American Farmers Make This Declaration To All Americans: If You Get Rid Of Mexican Illegal Aliens, Then We Are Going To Go Out Of Business, Because Americans Don’t Want To Do The Work

By Theodore Shoebat

We are hearing a lot lately about how illegal immigrants from America are taking away the jobs of millions of Americans. I did some research on this and wanted to know what is the opinion of the average American farmer, and what I found was interesting: American farmers, by and large, like hiring Hispanics who are illegal immigrants because they work harder. Many farmers have said that if all of the illegals are deported, it’ll be actually very difficult to cope because its difficult to find Americans willing to do the work of husbandry. I did a whole video on this:


In the life of the Christian militant, in the carrying of our crosses, we take up the fight against evil and partake in the cosmic war against the forces of evil. The Left and the Right are two sides of the same coin, using Christians as pawns for the struggle for power. The real decision that we must make, is to be determined to fight evil, not to defend a political organization for the same of defending it, but to take part in the struggle against evil itself. Many people think its only between Left and Right, but the truth is that evil will masquerade itself as both of these persuasions. The deception is quite strong. This is why I spent almost six years in writing a book on the truth of the Christian fight, entitled Christianity Is At War . If you read this book, I guarantee you, you will never see Christianity the same again. You will have a complete understanding as to what Christianity is, what is the Christian war that we are really in.


  • Brick

    Before I start watch this video, I want to say to that farmer that you can actually get diligent foreign workers into USA and Canada legally. The only difference is that one takes up process time for visa and the workers are usually protected, while the other are open to exploitation. I had worked in a farm before, talked to many people, many of them came to Canada legally as skilled workers in farms. The process time usually takes sometimes, but when the governments knows they needs farmers, they usually hasten the process…

    • ace

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  • Smith

    No, the real reason is that illegals can be paid less and under the table, saving farmers lots of money, plain and simple.

    It’s all about money. I’ve worked in farms and witnessed this first hand multiple times. They get paid under the table and double-dip government hand outs like food stamps.

    • Ceirwyn

      Yep. This is about defrauding the American people to make them slaves of the gov. Yes, food prices will have to increase, but that’s only fair. Illegal slave labor is the only reason things are cheap. I’d rather pay more for godliness and respect for the law.

      Globalism is slavery 2.0. Now they don’t have to buy, feed or house their slaves. They just make the citizens pay for it all via government welfare.

      • magaforever

        Ive already accepted the fact that i will have to work until death so if paying a little more helps stop slave labor thats fine with me it doesnt matter either way it is what it is.

    • magaforever

      Exactly…of course some greedy farmers could care less about the destruction the cartel cause… Prices might go up a but but they wont go out of business..the only way that happens is if truckers strike or some major calamity.

      • Craig A. Mouldey

        A major crisis will likely occur over the next week with the collapse of the Oroville dam in California.

      • tony

        It has nothing to do with greedy farmers . Small farms are almost extinct because the larger farming industries have made it next to impossible to farm on a small scale. These large industry’s are the greedy ones not your average farmer who sells pieces of land to get by because theres no money in farming anymore, at least on a small scale. Mexicans do work harder than your average US citizen at least the younger generation that have been taught the gimme attitude instead of working hard and working your way up . I guess that’s the price of being blessed to be born in the USA. The Mexicans are hungrier to succeed and have what most of us take for granted

    • Randy Perez

      The problem is the government forcing employers to give freebies to their employees. The problem is not the workers.

    • David Banner

      They get paid under the table and double-dip government hand outs like food stamps.

      Yep, and this is not only the farmers but applies to other fields i see it happen all the time just had a ex co-worker trying to sell his food stamp card at half price gets cash jobs and shows he is out of work

    • Juan

      That’s true. In Europe farmers also want illegal immigrants because can be paid less and under the table.

  • HolyFire

    Ted, I couldn’t agree with you more.

    I take this same view with Church leadership as I’m sure you do too. We Catholics as a collective, have the leaders we deserve:

    This is a fruit of our own revolt from the Faith as laity. The quality of the clergy depends upon the quality of the laity and an abundance of vocations from a high quality crop. The mask has now officially been taken off with respect to the revolt/tares in the Church hierarchy itself at the highest level (without forgetting there are exceptions, the wheat, like Cardinal Burke). “The gates of hell will not prevail (ultimately)…”

    I would only add, don’t underestimate the “unity” working from an elite level at the ‘top’ that is playing both sides, left and right, off against each other while continuing to further a Marxist (satanic) agenda:

    • HolyFire

      Ted, you said in the video Christians are being used as ‘pawns’ in this Left versus Right ‘play’ if you will (Marxist indoctrination in truth).

      Below is a specific example for you. Here is the media now framing the Catholic Faith in these terms, when the true unchanging Faith is neither left or right. They are claiming Bannon is a radical ‘right’ traditionalist Catholic up against the ‘left’ liberal Pope Francis:

      Catholics in the media, like The Remnant and Church Militant (who do a lot of work I otherwise like and appreciate), are taking the ‘bait’ and claiming Bannon as one of their own.

      Here is Pope Francis meeting a ‘gay’ couple privately (close long term friends) and giving CNN exclusive access/footage of it (to masquerade his liberalism):

      • I have recently become alarmed at Church Militant reporting including The Conservative Treehouse site.

        • Kamau41

          Same here. I share those same concerns as HolyFire. In fact, for the last couple of months I have been backing away from those media sites.

          • It’s becoming troubling. Like I was telling Rod the other night, I’m becoming concerned many are being conditioned to see news as “fake news” anymore.

            We have to sift through news and find the nugget.

          • Kamau41

            “We have to sift through news and find the nugget.” We have to indeed, Trevor!

        • HolyFire

          This is why, despite Church Militant’s gross negligence i.e. lapse in judgement, regarding Bannon along with most Catholic conservative media outlets, I can’t simply write them off based on this one flagrant error alone (these are all brand new postings):

          • Trevor

            The archbishop, Wellby, has been a lightning rod of controversy for Anglicans. I have even tracking the issue he is causing for Orthodox Anglican.

            Last year, the African Primates along with Archbishop Foley Beach threatened to walk out of Wellby don’t sanction the liberal ones.

            It’s a mess everywhere.

          • Trevor

            The fact that England is reconstrated to the Immaculate Heart is HUGE!

            There’s clearly a war for the souls of England.

          • HolyFire

            Agreed, we can never forget the wheat in the Church (fighting for Christ and the salvation of souls) brother!

          • Michellemaria

            Trevor, today Saturday 18th February, Cardinal Nichols will renew the consecration made in 1948 at Westminster Cathedral. Feeling positive about it. Hail Mary full of grace …….

          • Trevor


            Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed are thou among women and blessed be the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

            Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of death.

          • Kamau41

            This is very encouraging to hear.

            Hail Mary full of grace …….AMEN!!!!!

          • Michellemaria

            In our church newsletter today we have been asked offer up prayers on Presidents’ Day, so that’s what I will be doing from this side of ‘the pond’ tomorrow.

          • Hey, I just thought of you after reading this article.

            I can tell you right now, I am loving the African led orthodox Anglicans who are now calling for an open rebellion against the traitorous Abp. Welby.


            It is rather heartening to see Christians holding fast to the orthodoxy of the Faith and fighting back.

          • HolyFire

            So sorry for the delay in getting to this message Trevor. I have two email accounts, and two HolyFire profiles. It’s been a while since I logged into this one. They’re both ME! hahahaha

            This place isn’t the same without you around. Can’t wait to see you back here!

            I read that you’re presently fasting for Lent. It’s great to hear you’re continuing to mature and grow in the Faith!

            Thanks for sharing the news. Orthodox Anglicans have been steering back toward Catholic orthodoxy for a while now. They even have a branch today called ‘Catholic Anglican Church’ (or ACC for short).

            I love the beauty and majesty of the orthodox Anglican way of worship because it’s rooted in their glorious Catholic past. I can’t wait until the day comes when they finally return to full union with an orthodox Catholic Rome!

            Love you brother!

  • Doc

    I don’t think anyone wants to deprive an immigrant of a job. We just want to have them be here legally, and not criminals or jihadist sympathizers. No one is saying immigrants won’t be allowed into the country.

    • “No one is saying immigrants won’t be allowed into the country.”

      No one? Are you sure about that Doc?

      • Doc

        I don’t think anyone who is practical and serious about the subject wants to ban ALL immigrants. Maybe a temporary ban on Muslims. Everybody knows Americans will not pick chili peppers. I think people who are serious about the subject just want to know who is coming in, and that they are not here to cause trouble, and that they are here legally. There may be some absolutists who want NO immigration, but these people are at the extreme and probably will not get their way any more than the people who want to ban and confiscate guns.

        • Doc

          I suggest an updated version of this law:

        • Craig A. Mouldey

          I think temporary farm work would be an outstanding ‘entry level’ job for teens and young adults. Far better than working at Macdonalds.

          • Grandmere

            Many of them don’t even want to flip burgers. Not even for $15/hr.

          • Kamau41

            Excellent point! Seen all of this for many years…

        • Brenda

          We tend to see what we are attracted to IMHO, I follow people who understand the situation and all have friends and family from around the world, “The more practical empathetic kind”. Sometimes I will stumble on a website though with a lot of haters for anyone and everyone that is not white, So I cannot say the real amounts and would like to think they are rare, But guess if I was attracted to them would have another opinion of the numbers. It’s hard for me to say. My son is 1/2 Mexican, Most of his Friends are Mexican, and even though he is not close to his father he was upset the other day about it, and I will need to talk to him more on the subject. Fact of the matter is it’s easy to see more of what we are drawn to, I tend to avoid those unlike myself naturally that is part of why I know my own views may be inaccurate to the whole of reality sometimes.

        • Raed the rest of the comments and see.

    • Ceirwyn

      Immigration is a privilege not a right. Citizens must come first as they are who the gov is suppose to be protecting. I’m all for throwing out the evil system we currently have that’s pro greed and slave labor. It’s evil and neeeds to go.

      Fact is we don’t need immigrants when we don’t have enough jobs for our own people. We may never again, if robots and machines keep destroying jobs. All immigration in America at this point is about oppressing the natives.

  • Kamau41

    Excellent points HolyFire. I’m seeing the same. This is why we have to be so careful these days of what we read/hear. So many are definitely being seduced to the mass deception big time. Very alarming indeed…

    • HolyFire

      I know it sounds cliche, but the more devoted I am to praying the Holy Rosary daily, the more poised my soul is in the face of these diabolical and unparalleled evils of our times, in a Catholic context:

      I also recently added The 15 Prayers of Saint Bridget to the daily mix. They take about 20 minutes to recite:

      I can’t recommend these Saint Bridget prayers highly enough! They were approved by Pope Pius IX. Below are the 21 promises associated to anyone who recites these prayers daily for a whole year:

      I wіll delіver 15 souls of hіs lіneage from Purgatory.
      15 souls of hіs lіneage wіll be confіrmed and preserved іn grace.
      15 sіnners of hіs lіneage wіll be converted.
      Whoever recіtes these Prayers wіll attaіn the fіrst degree of perfectіon.
      15 days before hіs death I wіll gіve hіm My Precіous Body іn order
      that he may escape eternal starvatіon; I wіll gіve hіm My Precіous Blood
      to drіnk lest he thіrst eternally.
      15 days before hіs death he wіll feel a deep contrіtіon for all hіs sіns and wіll have a perfect knowledge of them.
      I wіll place before hіm the sіgn of My Vіctorіous Cross for hіs help and defense agaіnst the attacks of hіs enemіes.
      Before hіs death I shall come wіth My Dearest Beloved Mother.
      I shall gracіously receіve hіs soul, and wіll lead іt іnto eternal joys.
      And havіng led іt there I shall gіve hіm a specіal draught from the
      fountaіn of My Deіty, somethіng I wіll not for those who have not
      recіted My Prayers.
      Let іt be known that whoever may have been lіvіng іn a state of
      mortal sіn for 30 years, but who wіll recіte devoutly, or have the
      іntentіon to recіte these Prayers, the Lord wіll forgіve hіm all hіs
      I shall protect hіm from strong temptatіons.
      I shall preserve and guard hіs 5 senses.
      I shall preserve hіm from a sudden death.
      Hіs soul wіll be delіvered from eternal death.
      He wіll obtaіn all he asks for from God and the Blessed Vіrgіn.
      If he has lіved all hіs lіfe doіng hіs own wіll and he іs to dіe the next day, hіs lіfe wіll be prolonged.
      Every tіme one recіtes these Prayers he gaіns 100 days іndulgence.
      He іs assured of beіng joіned to the supreme Choіr of Angels.
      Whoever teaches these Prayers to another, wіll have contіnuous joy and merіt whіch wіll endure eternally.
      There where these Prayers are beіng saіd or wіll be saіd іn the future God іs present wіth Hіs grace.

      God be with you, brother.

  • The Conservative Treehouse is another “conservative” blog and the whole idea is to follow in the footsteps of the late Andrew Brietbart of fame.

    While I think the author is a Catholic, nearly every post of his involves looking at things through an economic leverage lens or a pure secular lens.

  • susan

    It appears that the only crops that aren’t affected are grain crops. Crops that can be fully automated. I heard from peach farmers years ago that whenever a hurricane hit the coast during harvest season they’d lose a portion of their migrant workers to higher paying re-construction jobs. Then came the burdensome federal farming regulations. Then the EPA regulations. A little over a year ago she said to go pick the leftover peaches before they rotted.

  • Grandmere

    Anybody who has a garden will tell you that a crop wont wait. You must pick it quickly when it ripens. Whoever is willing to pick should be sent out into the field and paid a wage that is agreeable to both parties. Years from now we will still have many immigrants who are willing.

    • susan

      It sounds like we have farmers who may not be in business much longer. I hope they’ll make wise migrant worker policies.

      • Grandmere

        Me too.

        • susan

          If we all hold hands together, we can weather the storm. Us first doesn’t have to mean us only. Right Grandmere?

          • Grandmere

            Absolutely. This could have and should have been taken care of a long time ago. George Bush tried to get a guest worker program back in his days. For the life of me I can’t understand why congress wouldn’t work with him.

      • Kamau41

        We can only hope.

    • Grace Ziem

      Immigrant Hispanics have been a source of low-payed farm/harvest labour which has been little acknowledged and unappreciated for MANY decades. Are they being thrown out so that dealing with more violent “refugees” is “politically correct” (to use a term that gives me nausea)?

      • Grandmere

        I don’t think these type of immigrants will be deported. It will take a long time just to find and deport the bad guys. These farm workers would be the very last on any deportation list. That is just my opinion, for what it’s worth.

        • susan

          I think satan’s speciality is stirring up wars. Trump wants to have walls with doors. Just like we all have in our own homes. Satan is lying again as usual and saying to one group, “you have to have all walls”. And then he runs to the other group and lies and says, “You have to have all doors.” He wants these two sides to war with each other so that we’ll be forced into one camp or the other. I say crush the serpents two lying heads. We will have balance. We will not war with one another. We will not take satan’s bait. He is trying to destroy this nation from within. This is what Ted keeps trying to warn us about.

          • Kamau41

            Satan is always busy. We must stick together to fight against the enemy. The Shoebats absolutely have been warning about all this for decades….It’s very sad and tragic that so few even listen.

          • susan

            Exactly Kamau41! Erdogan is inching closer to his unveiling as antichrist and you best believe he knows how to read the bible too.

          • Brenda

            One of the problems is the Mexicans around me are nice and more old fashioned conservative types, And yet they wanted Hillary, will always Vote democrat, and see Donald as just being racist becasue of what they watched on the Spanish news. They probably know nothing about Islam expect for the repeated lie of it’s a religion of peace, A lot of people are still stuck at that otherwise they’d understand things better than they do now.

      • Nan

        If they’re here legally there’s nothing to worry about.

    • Very true! Gardening is hard work and worth every drop of sweat. One of my favorite meal is roasted butternut squash, onions, and potatoes spiced with some herbs and tossed with olive oil. It’s divine!

  • Grandmere

    Who does farmer X pay for these services? Does he write a check to So-and-So State prison? Does the prisoner get any of the money? That sounds like N. Korea.

    • DeusLoVult

      That might actually be doing them a favor, my lady. Let them (some of the petty criminals, that is) work for a shortened sentence. Besides, if they’re stuck in a prison the whole time, they’re likely to become hard core criminals. And working might actually teach them something. Not like North Korea at all.

  • Randy Perez

    Capital is accumulated through savings. So, cheap labor allows farmers to save more to purchase better machinery in the future.

    Also, there is no such thing as “slave labor” a slave has no choice because they are property. Low wage workers choose to work for those wages because that is their best option.

  • ace

    Some farm jobs, like milking in the dairy business are year round which you might have included in your comments and suggestion for correction if you watched the whole video. Did you?

  • ace

    God help us all. Theodore has only talked about the farm and dairy industry which may garner a lot of sympathy and good will. But, people without legal status are also working (or have worked) in other industries. They used to work in meat packing, but now those jobs go to refugees and, if the boss is willing, U.S. workers with felonies and incarceration records. Then, we have the hospitality business, where moneyed businessmen immigrants hire an American worker as a manager and fall guy/gal and order them to hire at least a certain quantity with questionable papers for housekeeping, or maybe it is a small concern and they do the hiring themselves. Also, we have food service with those with questionable papers working three jobs and the mom at home with the kids in the mobile home park. But, there are also better paying jobs like machinists where companies mostly hire foreigners and pay them less and, because they all don’t have good paper, some firms don’t want to hire Americans for the lower wages even if the potential workers are willing because, well, they might report what the boss is doing. Still, Americans born here often are too lazy to work for lower wages and put in a good day’s work. Those with forced early retirement or long-term unemployment, ought to be willing to work retail or something else harder than their former well-paid desk job for significantly less money if need be. Yes, wearing that Velcro back-brace if need be. Nothing in life is guaranteed, and yes, the real estate market will probably crash again, so don’t use the house as a bank for a new vehicle, and live in a house you can afford or downsize. The more things change, the more they stay the same. It’s all a vanity and a chasing after the wind. Fear God and keep his commandments; for this is the whole duty of man.

  • Wilma Mills

    Two summer’s as a teen I worked in the tobacco fields of Mass. It was a program of Consolidated Cigar Corp. Which brought in kids from different states. They also brought in Puerto Rican men to work with us. I only remember 3 local teens working, the same ones both summers. They couldn’t get local kids to work there.
    We stayed in college dorms that were vacant for the summer. They fed us well. Took us on weekend trips, (places I wouldn’t have gotten to see.) Friday night they took us shopping. Sat. nights we visited the boys dorms or vice versa ( chaperoned) for parties. Sun. They took us on a day trip. We were paid minimum wage and piece work. We were required to save a big portion every week in a bank. I used mine for very nice school clothes. I would’ve went back a third time, but that summer I wanted to take driver’s ed. All in all a great experience in hard, 120°, dirty, 5 & 1/2 days a week work.
    I believe Theo’s right on this.

  • ace

    Right about the war between light and darkness, got the Spanish, but should be working on learning Arabic. “Arabic is now the seventh-most commonly spoken non-English language in US households. An estimated 1.1 million people ages 5 and older speak Arabic at home, an increase of 29 percent between 2010 and 2014. The number who speak Spanish at home has grown only 6 percent during the same period.” Well, and ask Christians from the Middle East if speaking Arabic and a college degree is an advantage. I know someone who removed it from their resume, because the employers who want bilingual in Arabic also want or prefer Muslim.

    • susan

      It’s always good to learn multiple languages. :). So Arabic is seventh? And 1.1 million out of roughly 300 million? I wonder what the other top six are.

  • lucila

    EASY~ make all the people on welfare do the work, or grant true workers short term visas.

  • obfuscation100

    Help me out here… farming and husbandry are two different aspects of food production. There are very few family owned farms left in the uSA. Most are owned by Big Ag who would be the first to complain about the loss of cheap labor. Husbandry refers to the raising of livestock and it is unclear which area has illegals as their main labor source. Raising livestock (husbandry) is not labor intensive.

    Many Mexicans who are here illegally work for almost nothing and are hard workers. A lot of them are con artists. They undercut local workers. There are programs where they can work legally, such as the Guest Worker Program where they come in for the harvest and then go back to Mexico.

    Mexico relies on the money these laborers send back home, as well as the huge income from drugs and human trafficking. Deporting illegals will expedite the cleanup of these problems. There will be more money to pay American workers if the criminal activities are halted. Mexico’s oligarchs need to be removed so the country, rich in natural resources, can prosper. It’s not our job to be Mexico’s soup kitchen.

    What most people do not know is that the Federal Government pays American employers to hire foreign workers. They cost less than American workers because they don’t get the mandated overhead charges, such as Obamacare, Social Security, Workers’ Comp, etc. The government needs to cleanup its act and put our own people first. It’s not our job to be the world’s homeless shelter.

    It is utterly preposterous to suggest that with 100,000,000 Americans not working that the entire food production industry can’t find willing, capable workers in that vast number. “Americans won’t work” is a canard. They just won’t work for chickenshit while the oligarchs get richer. It needs to be a win-win for employer and employee.

  • obfuscation100

    There used to be a prison farm in NM that was very successful, especially for the inmates. They were leading productive lives and most of them were pretty content.

    I believe the Feds made them close it down. Now the prisons are privately owned and the inmates make widgets for Wackenhut for slave wages.

  • Dan

    Americans stop believing that phrase ‘ jobs Americans don’t want a long time ago Theo because it’s not true

    Mexicans aren’t in the fields anymore they’re in the cites.

    Mexicans take jobs that are filled by Americans without a college education and there are a lot of them ;too many!

    On the job training is the norm for these types of jobs and Mexicans don’t even have to have a good command of english to get them now. In fact employers cannot require a good command of english without facing a lawsuit.

    You did research into the farms? Try doing some research in the cities ; you can start with mine Houston.

    39% hispanic population and rising everyday.

  • “The farmers are not being encouraged to employ locals.This must change”


  • And when you go buy your fruit at the store, you will be complaining why you cannot afford your fruits or vegetables.

  • “we have to stop the billions from being paid to them”

    Who is “we” and who will “stop the billions”? You? You said “we” this means you will go and stop them. Great. Have at it.

    And if you do not want to “stop” the billions, stop buying fruits and vegetables. This will stop all illegals from coming.


    • Nan

      A lot of fruit and vegetables are imported. I actually know a couple of guys who sometimes pick fruit and one summer, when I was unemployed, one of them offered to get me on with the blueberry harvest.

      The truth is that illegals work for less and drive wages down,.

    • racarrera

      This is something that, with some tweaking and perfecting, might well solve the problem:

  • “Pay for the help.”

    Great. I agree. Are you willing to pay $3 a pound of tomatoes?

  • “plenty of people are willing to do the work”

    Will you be willing to work on a farm Mikey? Just curious.

  • Very wise solution. But you have so many who insist that we only hire locals.

  • So I guess what you are saying is that these American farmers are liars and that the local Americans are harder workers than the Mexicans. So these farmers are simply racist self-hating Americans and they prefer lazy Mexicans instead in order to keep the white man unemployed?

    Please advise since you have so much experience.

  • Let us know when you start your robotics farm and update us on your success report.

  • Randy Perez

    Matthew 20:12-16:
    (12 saying, ‘These last men have worked only one hour, and you have made them equal to us who have borne the burden and the scorching heat of the day.’ 13 But he answered and said to one of them, ‘Friend, I am doing you no wrong; did you not agree with me for a denarius? 14 Take what is yours and go, but I wish to give to this last man the same as to you. 15 Is it not lawful for me to do what I wish with what is my own? Or is your eye envious because I am generous?’ 16 So the last shall be first, and the first last.)

    You said “raise your prices a bit, they’ll raise they’re prices, and guess what.. more people will have the money to pay for the higher prices bc they’re getting paid better, and more taxes will be collected.”

    The vast majority of Americans are not going to work in farms, they will pay higher prices. When prices are higher people tend to buy less. Because people buy less, which will result job losses in the agriculture sector or in another sector.

    What you said about taxes does not make any sense. For example, imagine a place with a 101 people and thousand dollars in existence. 100 of the people are working for 1 person. Each of them gets paid $1, that means that the owner has $900 in profits. So if there was a flat tax of 10%, they would collect $100. Now imagine that the owner paid his workers $5. That would mean that he has $500 in profits. If you have a flat tax of 10% you wil still get $100 in taxes.

    You may say “Well the workers are getting paid $5 instead of $1 so that is good because they are living better.” No. A worker gets paid according to his Productivity. If you can only produce $1 worth of goods and services than you will get paid less than $1. If you pay someone more than what they can produce, that will create shortages in goods and services. The owner will have to raise his prices to meet consumer consumption, demand.

    The only way to increase the standard of living, is by finding and using the most efficient methods of producing goods and services.

  • ace

    Agreed, a work ethic is lacking. And, it’s lacking among all classes of society. Too much structure-less time. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop – trouble. But, with the loss of manufacturing to outsourcing and automation, there are less places to put certain people to work. People who are aging and have health problems and who never have done field work probably cannot be “work-hardened” to do so, but could probably do something like shred paper at a government office or large company, but increasingly, such concerns outsource to businesses which do this with large machines for low cost; even residential consumers take their old papers to these places. Light janitorial possibly? But contract janitorial requires speed and security clearance for it’s workers. Stocking merchandise, inventory detail, moving and storage, carpenter’s helper for home remodel or home health care? Yup, security clearance required (I ask when I have people work in my home, though all do not). OK, maybe unloading and stocking at a thrift store. What would you suggest?

    • Reader

      The danger of course Ace, is, “Because of iniquity, the love of many shall perish!” It is difficult not to become discouraged.
      Yet, we plod on.
      Truly, the “love” of money is ther root of all evil! Of course, that is tied to the treasures of the heart.

  • Nan

    I agree, it would be a good thing to have prisoners do this work but they must be paid.

  • Nan

    I was walking into a potbelly and a woman asked if I could buy her a sandwich. I was willing to do so, but she wanted Arby’s. I told her I had no cash and was happy to buy her something at potbelly. She told me I could go to the cash machine. I declined the opportunity.

    I was shocked at her entitlement. Especially the suggestion of going to the cash machine, which has a fee and would result in giving her $20!

    • susan

      I had something similar happen to me. He said there was an ATM down a few blocks and across the street. :). I wanted to help him but that was a little disconcerting. It was dark and late..I didn’t want to risk it.

      • Nan

        It’s one thing to help but asking someone to go to a cash machine is beyond panhandling.

        • susan

          Yeah. It can be dangerous too. If i preferred Arby’, I’d hang outside Arby’s.

          • Nan

            The clientele isn’t perceived to have extra money. She was by fancy law firms and consulting groups, near Macy’s. Arby’s doesn’t have the same amount of traffic or wealth.

          • susan

            I guess I was thinking with my stomach. She knows where the cash is.

  • Nan

    They have to leave to get a visa and don’t care to.

  • susan

    Same here. Mom would take us into the fields to pick beans,tomatoes and okra. We weren’t even in school so I guess I was around 5. Who knows? Today that might be considered child abuse. But she couldn’t leave us in the house by ourselves. I learned lots of good lessons helping our family grow food. It’s a wise thing to do. Everyone ought to know how.

  • Ceirwyn

    I assure you, most of the jobs in the US are tedious. Especially customer service and call centers. I’d take farming over than any day.

  • Ceirwyn

    $40K is never going to happen. But $20-24K depending on crop, etc is probably doable.

  • Ceirwyn

    I’ve seen plenty thanks. Many are as much the issue as illegal immigrants.

  • Angela Tennant

    Look at california by 2020 hispanic will be the majority wonder why, hm, a mexican woman is pregnant comes here has her baby now shes an american and so is her kid. now we provide support to them, pay hospital bills

    • Piñata all over the streets of Hollywood. I love Piñatas, falafel, Chinese food, Italian …

  • What do you suggest, concentration camps?