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Former Congressman Joe Walsh to Attorney General Loretta Lynch: “Go ahead, prosecute me, I dare you”

By BI: Former U.S. Republican congressman Joe Walsh dared Attorney General Loretta Lynch to arrest him after she warned on Thursday that her office would take a more aggressive approach to those spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric. “I think Islam has a real freaking problem, alright?” Walsh: “You got a problem, Loretta Lynch, with me saying that? Then throw me […]

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MUST SEE! Female store clerk in Finland tackles Somali Muslim migrant shoplifters and takes one down

By BI: Watch this small woman drag the second thief’s butt back into the store, even with his friend helping him. You go girl! According to an interview with the shopkeeper, she has started jiujitsu afterward the first incident to better defend herself. The shopkeeper says that “this happens every day, these scumbags steal beer and […]

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Muslim Terrorists’ Dhimmi Sycophant Attorney Lectures Christians to Stop Being Intolerant of Islam

In a shameless and sickening justification of mass murder, attorneys for dead Muslim terrorists Syed Farook and Tashfin Malik Attorney Mohammad Abuershaid and Dhimmi sycophant Attorney David Chesley of the law offices of David S. Chesley lectured Christians that they need to be tolerant of Islam. They even had the nerve to lecture Christians about […]

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Cult Leader Rapes Numerous Women And Enslaves His Own Daughter For Thirty Years. Another Reason Why Dangerous Cults Need To Be Banned

By Theodore Shoebat A cult leader in the UK has been convicted of raping several women and of even enslaving his own daughter for thirty years. Here is the video: According to a report: A Maoist cult leader was found guilty on Friday of raping and beating his brainwashed female followers, while keeping his own […]

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