Make No Mistake, The Next “Martyr For The Cause” Is In The Making Right Now And It Isn’t For Christ

Recently in the conservative news world there has been a firestorm about the cancellation of a speech from Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley after protests:

Now there are many things I found very interesting about this event, its timing, and the nature of the protests, but the thing I found most interesting was the following piece from Rebel Media about “After Berkeley”, in which Lauren Southern suggests there needs to be a “conservative call to arms:”

How interesting. It reminds me of a story from about 100 years ago, that of a young man name Horst Wessel.

Horst Wessel

Horst Wessel was a young German man who lived during the rise of National Socialism in Germany in the 1920s. The son of a Lutheran pastor, he refused to follow in his father’s career path and instead chose to follow in the political activism of his day. Seeing the damage which communism was having in Germany, he joined with the Bismarck Youth movement (Bismarckjugend) but a few years later resigned because the movement, which promoted a restoration of the German monarchy, was not enough for him. He wanted to be part of a movement that would train German youth to be “real men,” and such was what attracted him to the National Socialist movement. He quickly earned a reputation as an up-and-coming face in the movement, going so far as to promote “physical training” and later to engage in street fights with communist supporters. He was so involved in the National Socialist movement that he was personally known by the infamous Dr. Josef Göbbels himself.

Horst Wessel (front left) marching

At 22, he met a young prostitute named Erna Jänicke, and he moved in with her, although some people say he acted as her procurer. The landlord of the apartment where they were staying was a communist, and when a dispute came over unpaid rent and the local communist groups got word that Wessel was staying there, they set up an ambush at his apartment. Wessel was shot and later died on January 14th, 1930 of his wounds in the hospital.

Wesel was a thug who died by the same way that he lived, but it was the National Socialist Propaganda machine led by none other than his friend Dr. Göbbels that made him into a hero for “the cause.” His death became a rallying cry for National Socialism and an entire song, the Hörst Wessel Lied, became the co-anthem along with the Deutschlandlied for Hitler’s Germany.

The Deutschlandlied. This along with the Hörst Wessel Lied became the national anthems of Hitler’s Germany

Right now there is an disturbing intensification that is taking place in politics in America and Europe, and understandably so. However, as we have mentioned before, this is not a situation of “good vs. evil,” but rather “Coke vs. Pepsi.” The same evils of the past are being re-formulated under different names and faces, but their potency has not diminished in the slightest. Their is no “winning side” except that which Christ is on, and it is neither of the choices which we are being told are our choices today.

Now I am not saying that people do not have a right to defend themselves or that one should just be pushed over. The concern which I see is that as these “protests” (if they can even be called that, as many of these are planned and directed from higher and wealthier powers) intensify, they are going to get more violent. With “calls to arms” now being made openly on both sides, there is only a matter of time until somebody is going to get killed. Don’t know who it is or how it will happen, but somebody is going to die whether it is intentional or by accident. That person is going to be made into a “martyr” for the cause, regardless of how well (or poorly) he lived his life.

The issue here at play is not facts, because very few people are going to actually deny fact when, especially in our times, the Internet has made it very hard to do so with a straight face. What matters more and what is being pushed is the conclusion of what those who are promoting- allowing- such protests to happen want you to adopt. That is why the situation today is as it was a century ago- Horst Wessel died but his ghost did not, and it waits to be reincarnated again in a different body.

Neither side here is playing for truth or justice. It is not about as the “communists” or “cultural marxists” (to use a National Socialist term which has become popular today) about a class struggle, nor is it as the “national socialists” claim about a ethno-cultural struggle. Both are covers for a greater struggle, and that is the struggle for power at all costs. It does not matter to them who lives or dies or how that power is acquired, just so long as at the end of they day, they have power and the other does not.

Beware of calls for “armed protests” and “standing up” as well as for anybody who claims to represent such “values.” In a world which is flying head first down the path of the previous century but with more terrible weapons and better means of delivering the same results than a century ago, the only sane decision is to stop and ask what is really going on…

The Hörst Wessel Lied



  • You are right, Andrew, this is just another example of someone being groomed to become a martyr for the wrong cause. Two wrong does not make a right.

    • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

      “Blessed are those who suffer and are persecuted… For righteousness’ sake”. Some people forget that part of the Beatitudes.

      • Amen. “For righteousness sake.”

  • Ceirwyn

    100% correct. Those who are awake, especially the preppers, have been warning about this very thin; avoid getting into stupid protests where violence will happen. Watch out for anyone trying to convince you to fight for a cause. Let the Useful Idiots sacrifice themselves.

  • Стефан Евгений

    What is it about Das Deutschlandlied, that sends chills in me….. even today?

    • RodK1975

      Insensate evil?

  • Kamau41

    You have nailed it once again, Andrew. What we see happening with the rising tide of the national socialist movement across America-Europe is very dangerous and should absolutely be very alarming among those who are wise enough to see.

  • Randy Perez

    These communists and leftists are moronic. The alt right want to be martyrs. Who can’t see this? There is a strong spirit of delusion. (Punching Nazis Is a Good Way To Make Them Thrive And You Die)

    Note: Andrew you wrote “their” instead of “there”. Their (There*) is no “winning side” except that which Christ is on, and it is neither of the choices which we are being told are our choices today.

  • Kelly ann

    Western Democracy will be destroyed either way.

    • Craig A. Mouldey

      lol Kelly Ann, hahaha. Sadly, I’m afraid the only way open for many millenials will be to live back at their parents house. It’s certainly not largely their fault. They didn’t send the jobs away. But they have also been fully indoctrinated into the consumer, debt mind set. Long forgotten are ideals born from Christianity such as sacrifice, hard work, caring for your neighbour, love of God, purity, honest labour for an honest wage etc. The boomers (that would be me) fell asleep on the job, not resisting the creeping evil that has been going on a very long time and passing on life lessons that would have prevented this mess.

      • David W

        True. The irony! So many millenials are globalists, and they would be the first to open up the borders and dismantle any health screening or background checks. With a diminishing education system, their knowledge of math and sciences is often lacking. Bu they are such experts on climate science! And because they have are such special snowflakes that never had to work with their hands, there are plenty of hardworking men and women from Central America to do those jobs. For the kids on prescription meds, carpentry and landscaping are too difficult.

  • David W

    Michael Savage has noted a parallel with Germany’s Communist and Anarchist violence of the 1920s and the wave of SOROS-FUNDED BLM/Occupy riots and murders of 2017. The powers that be know that enough anarchy and terrorism will cause people to demand an authoritarian regime to “protect” them. And they will look for a “man on a white horse” (!) And the two-dimensional thinkers who do not know their history are condemned to repeat it. The ALT-Right and the Maoist Left hate the Church, and you can see it on Bretbart, Infowars, Free Republic, and a few of the “Rapture” blogs…

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    I’m glad you said we can defend ourselves Andrew. Not that I’m a tough guy. I do a good job of blending into a crowd (stealth mode) and using the bluff to make people think twice. But I see your points here and yes the danger is very real. Thus far, the only violence I’ve seen is coming from these loons on the left who, for the most part are dumber than a box of rocks. All they have is the fake news talking points fed to them. They are not interested in discussing the issues. But I’ve been sitting and watching all this, thinking exactly what you have stated. At some point somebody is going to get killed and then we have a very serious escalation. I think Lauren Southern generally does a decent job but she is young. From her perspective a call to arms might seem reasonable. But doing this, and then deliberately confronting these radicals is a serious provocation. What needs to be done is to arrest those funding these riots. And we know who the main source is!
    It is the divinely assigned function of government to keep the peace, punish evil doers and reward the good. Christians, as far as it is up to them, or in their power, are to be at peace with all men.
    I’m afraid I only see escalation of trouble immediately ahead. There are communist traitors planted throughout the governmental apparatus. How else can we explain the police standing down while these thugs beat others with sticks?

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    A good lesson for these times. God bless this dear priest. This is about being men.

  • This is like saying To accuse the moderate Muslim of being Islamist is way over the top.

    Then comes the exaggeration, a typical habit “Seems here to be no outrage against the Leftest thugs just a focus on the right wanting to exercise their rights of free speech.”

    Is being anti-Alt Right being pro-Left? Prove it. Prove that we are PRO-LEFT? You can’t and you won’t 100% guaranteed. Which comes to my last point. Your intent is to spread false rumors. It is like your last stupid comment about China versus Japan, completely uneducated comment which you based victory on numbers, and when you were proven DEAD WRONG japan had defeated China, you where no where to be found. Do me a favor, lessen your comments and go learn the subject in full. You know very little about the Alt Right.

  • HolyFire


    “Bannon has never been secretive about his desire to use President Trump to bring about his specific vision of America. He told Vanity Fair last summer that Trump was a “blunt instrument for us… I don’t know whether he really gets it or not.””

    Article Source:

    I’m not sure what background research has put into Steve Bannon. I do know that you look upon him unfavorably from the dung you’ve dug up thus far and rightly so.

    The article sourced and quoted above is telling. It very much aligns with’s present analysis on world affairs and this engineered rise of global instability, as also expressed in Andrew’s warnings here. The war drums are beating…