The United States Government Has So Far Brought In 399,677 Christian Refugees Into America

By Theodore Shoebat


The United States government has brought in so far 399,677 Christian refugees into America. I did a whole video on this:


According to one report:

A total of 38,901 Muslim refugees entered the U.S. in fiscal year 2016, making up almost half (46%) of the nearly 85,000 refugees who entered the country in that period, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of data from the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center. That means the U.S. has admitted the highest number of Muslim refugees of any year since data on self-reported religious affiliations first became publicly available in 2002.

Almost the same number of Christian (37,521) as Muslim refugees were admitted in fiscal 2016, which ended Sept. 30. A slightly lower share of 2016’s refugees were Christian (44%) than Muslim, the first time that has happened since fiscal 2006, when a large number of Somali refugees entered the U.S.

People seeking to enter the U.S. as refugees are processed overseas. As part of the process, they are asked a series of questions, including their religious affiliation. When their applications are approved, refugees travel to the U.S. to be resettled by nonprofit groups associated with the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Refugees to the U.S. are different from asylum seekers, who claim asylum after already being in the U.S. or crossing into the U.S. via an airport or land border.

Refugees make up a small percentage (about one-in-ten) of the roughly 1 million immigrants granted lawful permanent residency in the U.S. each year. Because the U.S. government does not keep track of the religion of new legal immigrants, it is not possible to say what share of all recent immigrants are Muslim. A 2013 Center report, however, estimated that as of 2012, roughly six-in-ten new legal immigrants were Christian, compared with one-in-ten who were Muslim.

Just two countries – Syria (12,486) and Somalia (9,012) – were the source of more than half of fiscal 2016’s Muslim refugees. The rest are from Iraq (7,853), Burma (Myanmar) (3,145), Afghanistan (2,664) and other countries (3,741).

Overall, a far larger total number of Christian refugees than Muslim refugees have entered the U.S. since fiscal 2002. During the past 15 years, the U.S. has admitted 399,677 Christian refugees and 279,339 Muslim refugees, meaning that 46% of all refugees who have entered the U.S. during this time have been Christian while 32% have been Muslim.

  • Jeff Benton

    That IS good news!!!

  • Kamau41

    Based upon these numbers, a reflection that there is hope, which is encouraging news. Will have to see how these trends do in the future under a Trump Adm.

  • Gloria

    This is good news since I thought the number of Christians were less. I have to post though that in the state of WV, Charleston is due to accept at least 100 Syrians soon. I have been in touch with the “interfaith” groups working to do this, and they report that 80% are Muslim. I asked why more were not Christian and the Bishop responded that they felt the need to offer the love of Jesus to everyone. I tried to appeal for the need to help Christians since they are the ones being persecuted and also argue the dangers of Islam. I got no response. My guess is that the State Dept was giving them more money for this under Obama. I hope under Trump this changes as he has promised.

  • Flame blue

    Something odd here, it was reported time after time that Obama had closed the door to Christians. Now we are told not so yet prior to D Trump becoming president he clearly said that he was shocked that the policy was to not take Christians and that most refugees and asylum seekers were Muslims. This is why President Trump said he would offer sanctuary to Christians as a priority because they were the people who needed to escape the oppression they were under.

  • BC

    Thing is, & perhaps I’m not qualified to even comment really, but, as far as the “vetting” goes, how in the World “would you even know the difference”….it all seems crazy risky…

    “Ayy, yeserr, I Cuhreeschun u see? U see me Cuhroocifeex? Beddy gud’ ya? U let me in now u see? I do peace! No woddey…”

    -nobody allowed from 7 countries for a few months while we tighten up policy….but Germany, Turkey, France, UK even….any of yous are clear!
    Ya, i get the ‘refugee’ declaration, but we’re talking ‘Preventative/Precautionary Measures here’ ya…

    So what’s the difference between some France/UK/etc. native-born Putz ‘on a mission to pillage,’ & with all his ID’s (whether real/fugazzi) vs. the same mind-set muslim refugee stooge from Sudan or whatever (or even a Christian one, so he says)?

    Will “proper” vetting still pull the bad weeds in the end? One thing u could do is ensure that they’re finely spread out across each state/province to prevent their “Majority makeup of any particular place”…. (put some in Guam, or better, Samoa…let’s see them attempt one of their capers on a man, woman, OR child in Samoa…(they’d get the muslim juice squeezed right out of em’ yessir).

    If ur the bad guy, i really think u come in under false pretenses (unless obama is the POTUS…then u can bring ur black isIs bismallah flag with ya..ah what the hell, bring a friend if ya want too, why not).