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Christian militia in Mindanao

Muslim Terrorists Attack Christian Farmers As They Tend To Their Crops, The Christians Pull Out Their Guns And Open Fire, And Kill Three Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim terrorists in the Filipino island of Mindanao, who were part of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), attacked Christian farmers as they were tending to their crops. The Christians took out their guns and began fighting back, killing three of the terrorists. While the heathens were killed, three Christian men were […]

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Occultist Satan Worshippers Kidnap Christian Man And Force Him To Watch A Women Being Dismembered Alive, They Slice Her Breasts Off And Then Brutally Slaughter Her. They Then Take The Christian Man, And Torture Him Very Slowly Until He Dies

Occultist Satan worshippers kidnapped a Christian man named Alvino in the Mexican state of Jalisco, and forced him to watch a woman getting dismembered alive. They sliced off her breasts and proceeded to dismember her to death. They then took Alvino and slowly tortured him, eventually brutally murdering him. The ones who did the murder […]

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Donald Trump’s Banning Muslims Policy Infuriates Hillary’s Campaigner Huma Abedin Who Proudly Announced Her Wahhabist Affiliations

By Walid Shoebat On Monday night, Mrs. Clinton’s longtime aide, Huma Abedin, sent a mass email to supporters titled, “I’m a proud Muslim.” The email was part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign using Donald J. Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States as a fund-raising and list-building tool. “I’m a proud Muslim — but […]

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Germans Fed Up with Their Government Surrendering to Islam are Taking Matters Into their Own Hand and Burning Down Muslim “Refugee” Centers

From a December 7th, 2015 protest in Germany by PEGIDA (People Against the Islamization of the Occident) has been one of the most vocal protesters in Germany. While they have not been formally implicated of any wrongdoings, Germans are tired of being made second-class citizens in their own homes and are beginnin to stand up […]

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Obama is surrounded with horns, flies, and now skulls- a sign of his evil presidency

Obama gets creepier with each day. The day before yesterday during Obama’s insincere address to the nation about the Muslim terrorist attacks in California and call for gun restrictions, there is a clear and ominous outline of a skull that can be seen looking over Obama’s right shoulder through the window pane. From Youtube: Here is […]

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Donald Trump’s Comments To Bar Muslims Brought Every Hypocrite Democrat And Republican Out On The Open

Bipartisanship is breaking out in apocalyptic birth-pangs in Washington over Donald Trump’s latest comments on banning Muslims entry to the U.S. bringing out every hypocrite (both Democrats and Republicans) together in condemnation of his plans. These forget a trillion dollar challenge: can any of these hypocrites give a substantive difference between Trump’s “no muslims are to enter the […]

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