Opera Director Places A Crucifix Between A Woman’s Legs, Putin Has Him Fired From His Job For Blaspheming Our Lord Jesus Christ

By Theodore Shoebat

An opera director in Russia, named Boris Mezdrich, designed a painting for an advertisement for one of his plays, in which a crucifix is placed in between the legs of a woman. This enraged the pious Christians of Russia who gathered together by the thousands to protest against the opera. Putin and his administration had the director fired from his job for blaspheming against our Lord Jesus Christ, and rightfully so. I did a whole video on this:

According to one report on the controversy:

The director, Boris Mezdrich, had failed to apologize and to take other steps to mitigate the outcry among the Orthodox faithful offended by various aspects of the production at the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, said Vladimir Aristarkhov, the deputy minister of culture, according to Interfax.

President Vladimir V. Putin has made the protection of “traditional values,” including religious values, a pillar of his third term. In this case, Mr. Putin made his opinion known on March 23 when he awarded a state medal for “service to the homeland” to Aleksandr Novopashin, a priest in the Novosibirsk diocese who helped to lead the campaign against “Tannhauser.”

This case came three years after the storm over Pussy Riot, a punk protest band that performed an anti-Putin song in a Moscow cathedral. Several band members served up to two years in prison for “hooliganism.”

In 2013, a blasphemy law made it a criminal offense to perform public acts that offend believers, punishable by up to three years in prison.

The church took Mr. Mezdrich and the director of the opera, Timofei Kulyabin, to court in February, accusing them of offending the feelings of believers with their December production. Local prosecutors threw out the case on March 10.

But the church continued on the offensive. On Sunday, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the theater, praying and holding up signs saying things like “Judas; 5th Column; Get out of the Culture Ministry” and “Let’s defend our faith in Christ from sacrilege.”

In an interview this month, Vladimir Medinsky, the culture minister, denied that the Kremlin was the enforcement arm of the Russian Orthodox Church. He made his displeasure over the opera clear, however, saying that the director had made a mistake by not warning the community about what was coming and then not reacting to the outcry.

“You have to explain what kind of a production this is, that it’s a new interpretation,” Mr. Medinsky said. “You have to talk to people. Instead, their position was approximately: ‘You foolish priests and your henchmen don’t understand anything about art.’ ”

Wagner’s circa 1845 opera focuses on a hero who is initially tempted by Venus and her entourage, but is eventually drawn back to the Roman Catholic Church.

The Novosibirsk version imagines Tannhauser as a modern film director who makes the temptation of Venus something that Jesus Christ endures. Perhaps the most controversial element was the poster for the would-be film, which shows a crucifix between the naked, open legs of a woman.

What the Russian government is doing against blasphemers and sodomites is absolutely correct.


  • Sister E

    Before I go any further to read this article and watch Ted’s video, I must say: STANDING OVATION goes to Putin! APPLAUS! Thumbs up! BRAAAVO PUTIN! BRAAAVO! BRAAVO!

  • DeusLoVult

    God, save the Tsar!
    Strong and majestic,
    Reign for glory, For our glory!
    Reign to foes’ fear,
    Orthodox Tsar.
    God, save the Tsar!

    • Sister E

      Lovely song. Beautiful country. Gorgeous Churches. Christian President who stand for Christian values. GOD BLESS RUSSIA!

      • susan

        I join you Sister E! GOD BLESS RUSSIA!!!

    • Steve Smith

      Very soon we shall have a Czar.

      • DeusLoVult

        I hope you’re right, Steve.

    • susan

      Who can say after watching this that it is Russia that needs to be consecrated?

      • Grandmere

        What is taking so long, Susan?

        • susan

          I’m sorry Grandmere. Company has arrived. I’ve got some things to take care of.

          • Grandmere

            I didn’t mean you had to do it! LOL !!

          • susan

            I like to do it. It seems there is so little I can do anymore.

          • Grandmere

            I don’t understand why it hasn’t been formally done by the pope? Isn’t that what the Blessed Mother asked for?

          • Fhr68

            yes Grandmere, it will end the 1000 year old Schism, put an end to the slaughter lead by blessed Russia. remember what the Blessed Mother said ” the good will be martryed among the bad. we still have this going on today. communist political movements are happening right now in governments today in the west. as you can plainly see happening. Russia isnt communist anymore but the errors of the past are still happening today and they are coming against Russia, even to the point of wanting to destroy her. Nato is being used to entrap her boarders sort of like imprision her. Russia is preparing spiritually but its also the duty of the Pope to obey, susan dont fully understand what this means, and Steve doesnt either, he seems to think Russia can do this without the help of intervention from God. if Holy Mothers request is ingored things will become worse. the church will have to go underground. the pope will be martyred as our Lord said he would back in 1931. all it takes is a little prayer. the thing is Russia bacame godless, and once that happens as with any individual or nation a conscration is needed. why God wants this done is perhaps to give Russia stronger power to defeat satans influence coming against Her. it is through Russia that other nations will convert as well. and Lord knows we need it. it stabs my heart to see susan make such a statement without understanding fully what this really means. it seems to her that the Holy Mothers instructions are not important. nor is Gods help needed. without Russia having this wonderful power from heaven, the attacks against her from the western nations will go on and Russia will continue to protect Iran with international nuclear protection making Iran untouchable. she hasnt kept that in mind either. Steve finds it offensive, whats more offensive to him Gods instructions from the Our Lady? or millions of innoccent people butchered? we need Russia and God wants to give Russia the power to put a stop to it. which it cant do today. she seems to forget that Steve as a russian orthodox considers he as a Roman Catholic as a heretic. there is a wonderful book out called “the third secret” it contains information concerning the history and events which were never published i recomend it as a great read. did you know that Fatima is a Arab named. there is a legend about Fatima, concerning a young moorish princess who converted from islam to christianity, and Holy Mother chose Fatima to convey her message of conversion to the world. imagine that. heres a link to the legend about Fatima. I believe she chose this place for a reason.


          • Grandmere

            I knew Fatima was a place name as an artifact of the muslim occupation of Portugal. Thanks for your insightful post.

          • Fhr68

            aye it does, and muslims who are seeking can make a spritiural connection through Fatima with our Lady. just by the name.

      • Julie

        It is not them…it is the communists or whoever there oppposes God and humankind.

        I continue to pray for the conversion of Russia…and my heart and soul join with the Orthodox. They are tremendous Christians and have gone through great suffering, many times because of their own children reporting on them for having religious articles in their home, and then knowing to see their children paraded down the streets as heroes.

        So many Orthodox died in the last century.

        I have 2 Russian Orthodox CD’s in my home..and the music is the closest to heaven I have heard.

        I would add that it has been said among mystics…that it will be Russia that will offer God the greatest adoration among all the nations in the future.

        • When I read about the bad news to the Antichrist, that it comes from the North, I see Russia converted.

          • Julie

            Tend to agree….a Sepulcian priest told me it would take 100 years…and another source said he sensed that someday Russia would be a great help to the world….

          • Fhr68

            with all due respect sir you misunderstand Julie’s meaning. its the consecration of Russia that is needed. we Catholics not all mind you, but millions have been praying for Russia for years. and Russia is approx 78% converted but the blessing is still needed for Russia to perform its speical purpose God has chosen for her. that you are very much aware of. She will lead but the she needs God’s special power to lead the shepherds. the schism needs to end and God has given us the solution. which sadly is being ignored at this time. ask yourself whats the attitude towards Mother Russia in the west? does hate and distrust come to mind? this needs to end. why is Obama and past presidents setting up launch areas for nukes in NATO countries surrounding Russia? why do they want to cut her off at the boarders to imprision and isolate her? why does Russia protect Iran with nuclear defense? your a man who researches history and likes to get to the bottom of things and I admire that about you. you have blessed us with the details of the moon under our Ladys Feet in Rev 12:1, which a number of scholars and theologians within our church has known and identified as Islam for years, but were mainly ignored.

            what we pray for is the request to be followed and obeyed from heaven concerning Russia. did you know that Putin visit the Pope and the Pope refused to discuss Russia’s consecration? this is very upsetting for those of us who understand what this means.

            Roman Catholic image below

            Our Lady below crushing the crescent moon under her feet, Rev 12;1.

            Russian Orthodox connection

            “The Cross over the Crescent symbol first appeared over the domes of Churches in Russia and Ukraine with the capture of the city of Kazan by Tsar John IV in the sixteenth century.It became more popular in iconography, especially in icons of the Holy Protection of the Mother of God where a Greek Cross was placed over the Crescent to recall the Christian victory over Muslim attackers etc.”

            we are so close, yet a schism seperates us. which the consecration will bring to an end. With prayers and hope many in the west will see the connection. especially among the Apostolic Christians who cherish Christian iconography and Christian art and its Divine meaning. but I truly believe in Our Ladys promise that Her Immaculate Heart will triumph. when that happens it will be a time of rejoicing. the Catholic Church is in peril at this time. snakes slither within her in the hierarchy down to the deacons, leaving the souls of the faithful in eternal danger. Pope Leo XIII warned us about this attack, and ordered the prayer he wrote to St Micheal to be said at the Holy Masses its very stressful to be a Catholic today. we may end up going underground like in the days of Nero, back to the catacombs.
            God forbid if that happens, but it could. if the orders from Heaven are not obeyed.

            we as the laity are ordered by our Holy Mother and Her Divine Son Jesus our Saviour, to pray and sacrifice for the conversion of poor sinners who need prayer and that includes muslims. also to pray for Russia. which is what Julie is doing. we who obey our Lord and Lady will not stop just because some man in the world dictates to us different, even within the leaders of our church. divine orders from heaven given to Catholics, must never be ignored.

            Do you fast and pray for poor sinners Mr Shoebat? we could use all the help we can get. I hope you have some blessed wax candles put away in your home as well, you may need them when the time comes, with the current events unfolding as they are, we are drawing closer every month to a quarter of a year it seems. stay safe and prayers of protection will always be said from me for your family.
            God Bless.

  • Kamau41

    Excellent! Putin/Russia righteously demonstrated to the world that they clearly have a SPINE.

    • Grandmere

      No ACLU in Russia. NICE

  • Sister E

    NEVER !!!

  • xavier

    Everything is just upside down

    People who were expected to stand by us left us (OBAMA)

    and the people who we least expected is standing by us


  • Steve Smith

    This is how Orthodox Russians treat the Cross of Christ our true God.

    No wonder there was so much stink over it being as a prop.

    • susan

      So very beautiful Steve. Thank you!

      • Steve Smith

        Welcome, Susan.

        • loved it

          • Steve Smith

            The vid is from The St Petersburg Theological Seminary.
            Notice the mark that you talk about ?
            May you and your loved ones have a blessed Easter brother.

  • susan


    • I don’t get it. I come here to check on the comments and all I see are positive comments about Russia and Putin. What in the world is going on. Everyone has turned lovely today, or is it perhaps we chased al the flies away, or is it that the moderator had enough and said the heck with being open to free speech and just deleted all the negative comments?

  • Lenn

    Well done, President Putin! He is a leader that demonstrates resolve and courage, unlike the moslem O’bummer and the antisemitic and anti-Christian idiots in the EU.

  • richinnameonly

    Good job, Vlad. In the U.S. the government would be giving the Opera Director money for his, “contribution to the Arts”.

  • marlene

    Just the opposite of what obama would have done – like elevate this pagan to a government position. Whose communism is worse – obama’s marxism or putin’s? Actually, it doesn’t even matter – evil is evil from all angles.

  • Grandmere

    If they had a palm tree on the golf course he would say, “That counts.”

  • Grandmere

    Sounds like he was on firm ground that the image was pornographic. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

  • Steve Smith




    Just a simple bing search brought up all this and more. You can’t come to a rational conclusion, based on one article and that journalist ‘s opinion.

  • susan

    I know how you feel. If all we’re going to do is play fiddle sticks and Russia’s fighting the AC, then I’d rather be there.

  • Julie

    Good for Putin…how I wish we had this kind of sensitivity in Western leadership.

  • Julie

    St Patrick prayed a tidal wave would destroy Ireland than have them slaughtered by the Anti Christ.

  • Grandmere

    Hook, line and SINKER

  • Grandmere

    The third time is the charm

  • Steve Smith

    rom, it is not a question of right or wrong , it is a question on information.
    Putin has 3hour question and answer sessions on live TV, would a Western leader do that? may God bless you rom. I love my adopted land America, but at the same time, I can’t reject my homeland.

  • Mark,

    Your error is when you say “There are necessary evils that come with freedom”.

    There is no such thing as “necessary evil”. This is a saying and not Scripture or truth. Evil is evil. While I know that you say this as a figure of speech, freedom, from God’s perspective is not the same as freedom from a western secular sense.

    As far as Govt. There is the spiritual sword and the physical sword, and once you comprehend the two, everything, church, government, the Bible Old and New Testaments, church history, everything will fall into perspective. But to explain it all is a thousand pages. So where should I start?

  • “The Russian Orthodox Tsar will be feared even by the antichrist himself.

    During the times of the antichrist, Russia will be the most powerful Kingdom in the world. But the other countries—except for Russia and the Slavic lands—will be under the power of the antichrist and will experience all the horrors and torments described in Holy Scripture.”

    Makes sense, even biblically.

    • Steve Smith

      Walid, of course it makes sense, he was known to have conversations with the Apostles. That is how he got the info. There is lots of info on this in Russia, and our 20th century Saints.

  • DeusLoVult

    Interesting, and it all makes sense. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with any “Batiushka”. Could you give me more information?

    • Steve Smith

      DLV, It means ”Little Father ” it can apply Priest or Elder as in this case or to a Grand father figure.