employee.

Yarbrough admitted kissing him but said Escalante misunderstood the gesture, which the priest said was common among men in his family. He denied groping Escalante.

Imagine, a man kissing another man on the lips as “common.”

I told Msgr. Michael Yarbrough that it would be better that we meet in a book store, to which he agreed. I asked him how much time he had, and he said, as long as I wanted. After doing some more research, I also found out that on top of kissing a young man on the lips, Msgr. Michael Yarbrough is a also a major donor to a pro homosexual group, called Call to Action, and I found his name on a list made by Call to Action designated as “major donors”. I took a snapshot of the list with Msgr. Michael Yarbrough’s name highlighted:

yarbarough copy

So, we had the meeting at the bookstore, and after some conversation, I busted him on his heresies and his scandals, and also paid a visit to his church where I was eventually kicked out by his followers (who probably know nothing on how evil this heretic is). Here is the video:

For years we have seen how the Vatican covers up for sexual predators and deviants, heretics and debased theologians. But we have never seen how the agents of the Vatican cover up for such evildoers in their private conversations. Well, Shoebat.com is now giving you this exclusive video showing you how the conniving is really done.

I confronted Deacon Ron Walker, an official of the Vatican, asking why the Church has done nothing to punish Robert L. Kincl, a priest and canon law judge who was appointed by the Pope himself, who teaches that if two men masturbate each other they do not commit sin, and who himself defended confirmed child molester priest, Fr. Robert Hrdlicka. This is after Shoebat.com filed a complaint against Kincl after we caught him teaching us depravity.

Deacon Ron Walker and the Bishop of Austin, Joe Vasquez, and Vicar General Daniel Garcia, did nothing to have Robert L. Kincl punished, even after they promised to take care of this evil. Shoebat.com realized that they were just patronizing us and so we made this video.

Here is the video:

Robert L. Kincl, who was appointed by the Pope, had befriended us as a fan of Shoebat.com acting as conservative, yet referred to homosexual fondling as permissible in the conversation. Having been shocked at his remarks, I told Kincl:

How can you, as a priest, be so liberal toward such a sick evil as two men fondling each other, or as two men having a “relationship” just as long as they are not going with other men. It is evil and it is reprobate.

I also told him:

It is not tolerable for you, as both a priest and a canon law judge, to be permissive to somebody having a homosexual relationship just as long as they are not being promiscuous with other men. It is deplorable, and in the words of St. Paul, “worthy of death” (Romans 1:32).

Kincl defended his position and responded with a rejection of the Old Testament and a twisting of St. Paul’s condemnation of homosexuality in Romans, stating

We do not follow the Hebrew Scriptures. We follow Jesus Christ who never mentioned gay relationships. When St. Paul mentioned such a relationship he was referring to the promiscuousness of the Romans using sodomy.

Shoebat.com decided to investigate Kincl and found that he has a dark past. In 1993, Kincl worked as a Commander in charge of clergy at the U.S. Navy, and while he was in the service he defended another chaplain confirmed to be guilty of child molestation, named Robert Hrdlicka.

The investigation revealed that Robert L. Kincl had even written the authorities, not to charge the pedophile who molested the young boys, but urged them to send him back to serve as a chaplain:

Catholic chaplain Lt. Robert Hrdlicka pleaded guilty to molesting boys in 1993. Before his sentencing, six other Catholic Navy chaplains and the church’s archbishop for the military services urged authorities to send Lt. Hrdlicka to a church-run treatment center.

“It is my fervent hope and prayer that he will be able to return to the active ministry as soon as possible,” wrote then-Cmdr. Robert L. Kincl.

Instead, Lt. Hrdlicka went to prison.

Shoebat.com looked up Kincl’s My Life page, to find out that after all these years Kincl is still friends with Hrdlicka the pedophile, since he is on his friends list, of which I took snapshots:

ted kincle photos 4-1 copy

ted Robert Hridlicka copy 2

Just as we have Muslims, like Bergdahl, who have infiltrated the military, we have people like Kincl who have infiltrated both the military and the Catholic Church, with their depravity.

Kincl is now serving as a priest in Our Lady’s Maronite Catholic Church alongside Msgr. Don Sawyer. When I confronted Sawyer on Kincl, Sawyer vehemently defended Kincl.

Robert L. Kincl, depraved priest who defended another child molesting priest

Robert L. Kincl, depraved priest who defended a child molesting priest

Don Sawyer, Msgr. at Our Lady's Maronite Catholic Church where Kincl serves

Don Sawyer, Msgr. at Our Lady’s Maronite Catholic Church where Kincl serves

Shoebat.com decided to contact the Diocese of Austin to file a complaint, and spoke with the Very Reverend Daniel E. Garcia as the Vicar General for the Diocese of Austin, and Chancellor and Secretariat Director for Administration, Deacon Ron Walker, who were under Bishop Joe S. Vásquez of the Diocese of Austin.

We asked them how could someone who supports homosexuality and defended a pedophile still be serving as a priest and not be excommunicated, to which Deacon Ron Walker, rolling his eyes, said that the Church’s main objective would be to reconcile him with God, and not excommunicate him.

It seems that the Diocese of Austin could care less if one of its priests supports homosexuality and defended a pedophile.

Bishop Joe S. Vásquez

Bishop Joe S. Vásquez

Vicar General Danny Garcia of the Diocese of Austin

Vicar General Danny Garcia of the Diocese of Austin


Why is this man serving as a priest when the Catholic Church, in its teachings, forbids homosexuality?

It is not surprising to see how far reaching homosexuality has gone in the Vatican. What other deviancies will enter the Vatican in the next decade remains to be seen. Whatever happened to normal sin? In the good old days, steeling a chicken perhaps constituted such sin, but these days, its sleeping with it.

Christianity is not about sycophancy, its about war against evil and the devil. We must arm ourselves to fight in this war. CLICK HERE TO GET OUR NEW 2-DISK DVD SPECIAL ON CHRISTIAN MILITANCY AND PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE WAR AGAINST ISLAM, TYANNY, AND THE FORCES OF DARKNESS

  • Dan Knight

    Thank you Ted:

    It is very disappointing. Obviously Pope Francis should have corrected them, albeit with gentleness and reverence, but still corrected them nonetheless.

    • Betty

      He never should have allowed them an audience.

      • Dan Knight

        That too.

      • Julie

        Associations are recognized and introduced to the papal audience.

        This group was not introduced..invited but ignored.

  • Grandmere

    He is playing with a rattlesnake.

  • Sister E

    Now the Church had subscribed to this political correctness mantra just like the rest of the world did. Government now is the one dictating to the Church what to do and what to say. The progressists leftist liberals are in authority now! Its really pathetic.
    Now most of the time we only hear politically correct homilies and sermons,

  • Jesus said “Whoever looks at a woman with lust has committed adultery in his heart” and “Whoever hates his brother has committed murder “. In order to be a Homosexual you have to lust after men in which case you have committed the sin already in your heart. Thus it is impossible to “be” a homosexual and not be sinning.

    • Julie

      As a Catholic I can go along with that…but how do you know that the crowd who came to the audience were active gay?….that we are not privvy to….there are celibate gays who live virtuously as well…

      So let us wait and see what happens next.

      • As I pointed out to koolmom whether they actively participate in Homosexual activity or merely have those desires is irrelevant. Both are sinful. If they Lust after people of the same gender whether they carry through on that desire or not they are sinning. The fact that they still classify themselves as “homosexual” catholics shows that they are unrepentant of this orientation which that Church calls “morally disordered”.

        • Julie

          You are passing condemnation on Catholics.

          Yes…there is the sin of lust…deadly…

          It is another thing to have an inclination…attraction to same sex…but not act on in…either in lust in the heart or action.

          I can be drawn to want to eat something or find a man very attractive…but I move on…don’t think about it…what is the will of God right now at this moment…this is Catholic spirituality and faith walk.

          So a person may be attracted to the same sex…but not act on it…either interiorly or outwardly.

          Big difference…put a hold on your propensity to make quick judgments.

        • Julie

          Again…one can get a thought…and then with Christ’s grace…immediately remove it without getting lustful…big difference.

          • Why are we so quick to banish these thoughts from our mind? Because we know they are wrong.

            If we begin to tell ourselves that these thoughts are ok as long as we don’t act on them we may find them dwelling a little longer in our minds. We may allow them to grow and fester and before we know it we will be overcome by them.

            “A little leaven works through the whole batch.”

            If we say to homosexuals those thoughts are ok as long as you don’t act on them , we set a stumbling block before them. It’s like saying to someone “don’t worry you only have HIV and it is not yet AIDS”. HIV is the source of AIDS.

            The same way homosexual attraction is the source of homosexual actions.

          • Julie

            The Spirit is strong, the flesh is weak…and we are living in times of intense sexual sin…intense…and our country is number one in the proliferation of contraception, abortion, justification for homosexual behavior and marriage.

            You totally missed my statement…that a person strong in the Lord can banish impure and disordered thoughts with the Lord’s grace.

    • koolmom21

      I respectively disagree with your logic on this. It is possible to be a homosexual without sinning. By your logic every man or women who fall in love would be sinning. Lust is more than just wanting a relationship with someone because of an attraction. This is the teaching of the catholic church. The action or act is the sin not the attraction.

      • With respect I have to say that you are mistaken.

        Christ clearly teaches that Lusting itself and not only it’s fruit (the physical act) is sinful.

        This is what is taught by the church.

        Your also mistaken in your correlation between the natural attraction between a Man and a Woman that leads to marriage and the procreation of Children and the Homosexuals desire for another man.

        This is the Catechism from the Catholic Church:

        2351:” Lust is disordered desire for or inordinate enjoyment of sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure is morally disordered when sought for itself, isolated from its procreative and unitive purposes”

        Homosexual relationships are incapable of procreation and so their desire for a relationship with another man is sought solely for “sexual pleasure itself”, which as we see from the catechism is “morally disordered”.

        So homosexual desires are themselves sinful and not only the actions.

        • Julie

          Again…sexual pleasure is a form of lust….interior.

          And heterosexual marriage is not necessarily religious…it is anthropological….history of mankind based on heterosexual.

          Atheists where I live are trying to use Christianity as the greatest enemy of homosexual marriage…when in fact my state is among the most secular and majority voted against gay marriage….

          See where I am coming from?

          You can look at homosexual relations as one thing in face of Judeo Christian morality…and it is also within Islam…and then you look at non religious people…who also oppose homosexual marriage…because God created all of us with a conscience deep within our souls…

          And as it says in Romans, St. Paul said man can perceive God…in nature and reason…morality can speak to us in nature and reason…without going to a Christian church.

          I was sharing with my husband this morning I met a Muslim woman doing door to door parish census.

          She banged on her window for us to come back….she and I visited…she told me Muslims know in their heart that hurting other people is wrong and bad.

          I then gave her a Catholic holy card of Jesus on one side and a prayer reflecting our personal relationship with Him.

          So many months later, I saw her and she came up to me and hugged me and said, “Now I understand”.

          Best to understand Catholicism from its source and its context than project bias….all for the sake of Christian solidarity in the face of growing violence and extermination of Christianity.

  • theophorus

    Oh good another site that hacks on the Catholic church constantly.
    That makes all of them.
    How are the Orthodox and Copts handling homosexuality?

    • Grandmere

      I have not heard that it is a problem there. Enlighten us.

  • Sister E

    Hi Koolmom21 I havn’t seen you in a while? I missed you. Hope you are doing O,K,

    • koolmom21

      Thank you for your kind words. I have been here as much as time allows. Too busy for words most days.
      God’s blessings Sister

  • royal

    ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Julie

    This group was allowed in but not recognized when various associations were made public.

    They are supposed to be called to a celibate life…like the rest who are not married.

    Let’s wait and see what happens next…

    • Grandmere

      Right you are. ALL unmarried persons are called to celibacy. How often do sinful heterosexuals hurl a stone? How often is their sin called “normal” and insignificant ?

      • Julie

        The position of the Church is that we as Christians are to live a virtuous life and of the Cross…that carnal indulgence.

        And that both hetero and homosexual persons are called to a life of purity…no exceptions.

        • Grandmere


      • Julie

        We have to separate inclinations…and abnormal inclinations…which I believe are inspired by the evil one…as likewise St. Catherine of Siena stated…but inclinations can readily be quickly let go and the person focus immediately on God’s will and continue…

        We have to separate inclinations from lust or action. Big difference.

        I remember ‘Courage’…for celibate gays seeking full communion with the Gospel…we cannot condemn them…they need alot of healing not judgement and wonder if these were the ones at the papal audience…who also were not named which is the general rule for visiting associations.

  • Fhr68

    God love your heart Theo shoebat, im not one of those Catholics mad at you for exposing the gay priest in Texes. its better to expose a scandal to save Grace, rather than hid it to save face. but a word of caution one of my fellow country men a devout Catholic here in Canada recieved a very disturbing email from the top spokesmen for the Pope. just be careful sweetheart is all I ask. May God Bless you in all you do. Vat II is still in control and trying to make a come back. watch the news brief below it came out today, felt you would find this interesting.

    BREAKING: Vatican Suing Bloggershttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Kwb8VZMP5I&list=PLr-fMareVZ_DBs_1SppqWmXku7UjNmFsv&index=93

  • Humbleperspective

    Taking council from sodomites will be met with judgement. I understand the love thy neighbor commandment from Christ, but these people seek to change the word of God. God does not, has never, and will never be pleased with the abomination these people commit. Can they be saved? Sure, but not as long as the homosexual act IS their God. Good luck in the coming judgement, i do not feel sorry for you because you have been warned. You have chosen gay sex over God.

  • Grandmere

    She is giving you four stars for your reply. Quite a compliment.

  • koolmom21

    I agree.

  • koolmom21

    No. We are not talking about lust. Please see my recent comment to James. He is the one who brought lust into this.
    God’s blessings

    • I have responded in greater detail in your direct response to me but I just wanted to emphasises here that Lust and Homosexuality can not be separated which is part of the reason for why it is considered by the church as intrinsically disordered.

      • koolmom21

        I call bullshit! Lust is not the same as an attraction.

  • Behnam

    The enemy of our enemy is our friend. The homosexuals of this culture are very feminine and wouldn’t last a day in muslim lands.

  • royal

    Real good four stars

  • Julie

    You missed mine. A person has an impure thought, an disordered one…and repells it with the grace of the Lord…or it could be temptation to any other sin. Anyone who does so is likewise seeking forgiveness and strength….

    Yes our life is one continual conversion process…and we cannot say the person is affirming their homosexual tendencies either…like if you renounce your sins…do you likewise say in the meantime, I affirm my sinfulness and entertain such?…many times we are tempted when least expecting….so we must be vigilant….

    Perfection is detachment from ourselves and the world to be totally depend on the life of the Lord within us…this study is called asceticism.

    Perfection is perfect communion with the Lord that will not be possible on this earth, but with the Lord in heaven in the next.

    I think we are on simliar ground.

  • koolmom21

    I think you are telling the wrong person this. I know the difference; it’s James who is confused.

  • koolmom21

    You are the one who is reading more into my comment. I am only stating what the catholic church says about homosexuality. People can be attracted to someone without lust. Lust is a sin no matter who you are. The church teaches the attraction is not a sin but if you act on it then it is a dire sin. A homosexual is called to celibacy. God’s blessings

    • Koolmom

      Let me just clarify a few things.

      When I say attraction I do not mean attraction in an objective sense, like how someone may notice that someone is aesthetically pleasing. Like how a mother can say that her son is handsome without being sexually attracted to him.

      When I talk of attraction I mean sexual attraction, like how a man would be attracted to a woman as a potential mate.

      Now with sexual attraction you are right that not ALL sexual attraction is Lust and is not therefore all sinful.

      So the question is what makes normal Sexual attraction delve into the realms of Lust?

      This is where I quoted the Catchism:

      2351 “lust is disordered desire for or inordinate enjoyment of sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure is morally disordered when sought for itself, isolated from its procreative and unitive purposes.”

      So sexual attraction becomes Lust when the source of the attraction has nothing to do with procreation or unitive purposes, purely from a desire for sexual pleasure in and of itself.

      I am going to outline my position in points to help show you why I reach the conclusion I do. If you could look at each point and answer whether you agree or disagree with it I think it would help us understand one anothers position better.

      A:Lust is sinful

      B: Sexual attraction not inherently sinful

      C: Sexual attraction becomes Lustful when it no longer stems from the natural God given source of procreative and unitive desire.

      D: Homosexuality can not be procreative since two people of the same gender can not produce Children

      E:Homosexulity can not be Unitive because, marriage is only possible between a man and a woman.

      F: Since Homo”sexual” attraction does not stem from procreative or Unitive desires it is inherently Lustful.

      G: Homosexual attraction is therefore always sinful.

      So just to summarise. We agree that not all sexual attraction is lustful. It is quite possible for a Man and Woman to be sexually attracted to one another without lusting. This is because it is possible for heterosexual attraction to meet the criteria (as defined by the catechism of the Church) for non sinful sexual attraction (procreative and unitive desire). However it is IMPOSSIBLE for Homosexual attraction to meet this criteria because by its very nature homosexuality cannot meet that criteria.

  • koolmom21

    I am only stating what the catholic church says about homosexuality. People can be attracted to someone without lust. Lust is a sin no matter who you are. The church teaches the attraction is not a sin but if you act on it then it is a dire sin. A homosexual is called to celibacy.
    I personally am very happy not to have such gross thoughts about another women. Just saying.

  • Julie

    Yes in terms of sin….sexual orientation disorder is not the same as sin…inclination/temptation now acted upon…either in lust of the heart of outwardly.


  • Toni “Gay” has been adopted as a colloquial term of Homosexual and so Homosexuals are necessarily “Gay”.

    Toni it seems to me that you have bought into the Lie that being a homosexual is no different than being Black, or Jewish. This is nonsense. One is natural and from God the other is an unnatural result of sin.

    It is those who say that you can be Homosexual and Christian that truly hate these people. I am trying to tell them that it is possible to be free from this afflication of sin, you are telling them that they don’t need to be free from it.

    Saying its ok to be homosexual as long as you remain chaste is a lie. It is the same as a person going to the Doctor with a gunshot wound and the Doctor instead of removing the bullet fragments, stitches up the wound with the fragments still in there. Those fragments will cause the wound to fester, poisoning the body and killing the patient.

    If you truly love people then you want them to fully enjoy Gods plan for their life and it is not Gods plan for people to be Homosexual which is why he calls it an abomination.

    Stop listening to the secular world that give excuses for sin. Instead listen to God who tells us “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2

  • I also find it funny tha you say I need help. Yet you believe that being a homosexual needs no help and that it is perfectly fine for him to remain a homosexual.

  • Toni I think our positions aren’t too far apart. My key issue is this; when we say that Homosexuals can be christian as long as they are celibate, we inadvertently legitimize the claim that homosexuality is a natural inclination, we try to separate the inclination from the actions when the too are inseparably linked. Instead we should be separating the person from the inclination.

    When someone says I am a Homosexual, that then links the inclination to them as a person and the Homosexual now becomes their definition which makes combating the desires harder. But if we instead show them the truth, that they as individuals are no longer “homosexual” but Christians who battle with “homosexual temptation”. They no longer belong to the master of Homosexuality but to Christ and so they should wear his label, they are now in open war against evil including homosexuality which for them is likely their most formidable foe.

    The same way a christian who struggles with lusting after people who are no their spouse do not call themselves “Adulterer Christians”, neither do we say someone is a “chaste Fornicator” . The same should apply for people who struggle with homosexuality.

    I hope you understand my point.

    The Lords blessings be with you.