Bibi Netanyahu Won While The Obama Administration’ Scandals Backfired. Obama The Haman Lost. Yahweh Is Great.

Caroline Glick was on the Mark Levin Show tonight explaining that Bibi Netanyahu really did win the election today in Israel and that he will be the only one who can form a coalition to run the Knesset. She also talks about how the Obama Administration used big money to bring out the Arab vote but explains how it backfired and gave Bibi the win.

Reports of the activities of left-wing NGOs sent to raise up the voter turnout in the Arab sector indicate that the activities of those organizations and last week, it was announced that the Senate opened an investigation into the funding transferred by the State Department to OneVoice whose stated goal is to increase public awareness of the importance of the Arab sector in the election process to weaken the power of the right-wing bloc in Israel. Two Republican lawmakers asked the Obama administration to explain OneVoice’s involvement in the election, given that it has received State Department funding.

The US Senate has launched a bipartisan probe into the White House’s alleged funding of an NGO pushing for the ouster of Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, a source told Fox News.

According to the source, the US State Department apparently handed taxpayer-funded grants, worth $350,000, to the OneVoice Movement.

OneVoice allegedly forwarded the money to its subsidiary in Israel called Victory 15 (V15), which is committed to ousting Netanyahu due to the PM being an obstacle to the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, brokered by the US.

“It’s confirmed that there is a bipartisan Permanent Subcommittee inquiry into OneVoice’s funding of V15,” the source said.

OneVoice is prohibited from directly targeting Netanyahu by US law and can only do it through its Israeli partner, V15.

According to Fox News, V15 is “itself guided by top operatives of Obama’s White House,” with Jeremy Bird, who was Obama’s deputy national campaign director in 2008 and national field director in 2012, arriving in Israel to direct the group.

There’s been no confirmation from a US Senate investigatory committee, which is a body with subpoena powers, that such a probe is under way.

In response to Obama’s onslaught, the national camp declared in a response designed to maximize the amount of voters to ensure the winning of Prime Minister Netanyahu. So the right-wing activists responded Israeli style, they rolled up their sleeves going door to door convincing potential voters to go to the polls while implementing an operation called “move to the right”.

In the end, Haman lost and Obama’s efforts failed, as his efforts to twist the U.S upside down and inside out will fail in the end.

As we say, folks who worry, forget that the most important factor in world events is GOD, not Obama, and He is in control.

A-Yaheweh Akbar (Yahweh Is The Greatest)

שמע ישראל

  • Trevor

    Poor Obama. He got eggs on his face. Erdogan is hopping mad about the change in the US Assad policy.

    Barack Obama, please do us all a favor and resign.

    • Kamau41

      It’s long been time for him to go.

  • Ann Knowles

    I worry about world events even knowing God is in charge. I worry about so many souls that will be and are lost and so many lead to hell because they where born into Islam and don’t know any other way My tears flow for the tragedy’s unfolding and heart felt thanks for people like Walid who bring us up to date news and facts

    • Catherine Webb

      Ann you would make a great intercessor and prayer warrior— try exchanging the worry for warrior actions- In Christ forever

  • 1Bobby8

    Exactly, why would Obama want to do us a favor?

  • elisabeth

    I thank Jesus that Bibi won. God is good. oboma is going to hell if he doesn’t repent soon

  • Catherine Webb

    Thank you Lord for hearing and answering many prayers— God of Israel is in control…

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Bibi’s Govt. needs to write and pass a new law to cover this!
    Any Foreign power who sends over lying voter fraud agitators to try and fraudulently control an Israeli election shall be immediately Arrested, and spend 20 years of hard time labor in Prison! There are a lot of rocks in Israel! And NO Extradition! That goes for the Agitators, And YOU TOO OBAMA!

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    The Lord will Never forsake the people of Israel! It IS Written!

  • Grandmere

    I guess Chicago style politics don’t work so well in Jerusalem. Doing my happy dance in the kitchen.

  • RodK1975

    Thank the Lord…

  • Grandmere

    Does that make us the Dancing Grannies? Oh my.

  • Grandmere

    I am praying for your drought situation and government stability. Keep us posted.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Hear this, Hussein Obama, you lost in America, now you lost in Israel and you will keep losing all your life because you are evil, you have made enemies everywhere with your lies and duplicity. You will never get a library, you will be a persona non grata wherever you go. You will be recorded in history as the worst and most despised president of the United States. American blacks will denounce you, too, because you have made their lives much worse by setting back American race relations by 60 years. Perhaps only in Kenya will you find some support. You are finished in the rest of the world.

  • nancy williams

    Once again we see the miracles of God. He will not let Israel go.