What The Media Is Not Telling You About Catalonia, And The Coming Europe Spring That Will Lead To World War Three

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) 

Catalonia just did its referendum with 90% of voters saying yes to secession from Spain. The president of Catalonia is expected to declare independence on Tuesday. We are currently witnessing the gradual fragmentation of Europe. We are witnessing history, we are seeing the incremental steps to the next world war. When you have the fragmentation of something as big as the European Union, expect war. With Europe divided, the most powerful nation in Europe, Germany, will fill in the power vacuum, that means, it will take advantage of the situation and strike militarily. This is what we have been warning about for nearly two years now, that with the fragmentation will come the restoration of a militarist Germany. This is not an article on just Catalonia, but on the full picture as to what is taking place, focusing on the whole forest as opposed to a single tree. We are seeing the breaking down of Europe. This may be one of the most important articles we have ever written. To truly comprehend the situation, Shoebat.com did in depth research on the situation. This article gets somewhat technical, but it is necessary in order to understand the complex network involved in this great conspiracy. 

From witnessing the Arab Spring, we are now witnessing the beginning of the Europe Spring. We remember how, in 2011, when the Syrian revolution first began, we at Shoebat.com were telling people that the revolution was evil, in a time when most in the media were praising the revolt. Now, we are doing the same for the revolutions that are taking place in Europe.

Nearly two years ago, Shoebat.com predicted that Catalonia will secede, stating:

There will be splits within states. Today we have Catalonia, which is fighting for its sovereignty from Spain. This is no longer theory but is already in process. In September of 2015, the coalition of regional separatists won in the elections to the regional parliament. (62 places out of 135). In November, the parliament of Catalonia accepted the resolution of independence of Catalonia from Spain (according to the resolution, within 18 months Catalonia will secede from Spain, during this 18 months the necessary government structures of a new state will be created in Catalonia and a new constitution will be written).

This fragmentation will spread chaos like a wildfire. The former Prime Minister of Italy, Enrico Letta, recently said that the situation in Catalonia could spark chaos throughout Europe. Letta said:

“Europe needs a solution and Europe needs to avoid this chaos — chaos can be like a virus and we need to avoid chaos …We were exiting from the main political problems in Europe and now this Catalonian issue risks bringing a new virus and new chaos”

If Catalonia leaves Spain, it will also leave the EU, and the domino effect will hit Europe — both East and West — and it will only be further fragmented. Esteban Gonzalez Pons, an MEP from Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s Popular Party, said:

“If today you let Spain break up with Catalonia, a domino effect will follow across the continent. Instead of a Europe of 27, we will have a non-Europe of mini-states”

Italian politician, Gianni Pittella, warned:

“A unilateral declaration of independence would amount to a further provocation, which would throw oil on the fire after Sunday’s meaningless referendum”

Philippe Lamberts, a Belgian politician, has said that the threats of revolt coming from Catalonia:

“threaten the spirit of European integration, even more than Brexit”

All of these warnings are just nice ways of saying that with fragmentation, will come war.

Europe is fragmenting, as Christendom once fragmented before the eruption of the Thirty Years War in the 17th century. This is the worst crises that Spain has seen in decades, and the Catalonian separatists just keep on going, ignoring the demands of loyalty coming from the Spanish government. As one German report states:

“So far, the Spanish government has failed miserably. Right now, those Catalans who want independence, alongside the region’s state government, are simply pushing ahead with their plan. The Spanish king has intervened but the conflict still continues to intensify. A unilateral declaration of Catalan independence is only days away. Is that legal? Illegal? The Catalan president could care less.”

The same report ends with a warning: “the Spanish crisis could well become a European crisis.”

This is Syria all over again, but only this time its in Europe, and whatever happens in Europe effects the whole earth. This is why we called it, years ago, the Europe Spring. As Shoebat.com wrote in January of this year:

“In the last few years we have seen the Arab Spring poisoned. Today we see the rising European Spring. It is also being poisoned. This European Spring is not about fighting Islamism as these movements currently deceive, but is all about turning the West into neopaganism, fascism, nazism and antisemitism.”

The Spanish government just released an apology to Catalonian protestors beaten up by Spanish police. This apology will not help to calm the situation. It will only embolden the rebels as they see the apology as a show of weakness. This can be compared to Assad’s attempt to bring peace to his country, when all it did was embolden the forces (the US, NATO and their Sunni allies) that wanted to get rid of him, and who saw Assad’s cordialness as weakness.   

The Catalonians are not stopping. They want to declare independence from Spain, and have planned a meeting for Tuesday to make this declaration. Initially, they made the meeting for Monday, but just on Thursday, Spain’s highest court suspended the Catalonian parliament’s Monday’s meeting, in trying to prevent Catalan President Carlos Puigdemont’s expected declaration of independence. But the Catalonians are not backing down. Carme Forcadell, the president of Catalonia’s Parliament, told reporters:

”We are considering what to do … I can assure you that we will defend the sovereignty of the Parliament and the freedom of speech, as well as the lawmakers’ right of initiative. … We will not allow censorship into this Parliament”

Carme Forcadell

Catalan foreign affairs chief Raül Romeva, said that the Catalonian’s parliament meeting on independence will go on, saying:

“Parliament will discuss, parliament will meet… Every attempt the Spanish government has used to impede things to happen, they have been demonstrated completely not only useless but counter-productive”

Raül Romeva

When asked by CNN if the Catalan government will obey the Spanish government, Carlos Puigdemont said,

“That is for Parliament to decide. But the Constitutional Court has no right to impede a democratic parliament session, which by law is inviolable.”

Carlos Puigdemont

Major companies in Catalonia are already starting to leave. According to one report, “Gas Natural Fenosa and Dogi International Fabrics said Friday they were moving their legal bases from Catalonia’s capital, Barcelona.”

The biggest banks even know that major unrest is on the way. Catalan’s biggest banks are now talking about leaving Catalan in the midst of the referendum to secede from Spain. Spain’s fifth largest bank, Banco Sabadell SA, already confirmed on Thursday that it will be leaving Catalan and resettling in Alicante. The board for CaixaBank SA has already said that it will be leaving Catalonia for Valencia “in light of the current political and social situation in Catalonia.” 

This is not for no reason.

If banks are leaving Catalonia, that means they know that secession is going to happen, or at least that major instability is going to commence. 

If you want to know the future, just look at the banks. The ones who control the money, control the world. Willem Buiter, chief economist at Citi Bank, told CNBC on Wednesday:

“the Europe of regions is making a comeback.”

One report from Laura Smith-Spark states that the decision by Banco Sabadell SA to leave Catalan signifies the growing tensions between Catalonia and Madrid:

“Another sign of tensions was the decision of Banco Sabadell, one of Catalonia’s largest banks, to move its registration outside the Catalonia region to the eastern city of Alicante, the bank said in a statement.”

The idea of breaking nations into regions, or “regionalism,” will be becoming more and more of a headline in the near future. After Brexit, other secessionists of Europe were inspired, knowing that they, too, could succeed. Nigel Farage, one of the movers behind the Brexit movement, is totally in favor for the Catalonian separatist movement. This is not by accident, since Farage and those like him are instigators for revolution, arm chair rebels whose call for secession will only lead to violence. 

As tensions rise between Catalonia and Madrid, Brussels is not doing anything to intervene. We suspect that Germany, and its EU states, will act neutral until blood is on the streets, and then there will be intervention. 


While tensions between Spain and Catalonia have been going on for centuries, this particular referendum can be traced back to a meeting that took place in January of 2017. The event was called, “The Catalan Referendum”, and it was supported by Catalonia’s president, Carlos Puigdemont, its vice-president Oriol Junqueras, and its regional secretary, Raül Romeva. The conference was held in the EU parliament in Brussels, the same place where Filip DeWinter organized the 2007 Counterjihad Summit, an event financed by Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy. As we have said before, the Counterjihad is about fragmenting Europe, and this event for Catalonian independence was no different: under the guise of “democracy,” it was all about dividing Spain, and ultimately, Europe.

Oriol Junqueras, the vice-president of Catalonia, was present in the 2017 Brussels meeting

In the meeting, in front of about five hundred people, Carlos Puigdemont said that:

“About 80% of Catalans are in favour of calling a referendum, regardless of what their vote would be … We are at the negotiating table and we will not leave until the last day … As I promised to the Parliament last September, in September 2017 at the latest Catalonia will hold a binding independence referendum. Should this be agreed to, we will welcome it, that’s what we would like. Should this not be the case, we will hold it anyway. Intransigence cannot prevail”.

This is exactly what happened, and what is happening. This was all planned out, and the plan is now being executed. Puigdemont and the rest of the Catalan separatists are not backing down from their pursuit for severing Catalonia from Spain. This was all part of a plan, and the intricacy of this plan is illustrated by the large number of politicians in the meeting, both right-wing and left-wing. One report describes the high number of political figures, including members of the European parliament:

“About forty MEP and their aids, from every political affiliation, were in attendance, in addition to a sizable representation of Catalan parties and organizations, some fifty embassy staff from various countries, and about twenty international journalists, according to the event organizers.”

Present in the meeting was EU parliamentarian Helga Stevens, who is a member of the New Flemish Alliance, the largest political party in Belgium that wants to create an independent state of Flanders. Isn’t it interesting that in the EU parliament there are people who want to split Europe and fragment the European Union? This really reveals that there are people running the EU who want to use its power to destroy it from within, in order to bring back old divisions — divisions which the EU was suppose to control.

The EU, as we have said before, was set up after World War Two to prevent another conflict from breaking out again in Europe, and to establish free-trade to keep European nations financially satisfied. If the EU is fragmented, conflict will arise again, the imperialist aspirations of Germany will come back, and there will be no longer an incentive to maintain peace.

Germany is the most economically powerful nation in Europe (and the fourth largest economy on earth), and thus it controls the EU. If the EU fragments, what will be keeping Germany from going to war again? Britain, before Brexit, was keeping Germany from establishing an EU military force. After Brexit, the Germans almost immediately began discussing the creation of an EU military, and they are now in the process of creating it, with Dutch and Romanian troops already training with the German army. The Germans wanted Brexit to happen, to get rid of the biggest obstacle preventing its militarist goals. EU parliamentarians who want to see the EU divided, want conflict. As we wrote last year:

“Germany right now is at an incipient stage towards major conflict. We are currently living in the movement and development of these stages. We witnessed a very significant stage with Britain agreeing to leave the EU. Each stage is a transition point to a more intense moment, and in the end it will climax with bloody conflict.”   

The fragmentation of a state, or of a body of states, leads to conflict. For example, the formation of Pakistan, and thus the severing of India, led to a bloody conflict between Muslim and Hindu that still lives on today. When the Bohemian Protestants and Hussites wanted to break away from Catholic Christendom, it led to the Battle of White Mountain, which eventually escalated to the Thirty Years’ War, the bloodiest war in Europe’s history before the First and Second World Wars. Small events are not the causers of war, but they simply provide the occasion in which old rivalries can return. Hatred between Europeans has always been in the continent, the question is, what will be the event that will give opportunity for these conflicts and spark the conflagrations that will lead to another world war? We shall wait and see. 

The presence of the New Flemish Alliance in the separatist conference for Catalonia in Brussels, is not insignificant. The New Flemish Alliance, ideologically speaking, is very similar to the far-right Vlaams Belang, since both are Flemish separatists, and both have Nazi sympathizers. That both are separatists, explains why they both support Catalonian independence. By Catalonia seceding, it will give legitimacy to the separatist movement of the Flemish. The Vlaams Belang is a smaller party than the New Flemish Alliance, and although the two are rivals, they both want the same thing: the severing of Flanders from Belgium, and ultimately the fragmentation of Europe, which will lead to the destabilization of Europe (regardless of all this nonsense talk about ‘peaceful’ transitions of power).

What makes this very interesting is the connection that this has to the Counterjihad, or the anti-Islam movement. As we have been showing for almost two years now, the Counterjihad was designed to use Islamic immigration as a way to promote eugenics and division. Filip DeWinter, the Flemish separatist who is one of the leading figures of the Vlaams Belang, was the one who organized the Counterjihad movement in his 2007 Counterjihad Summit in Brussels which saw Counterjihad speakers like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller.

The January 2017 conference for Catalonian separatism took place in the Brussels parliament; the 2007 Counterjihad Summit also took place in the Brussels parliament. Both were attended to and supported by Flemish separatists. The Flemish are using the Catalonian controversy, as well as Islamic immigration, to support their own evil agendas of dividing Europe and promoting racialism.


After it was found out that the Islamic terrorists who committed the 2015 massacre in Paris were based in Brussels, the New Flemish Alliance jumped on the opportunity to bolster their own position and attack the French speaking Belgian politicians. Belgium can be ethnically and linguistically broken into two parts, the French speakers of the south (Walloons) and the Dutch speakers of the North (the Flemish of Flanders). The Flemish want to break away and make their own state, and they are using the Islamic problem to further this agenda. The leader of the New Flemish Alliance, Bart de Wever, used the Paris attack as evidence that Belgium was weak on terrorism and thus Flanders needs to break away.

When the Paris attack was traced back to an Islamic terrorist cell in the Brussels neighborhood of Molenbeek, its former mayor, the French speaking socialist Philippe Moureaux, became the perfect target in the pecking order of power by Wever, who wrote that Islamic terrorism was due to “20 years of laxness from the Socialist Party and ‘Islamo-Socialism.’ ” While such speech tickles the ears of many conservative Americans, what we must understand is that these people cover up their Nazi sympathies with counter-jihadism. 

Bart de Wever

This is how these political movements work: pick a problem that people are worried about, and present yourself as the solution to this problem. As Carl Devos, a politics professor at Ghent University, said in regards to the New Flemish Alliance: “It’s a rule in politics that whichever party owns an issue and is deemed most trustworthy on that issue will gain electorally from it.”

What we are seeing right now is a conspiracy, partially being done by the Flemish, to rip Catalonia from Spain, and thus further the fragmentation of Europe. The end goal is tyranny. Filip DeWinter, one of the heads of the Flemish separatist Vlaams Belang Party, declared years ago that the goal of his party is to have a “white Europe,” and he also headed a demonstration with neo-Nazi, Bert Erikkson, to praise the Nazi Wehrmacht. What will this type of ideology lead to, but genocide? 

The current Deputy prime minister and minister of Security and Home Affairs in Belgium, Jon Jambon, a leading member of the New Flemish Alliance, wily expressed his sympathy for Flemish Nazi collaborators by saying: “The people who collaborated with the Germans had their reasons. Me, I was not alive during that time.”

Jon Jambon

Another member of the New Flemish Alliance is Theo Francken, who serves as Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration in Belgium’s federal government. In 2014, Francken went to the birthday party of Bob Maes, who was a member of the National Socialist Youth Flanders during the reign of the Third Reich, and the founder of the neo-Nazi terrorist organization, Vlaamse Militanten Orde (Flemish Military Order, more on them later). Interestingly enough, this is the same organization that Filip DeWinter collaborated with back in the eighties, which really shows how the network runs full circle with these people.  

Theo Francken

Also with Francken at the Nazi birthday party was Ben Weyts, a Belgian politician with the New Flemish Alliance who was at the time, and still is, the Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works, Brussels Periphery, Tourism and Animal Welfare. It is very interesting that the one in charge of migration in Belgium is also someone who is friendly with neo-Nazis.

It makes one wonder as to what the agenda is behind allowing migration. Weeks before an Islamic terrorist attack hit Brussels in early 2016, it was known by the Belgium government that there were “gaps in their border”. Turkey deported one of the terrorists involved, Ibrahim el Bakraoui, to the Netherlands. The Dutch then released him and he went to Belgium, and the Belgians just let him right in, knowing that their borders were open. Erdogan said that Turkey had deported Ibrahim back to Europe after informing the Belgian embassy about his terrorist ties. Erdogan went on to say that his government warned Brussels about Ibrahim back in 2015. In 2016, after the terrorist attack that hit Ankara, Erdogan even predicted that there would be an attack in Brussels:

“There is no reason for the bomb, which exploded in Ankara, not to explode in Brussels, where an opportunity to show off in the heart of the city to supporters of the terror organization is presented, or in any city in Europe. Despite this clear reality, European countries are paying no attention, as if they are dancing in a minefield. You can never know when you are stepping on a mine”


So, Brussels knew that they were allowing terrorists into their country, and Erdogan knew that a terrorist attack was going to hit Brussels. Moreover, the one in charge of migration in Brussels, Theo Francken, is a neo-Nazi, friends with Bob Maes, the founder of a major Nazi terrorist organization, Vlaamse Militanten Orde. Furthermore, the dominant party in Belgium, the New Flemish Alliance, uses Islamic terrorism as a way to justify Flemish separatism. What is happening here, but a conspiracy?

The Turks and the Flemish are in cahoots together, doing a conspiracy to divide Europe. Both the Turks and the Flemish knew that Brussels’ border was open to terrorists, and the Belgians allowed them in on purpose. There is a conspiracy being done to divide Europe, using the threat of terrorism to justify separatism. Using terrorism to bolster the Flemish separatist position is part of the strategy of the leader of the New Flemish Alliance, Bart de Wever. As journalist, Laurens Cerulus, writes:

“De Wever is leveraging the perception that Belgium’s patchwork political system — reflecting divisions between the right-leaning, Dutch-speaking north and the Socialist-dominated, French-speaking south — is incapable of tackling 21st-century challenges. The Paris attacks, which alerted Belgium to the extent of Islamist radicalization flourishing near the heart of its capital, also provided the perfect political foil for the N-VA [New Flemish Alliance].”

By pointing to terrorist attacks, The Flemish nationalists — be they Filip DeWinter and his Vlaams Belang or De Wever and his New Flemish Alliance — can claim that they have the capability to defend against terrorism better than the French speaking Walloons, and that it is better for them to have their own Flemish state. Through this strategy, and other strategies, these rebels will break apart Europe, bring instability and in the end, war.

Lets go back to the January 2017 pro-Catalonian independence conference in the EU parliament. As we said, Helga Stevens, of the New Flemish Alliance, was in this meeting to support Carlos Puigdemont in his secessionist cause.

As we have shown already, members of the New Flemish Alliance have Nazi sympathies and this ties into their separatist beliefs. Stevens is not without a Hitlerian agenda herself. Even though Stevens is known for her activism for people suffering from disabilities, she is a huge supporter of infanticide.

In a 2015 statement, Stevens said that she was in total support for “abortion, reproductive health and sexual rights for women, domains in which Belgium is still a leader.” 

Helga Stevens

Stevens is also totally in favor for the government paying abortion clinics to conduct infanticide. In 2008, Stevens was asked by the Minister of Social Affairs and Health for a full report on how many abortions were being done in each province of Belgium for the years 2005, 2006 and 2007, and how much money was being reimbursed to the abortion mills by the RIZIV (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance). Stevens completed the report, an image of which can be seen here:

Just a few days ago this infanticidal eugenist, Helga Stevens, expressed her support for Catalonian separatism by holding the Catalonian flag with two other Flemish members of the EU parliament, Anneleen Van Bossuyt and Mark Demesmaeker:

Belgium members of the European Parliament, Anneleen Van Bossuyt, left, Mark Demesmaeker and Helga Stevens, right, display a Catalan flag in support of the disputed independence vote Sunday in Catalonia during a session at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, eastern France, Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017. European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans says there is a “general consensus that regional government of Catalonia has chosen to ignore the law when organizing the referendum.” (AP Photo/Jean-Francois Badias)


This is who we have backing Catalonian separatism: socialists, eugenists and nazis.


Another person involved in the Catalonian referendum is Laszlo Tokes, an ethnic Hungarian Calvinist minister from Romania who led a separatist movement in the late eighties, the nineties and early 2000s, to form an autonomous state for ethnic Hungarians in Romania. Tokes was one of the major figures who influenced and led the revolution against the communist government of Nicolae Ceaușescu. In 2010, Tokes was elected vice-president of the EU parliament.

When the political party, the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), was in the Romanian parliament, Laszlo Tokes pushed them to work for an autonomous state for ethnic Hungarians. According to one US government document:

“his radical agenda of pressing the UDMR to demand full autonomy for ethnic Hungarians has isolated him over time, particularly as other UDMR leaders took on a moderate approach. …Between 1996 and 2000, when UDMR was part of the then center-right ruling coalition, Tokes continuously pressured the UDMR to withdraw from the government.”

Laszlo Tokes

The reason why Tokes and those like him are supporting the Catalonian revolt, is because if Catalonia severs itself from Spain, it will give legitimacy to their separatist movements, to Hungarian separatists, Northern Italian separatists, Flemish separatists and others. Now, motivated by the situation in Catalonia and inspired by Tokes, Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, is calling for a referendum in Szekler Land, a region within Romania that is inhabited by ethnic Hungarians. Orban said: “Hungary can be big only with the Hungarians beyond the border … We learned something from László Tőkés. We together, we grow together, together, we can build the future”.

Szekler Land

Political analyst, Bogdan Chirieac, said that we can actually expect a referendum on Szekler Land:

“We must expect a referendum on independence in the Szekler Land. I think this has been going on for a few years. I’m very serious. After the example in Catalonia, probably next year, that is 100th anniversary of the Great Union, I think we will have something similar. … I expect in the spring of 2018 to hold a referendum, probably on March 15.” 

Viktor Orban


The revolutions in the Middle East — specifically in Egypt, Syria and Libya — alongside the bloodbath that has been going on in Iraq, caused a ripple effect filled with the spirt of revolt that is now expanding within the European continent. What began as the Middle East Spring, is now continuing to manifest as the Europe Spring.

This was all planned out. As we have said in the past, this all began with the CIA’s plan back in the eighties and nineties to remove Saddam and the rest of the pan-Arab dictators in the Middle East. By removing Saddam, the US removed the strongest pillar keeping the Middle East from becoming the war torn land that it is now. Violence in Iraq and Syria commenced the so called “migration crises,” and in this, the violence in the Middle East caused a conflagration that is now causing fragmentation in Europe.

The migration crises was allowed to happen on purpose in order to cause divisions in Europe. The migrant crises altered the political climate in Europe. Ever since the flood of migrants came into Europe, every secessionist and every eugenist came out of the woodworks to take advantage of the situation to promote their own agendas. And it has been working. Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson used the migration crises to push for Brexit. It was the migration crises that stirred up a surge of popularity for Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom. Wilders and his parties were not that popular before the migrant situation. Now, they are the second largest party in the Dutch parliament where they currently hold twenty seats. Brexit or Geert Wilder’s taking second place in the Dutch elections, would have been unheard of if the migrant crises did not happen.

Now, these very dividers, such as Nigel Farage and Wilders, are pushing for the Catalonian revolt against Spain. There is even a video of Nigel Farage expressing his support for the Catalonian rebels:

There is a network of these people, all conspiring for the fragmentation of Europe, a breaking down of the continent that will lead to war. Within this network is a key player that shoebat.com has been exposing for a while now: Filip DeWinter, the one who pioneered the Counterjihad movement in 2007, in the EU parliament building in Brussels. DeWinter collaborates with one of the pushers for Catalonian nationalism, Josep Anglada, founder of the small right-wing political party, Platform for Catalonia (which got rid of him in 2014).

Filip DeWinter (right) with Josep Anglada

The beginning of Catalonia’s move towards a referendum has been traced back to 2003, when parties like the socialist Popular Unity Candidacy, and the Platform for Catalonia came into the political scene in several city councils. Xavier Casals of Ramon Lull University, says that these parties “criticized the system from within, which broke out on the fringes of large formations,” spreading their views to the public. In 2008, DeWinter met with Anglada and Liga Norte, a separatist party that wants Northern Italy to split from Italy. According to one report:

“the far-right party led by the mayor of Vic Josep Anglada, will hold its fourth congress Sunday, in which it has invited representatives of extreme right parties, such as the Vlaams Belang in Flanders, Belgium, and also the Northern League, a formation that advocates the independence of the so-called ‘Padania’, the richest northern regions of Italy.”

And just to make our point clear: if these groups are truly patriotic, and simply want sovereignty for their nations, then why do they want to split other countries up? Why support the breaking up of Italy? of Spain? Because it nots about focusing on one country, but about breaking up an entire continent. Hence, this movement is not nationalist, rather it begins as continental, and will eventually become internationalist.

What is interesting is how this meeting took place in November of 2008, just one year after the October 2007 Counterjihad Summit that was organized by Filip DeWinter and took place in the Brussels Parliament. DeWinter’s ultimate agenda is not to ‘destroy Islam’ as many think, but to really fragment Europe, hence why DeWinter is such a staunch supporter of Catalonian separatism.

His 2007 conference for “counterjihad” was for the same agenda as when he meets with Catalonian nationalists: to split Europe up. By using Islamic terrorism (which is a real problem), DeWinter legitimizes his separatist agenda, for every movement always points to a real problem to justify its existence. Every heresy, every evil ideology, will declare itself against an actual evil in order to justify another evil. Satan probably came up with some very persuasive arguments when he sparked revolution against God. And so, such rebellious people, being as their father the devil, will always use facts to substantiate their movements.

Boris Johnson used Islamic migration as a way to scaring people to vote for Brexit, but what few pointed out, is that this same Boris wants Turkey to join the EU as part of a fantasy of uniting a revived Ottoman empire with Europe in order to restore the Roman empire.

DeWinter, like Boris and the rest of them, uses Islamic immigration to bolster his own position of nationalism and separatism, but this will only be for the cause or racialism, violence and eugenics. 

By breaking up the continent, the old animosities of Europe’s conflicts will be unearthed, and from this will come bloodshed, war and genocide. DeWinter wants to break up Flanders from Belgium, Catalonia from Spain, northern Italy from Italy, and will support any separatist movement, and this is all for his ultimate goal of creating a “white Europe”. As DeWinter himself said:

“Yes, Vlaams Blok will put our own people first and yes, Vlaams Blok will have a Flemish Flanders and YES, the Vlaams Blok will have a white Europe!”

And if you are thinking that this DeWinter is just a gentle, righteous patriot, then watch this video of him screaming these very words like Adolf Hitler:

That DeWinter was the same one that organized the 2007 Counterjihad Summit in the EU Parliament in Brussels (the event that gave legitimacy to the counterjihad), and that this event was financed by Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy (which, as we have shown extensively, is part of a CIA agenda) and that DeWinter supported, and continues to support, Catalonian separatism, alongside Flemish separatism and other rebellious movements, shows that there is a powerful network, of Europeans and Americans, interconnected with the higher echelons of power, to fragment Europe and usher in another world war. 

In 2009, Filip DeWinter, alongside the president of the Flemish parliament, Marleen Vanderpoorten, and numerous other high ranking members of the Flemish parliament, met with members of the Catalonian parliament, including Josep Anglada. One Catalonian report describes the meeting:

In addition to the president, the delegation of the Flemish parliament was composed of two vice-presidents, Carl Decaluwé and Luk Van Nieuwenhuysen; the Secretaries of the Bureau Erik Matthijs and Dany Vandenbossche; the presidents of the Vlaams Belang (CD & V) parliamentary group, Filip Dewinter – who met the next day with Anglada – and Vlasms Progressieven ( SP-A ), Ludo Sannen , Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie ( N-VA ), Jan Peumans, and the environmental group GROEN , Rudy Daems; the Secretary General, Martine Goossens, and the Director of the European Office, Dries Bergen .

In the welcome speech Benach justified the meeting because “Catalans and Flemish represent two nations that in the context of the global world try to preserve their identity, language, culture and self-government, and not to confront anyone, but to participate in the global world with our voice.” “We defend freedom, and this is a value that unites us,” he added.

DeWinter and Anglada (circled), with the Flemish and Catalonian delegation (From: e-noticies)

In 2010, Filip DeWinter, alongside far-right Austrian politician, Heinz-Christian Strache, met with Josep Anglada. DeWinter stated:

“Josep Anglada and PxC are the true hope of the European identity movement in Catalonia and Spain, so we are here supporting it, so that together we form a European resistance movement against mass immigration and Islamization of Europe”

In 2013, there was a meeting held in the EU capital of Brussels described as a “European identity event,” attended by Anglada, Filip Dewinter, Marine Le Pen, HC Strache, alongside representatives of the Lega Nord.

Le Pen with DeWinter

Who is behind the Catalan uprising against Spain? This is the real question that not a lot are talking about. What we have, behind this movement, are nationalists, Nazis and socialists.

On June 6th of 2017, Filip DeWinter, a leader of the right-wing Flemish nationalist party, Vlaams Belang, spoke for a Catalonian separatist party called Som Catalans, in which he said that the Vlaams Belang party has always supported Catalan secession from Spain. DeWinter stated that his party supported not only Catalan independence, but also “the struggle” to preserve the racial identity of Catalan. In DeWinter’s own words:

“As you know the Vlaams Belang always supported the Catalan people in their struggle for freedom, for independence, but also for their struggle to maintain their identity.”

He ended his speech by saying:

“Catalonia to the Catalans, Flanders to the Flemish, and Europe to the Europeans.”

DeWinter’s exhortation for a racial conflict for the cause of Catalan separatism is totally in line with his pan-European identitarian ideology. DeWinter is a Flemish separatist, meaning that he wants Flanders to become independent of Belgium. Belgium is broken up into different governments, mainly based on ethnic and linguistic differences, and although it is a single country, it may just fragment on account of racial tensions.

Belgium consists of a federal government, and there is also a separate government for the French speaking Walloons; a government for the French speakers in Brussels; there is a government for the German speakers, and a government for Belgium’s capital of Brussels. There is also a government for the Dutch speaking region of Flanders, which the Flemish separatists want to sever away and make an independent state. With such a divided country, its like a room filled with gas; all one has to do is throw in the match of division and the fragmentation will start. There is a video from 2010 of Nigel Farage, in the EU parliament building, declaring that Belgium is “not a proper nation,” thus instigating for the fragmentation of this country:

The largest party in both Flanders and Belgium, and also the largest Flemish and Belgian party in the European parliament, is the New Flemish Alliance. It is a successor party from the People’s Union (Volksunie). The People’s Union was a Flemish nationalist party that started out in the 1950s. In the 1970s, the People’s Union began to make a shift from Flemish separatism towards federalism, and this enraged its right-wing members who would break away and create a new party, the Vlaams Blok.

The Vlaams Blok had amongst its ranks members of the Vlaams Nationaal Verbond, which joined the Nazis during the German occupation of Belgium.           

As shoebat.com has shown before, Filip DeWinter, one of the leaders of the Vlaams Blok (now the Vlaams Belang) is a neo-nazi who, in 1988 led a demonstration with a hundred or so neo-nazis to enter the Lommel German war cemetery where 40,000 Nazi German Wehrmacht soldiers are buried. With Filip DeWinter was the Nazi, Bert Eriksson who was a member of the Hitler Youth during the Second World War, and a Nazi fanatic who gained fame when, in 1978, he sojourned to Austria and unearthed the remains of the Nazi collaborator, Cyriel Verschaeve, and transported them back to Alveringem, as though they were holy relics for his Nazi cult.

DeWinter at the demonstration with neo-Nazi Bert Erikkson

Eriksson ran a neo-Nazi terrorist group called, Vlaamse Militanten Orde (Order of Flemish Militants), Belgium’s largest fascist organization. The founder of Vlaamse Miltanten Orde, Bob Maes, who was a member of a Nazi youth organization in Flanders, is friends with Theo Franken of the New Flemish Alliance and the current head of migration in Belgium. This shows that migration in Belgium is ran by a Nazi, and thus the migration of terrorists into Brussels is being done for a Nazi agenda, and secondly, it shows the network between the Vlaams Belang and the Free Flemish Alliance. 

Bob Maes

Vlaamse Militanten Orde collaborated with another fascist group, Front de la Jeunesse, which worked directly with NATO secret service agencies in Operation Stay Behind, more commonly known as Operation Gladio. Gladio, which is something that we have written extensively on, was an operation, commenced in the late forties, directed by the CIA alongside the secret service agencies of Western Europe and Turkey.

The whole operation of Gladio was directed from the NATO headquarters in Brussels, and its entire mission was to recruit neo-Nazis, old Nazis from the Third Reich and other nationalist groups, and to train and arm them to form an anti-Soviet paramilitary force. These terrorists were allowed to slaughter innocent people so that the press could blame pro-Soviet groups. The whole intention behind this was to stir up nationalist sentiment in Europe (we believe that they are doing the same thing with Islamic terrorism). In the 1980s, multiple members of both Vlaamse Militanten Orde and the Front de la Jeunesse were sentenced to prison for terrorism and leading racist demonstrations. As we read in one report:

Bert Eriksson, head of the Vlaamse Militanten Orde (VMO), Belgium’s largest neofascist organization, and Francis Dossogne, leader of the Front de la Jeunesse, have been slapped with prison sentences of one year and seven months, respectively.

Another 101 VMO and 14 Front members were found guilty in court of crimes ranging from assault to participation in racist demonstrations to membership in illegal organizations to carrying unauthorized weapons.

“I was surprised that no arrests had been made and I know that I did report myself what was going on — we were respecting killing like that — random killing or going into supermarkets and killing people, even kids.”

In March 28, 1991, the leading Belgium newspaper, Le Soir, caught a leaked message from the terrorists and published them. The message revealed how the terrorists were refusing to give the names of the killers to politicians, and how they were being backed by “Operation Stay Behind”, that is, Gladio:

“‘Give us the name!’ ‘Never!’ reply the ‘Gladiators’. The hour of truth has come. This is Brussels calling. Dear friends in Operation Stay Behind, section SDRA8 assures you of its very high esteem and thanks you for your devotion to your country. They guarantee that the pressures and threats will be empty and that undertakings will be honoured. Adolphe [Hitler] is looking well!’”

In the year 1990, the Belgium parliament released a report showing that the terrorist attacks were part of a conspiracy devised by the highest echelons of power to destabilize Brussels and, ultimately, Europe. The Swiss historian, Daniele Ganser, presents one statement on the report as such:

“According to the report, the killers were members or former members of the security forces  — extreme right-wingers who enjoyed high-level protection and were preparing a right-wing coup.”

The Italian right-wing terrorist, Vincenzo Vinciguerra, said:

“The terrorist line was followed by camouflaged people, people belonging to the security apparatus through rapport or collaboration”.

The Front de la Jeunesse’s armed wing, Westland New Post, was headed by Paul Latinus, a fanatic National Socialist. Latinus was a nuclear science technician and also an informer for the Belgium intelligence service (Surete), before he was recruited by the US Defense Intelligence Service (the DIA). A Belgium journalist, writing for the magazine, Pour, wrote:

“Latinus had been implanted into Front de la Jeunesse with a specific task … To teach the Front de la Jeunesse how to carry out violent attacks, attacks on immigrant Arab cafes, how to organize military training camps, how to carry out surveillance. …In the training of their groups for active intervention, para military groups, they had to form and train elements from the extreme-right, ex para-commandos, ex militaries (gendarmes), militant rightest …. This kind of exercise involves the firing of machine-guns and the throwing of grenades. This makes noise and attracts attention.”

The Belgium journalist, Rene Haquin, describes that the terrorist group was modeled after the SS, and that each member was given a German name:

“Latinus was charged with forming a group, an army on the model of the SS. …They had a secret service, a security service in the group. Each member had a double name, a code-name, usually in German.” (For a detailed study on Gladio, see Daniele Ganser’s book, NATO’s Secret Armies)

The interconnection between the Flemish separatists and the Vlaamse Militanten Orde, the CIA’s and NATO’s collaboration with Belgian terrorists, and the Flemish support for Catalonian separatism, reveals a networks of nazi terrorists and hidden government support, conspiring for the breakdown of Europe.



The prospect of revolutions throughout Europe, from Spain, to Belgium, to Italy and Romania, is very strong. In the history of Europe, there have been many traitors, those who bring destruction for the cause of their diabolical desires. Today we have the Venetians who want to secede from Italy, and going all the way back to the 16th century, you had Venetians who cared nothing for Christendom, and were more focused on profit than the Catholic Faith. There is a spirit that lies in this mentality, and still it lingers in Venice. This spirit can be seen in the 16th century Venetian painter, Gentile Bellini, who painted Mehmet II, the Ottoman Sultan who destroyed the eastern half of the Roman empire. Under the the painting, Bellini wrote the words, “emperor of the world” (Imperator Orbis).


Gentile Bellini’s portrait of Mehmet II


There were even Venetian goldsmiths and German entrepreneurs who built a crown for Suleiman I, ornamented with shining giant pearls. They designed it deliberately to defy and mock the Pope’s tiara, giving it four concentric crowns (one more than the crown of the Pope), and making it extremely shiny to represent how the Ottoman empire outshined the Roman Papacy. 

Sultan Suleiman with his anti-Catholic and antichrist crown

These were not Muslims who did this, but Venetians and wealthy German businessmen. It was wealthy businessmen in Germany who made an industry out of genocide during the Holocaust, buying Jewish, Russian and Polish slaves from the Nazi SS. Those who could not work any longer, were exterminated. There stood Pope Pius XII, combating this industrialist evil of the Nazi, who put profit and race over the Church. That spirit still lived in the German entrepreneurs who sided with the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century, that spirit that replaces Christendom with the evils of industrialism. 

Such people defied the words of Pope Leo X who, in 1517, called the Ottoman empire the “perpetual enemy of our Holy Catholic Faith”. Here we have an example of the German hoards and the Venetians praising the precursor of the Antichrist, Suleiman I, and as it was in the past so shall it be in the future.

Many Europeans in this time rejected the Holy Catholic Faith, putting money and power above the Church, and such people brought nothing but destruction, fragmenting and destroying Christendom. Many Europeans became, like the Ottoman, enemies of the Catholic Faith. We talk about the great Battle of Lepanto in 1571, in which the Catholic League crushed the Ottoman navy. But what is not discussed a lot, is how just two years after the battle, in 1573, the Catholic League was disbanded. Why was this? Because enough Europeans stopped caring about Christendom. There was the tragedy that ended Christendom, and we will behold one day, the tragedy of the world. 

The Venetians, being utterly callous towards the cause of Christendom, secured their commercial interests with the Ottomans, and abandoned Spain which had to fight two enemies at once: the Ottomans in North Africa and the Calvinist Dutch in the European heartland. Here we have the Ottoman Dutch alliance, and we believe the same will be seen in the future. 

The destruction of the Catholic League was due to the Fragmentation of Christendom, with Protestants attacking Catholic Europe and allying with the Ottomans, and traitorous people (such as the French and the Venetians), working with the Turks for financial gain and to also destroy the Spanish empire. In 1569, the Protestants arrogantly ignored the efforts of the Catholic League to fight the Ottomans, and the French king, Charles IX, maintained his economic relations with the Ottoman Empire to purposefully cause disunity in Christendom. With the Dutch as their allies, the Ottoman navy made its attack on Spanish Tunis in North Africa in 1574 with a force larger than anything Christendom witnessed in the Battle of Lepanto. 

In this current day push to fragment Europe, there are Hungarian Calvinists like Laszlo Tokes and Victor Orban, who want to divide up the continent. Just like now, in the past there were Hungarian Calvinists who worked to destroy Christendom. The Calvinist Hungarians have been some of the most traitorous and destructive people in Europe’s history. When the Bohemian Protestants and Hussites (who lived in what is today called Czechoslovakia) attacked Christendom within the first half of the seventeenth century, in the Thirty Years War, they attacked the city of Laa and struck Vienna. The Hungarian Calvinists, seeing this incursion, saw their opportunity to make their own attack on Christendom. They allied with the Bohemians, and the Calvinist king of Transylvania, Bethlen Gabor, who was a major ally of the Ottoman Empire, also joined this force against Christendom. As the 1620 Edict of Ferdinand II recounts:

“We shall not mention what actions they [the Bohemians] took in portions of Hungary after our election and coronation as emperor, also leading these subjects away from their obedience to us; they advised and abetted Prince Bethlen Gabor of Transylvania, who was under the protection of our archenemy [the Turks], in his seizure of the fortress of Kaschau and all of Upper Hungary; joining with his army, they again crossed the Danube and advanced on our capital city of Vienna, once again coming face to face with us.”

In the early 17th century, the Hungarian Calvinist nobleman, Istvan Bocksai, led a revolt against the Catholic Hapsburg Spanish empire. Bocksai’s anti-Hapsburg movement was covertly supported by the Ottoman Empire, and he would eventually crush the Hapsburgs in the battle of Almosd and in the battle of Bihardioszeg. In 1605, Bocksai was elected as prince of Ottoman Hungary and Transylvania.

In the Thirty Years War, the Dutch and the Hungarians worked together with the Ottomans to destroy Christendom. Today, we have the Dutch, the Dutch speaking Flemish and Calvinist Hungarians still working to fragment Europe. Just days ago, the Speaker of the Flemish Parliament Jan Peumans, said: “Today we are all Catalans,” further inciting revolution. What we are witnessing before us, is a scheme done by Brussels, Calvinist Hungarians, the Dutch and the Flemish, to spark a ripple effect of revolution throughout Europe.

There is a darkness that has always lingered, even in the days of Christendom, it has always persisted, trying to destroy the pillar of truth, the Church. In the late twelfth century, there was a Flemish mercenary by the name of Robert FitzHubert, who had a sadistic pleasure in stripping his victims naked, covering them in honey and watching them being stung by bees. Fitzhubert once boasted that he watched in hysterical joy as he set fire to a monastery in Flanders and watched as eighty monks were cooked alive. This sickness of the soul, a sinister spirt that desires to destroy the Church, has always been here. Today, it is greater than ever, rising above unbeknownst to the ignorant masses who, as all the fools before us have thought before the great wars, that peace would prevail.       

Catalonia has been doing revolts against Spain for centuries. One example of Catalonian rebelliousness is what took place in the seventeenth century. In the 1630s, when Spain and France were at war, the Catalonians supported the French. The Catalonians refused to support Spain, which humiliated the Spanish king. The French invaded and took the Salses-le-Chateau in Rousillon (which was part of the Principality of Catalonia) in 1639, and the Catalonians just stood back and watched it all happen, being completely indifferent to a Spanish defeat.

The kingdom was draining resources for its conflict during the Thirty Years War, and multiple regions wanted to break away from the empire. In fact, the first place where these revolts began was in Catalonia, where from 1640 to 1659, Catalonians fought against Spanish reign, in what is called the Catalan revolt (Guerra dels Segadors).

Armed gangs murdered the viceroy and even slaughtered members of his family. Spanish troops, under Pedro Zuniga y Requesens, the marquis of Los Velez, fought against the Catalonian rebels. But, in the year 1641, the Catalonians, alongside their French allies, defeated the Spanish in the battle of Montjuic, outside of Barcelona. The next year, the Catalonians pledged their allegiance to the French king, Louis XIII. A French army entered Catalonia, and it became a French region. The Spanish wanted to revolt, but were distracted by another revolt, this time in Portugal.

When Christendom was fragmented, it was easier to conquer. When today’s Europe fragments, it too will be easier to conquer. Germany, alongside its other allies, especially the Ottomans, will make war against its neighbors, and another struggle — the worst that mankind will ever see — will again commence.

In 1644, the then retired prime minister of the Spanish empire, Olivares, took the time to reflect on the Thirty Years War, and wrote:

“there were we, trying to achieve miracles and reduce the world to what it cannot be… the more we turn this over in our minds, the madder we become” * 

Soon, the world will see the greatest depths of evil, springing up from the abysmal realms, that have ever possessed the soul of man. We, too, shall go mad, our souls ever longing for the Divine goodness which we have rejected for the devil who shall flood the earth with perdition. 

We Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood Bath Is About To Commence As The Empire Of The Antichrist Will Rise Up. This Is Why I Wrote The Book, Christianity Is At War, The Most Exhaustive Study Ever Done On Christian Warfare. Click Here To Get The Book Today And Prepare Your Soul For The War That Is To Come.  

*There are some excellent books on the Thirty Years War, such as Mark Greengraas’ Christendom Destroyed; and Tryntje Helfferich’s The Thirty Years War: A Documentary History. 

*There is a detailed book on medieval history that I would recommend by Thomas Asbridge, called The Greatest Knight. 


  • MattB

    Quote from the Catholic Catechism to complement the closing words of this article:

    The Church’s ultimate trial

    675 Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the “mystery of iniquity” in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh.

    676 The Antichrist’s deception already begins to take shape in the world every time the claim is made to realize within history that messianic hope which can only be realized beyond history through the eschatological judgment. The Church has rejected even modified forms of this falsification of the kingdom to come under the name of millenarianism, especially the “intrinsically perverse” political form of a secular messianism.

    677 The Church will enter the glory of the kingdom only through this final Passover, when she will follow her Lord in his death and Resurrection. The kingdom will be fulfilled, then, not by a historic triumph of the Church through a progressive ascendancy, but only by God’s victory over the final unleashing of evil, which will cause his Bride to come down from heaven. God’s triumph over the revolt of evil will take the form of the Last Judgment after the final cosmic upheaval of this passing world.

  • Theo and Walid, I strongly urge you look into an organization called Technocracy, Inc which according to their ‘About Us’ had this to say:

    -Technocracy was founded in 1933 as a membership organization.
    The organization is not religious and not opposed to religions.
    -The organization is not political and active members of political parties are not allowed to belong to Technocracy.

    In an email to the Think Tank, I was writing to them how so much are pushing two sides to conflict by riling up one group against another. This causes the defending group to be riled up against the offending group, and there is nobody to step in the middle and say, “Wait a minute, who is causing you to conflict?”

    In another email, I also wrote that the Muslims are not stupid. They realized that brute military force didn’t work and are now using the so-called migration crisis to magnetize Muslims worldwide toward a charismatic leader who they can look to as a symbol, and that symbol right now is Erdogan of Turkey.

    In a similar vein of thinking, then, Catalonia, the Flemish people, the Dutch, et al, are all looking toward an eugenicist, Nazi-leaning, and evil symbol in order to prepare themselves to give allegiance to the evil one to come.

    Circling back to Technocracy, Inc, here is further still what the About Us page says:

    Technocracy Inc. is a research and educational organization formed in
    1933 as an outgrowth of the Technical Alliance, a distinguished group of
    scientists, engineers, economists, and educators formed in late 1918 to
    study the effects of technology on our social structure.

    Now why am I talking about an organization that most people have never heard of? Because in conjuction with the Shoebats’ warning on the rise of neo-paganism, eugenicists, Nazi-leaning people coming, there is also the “earth worshiping” movement that has also infected the Church.

    Technology, I believe, is going to play a key role in the Antichrist’s administration. While the Islamic’s creed can strongly be seen as the mark of beast, since one can compare the Greek’s number symbol of 600, 60, and 6 and find it in the Arabic scribblings, I also think we shouldn’t so lightly dismiss the RFID chip as a form of “security guarantee” that the government will be looking out for your own well being.

    One of conspiracy theorists favorite targets are the banks because it is always seen as being enriching the one group of people they hate the most – the Jews, and what banking regulation would they favor? The Islamic’s banking regulation which is strict based on Sharia law.

    So here, as exposed by the Shoebat, we have Nazi-leaning groups in Europe pushing for fragmentation of Euorpe in order to bring Europe back to Babel, in cahoots with the Turks who are also poised to take over northern Iraq with Iran and Russia supporting (see this article here) and there is hardly any yelling being done by the Trump’s administration as they are too busy toying with Rocket Man and helping Japan fuel their militarists return to world stage.

    Source:Technocracy, Inc.

    In the meantime, I am going to get ready for Mass and pray for the whole state of the Church to be one fold.

    • David G

      Hi Trevor,
      Do you have any thoughts on the advertisements for companies such as 23 and me that promise to tell you everything you have ever wanted to know about your genetic history (ethnicity) and health. It makes me wonder if this technology will be used to divide us all and to control us. Can you imagine a country that requires you to prove that you are genetically a majority of Flemish, Catalan, German, etc. in order to be a citizen; otherwise, you are out or worse an enemy of the state! I would be interested to see what brother Walid and Ted have to say on the subject as well.

      • That would fall into what the Shoebat are telling us. If you are deemed to be healthy based on genetic makeup, then you would be deemed to be a productive Citizen, but if not, then you are at risk of being terminated.

      • Taurnil Oronar

        Those tests are nothing more than props to further the notion of evolution.

    • Kamau41

      Great work, Trevor. Most have probably never heard of Technocracy. I do think that technology will play a significant role as being ‘part’ of the Antichrist system. Technology is also already being used to help rapidly advance the whole transhumanism ideology. To add further support of what you already accurately pointed out, here are some additional links for review:

    • MattB

      The EU is already a “wave” in this unfolding antichrist revolution. It has been actively sowing sin and the seeds of sin since its inception. The breakdown and fragmentation of the EU is an inevitable consequence of that (and the horrors that are set to follow).

      As the Shoebat’s have explained in this article the breaking down of the EU will bring about the next wave of this ongoing antichrist revolution. This could possibly create the necessary conditions required to usher in the ‘Antichrist’ of Bible prophesy, “the man of sin”, who will come in the name of “peace” (or at least be a prefiguration of him).

      Time will tell.

      There is a difference between an antichrist revolution and a Catholic counterrevolution. The revolutions being described in this article are the revolutions that are leading us to the final and full unveiling of the “mystery of iniquity”, at which time the Church will imitate the passion of Christ through her death and resurrection.

      • Here’s a blog post I wrote on how the Fathers of the Church taught on the Second Coming and what we can expect.


        • MattB

          Thanks for the read.

          This sentence (quoted from the Catechism) captures it best in essence:

          “The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the “mystery of iniquity” in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth.”

          The Antichrist, a highly charismatic, even seemingly miraculous figure (man), will seduce the public and offer a solution that seems reasonable to men at the cost of apostasy from the truth. We’re already seeing this apostasy from the truth all around us:

          Proverbs 14:12 (DRA)

          12 There is a way which seemeth just to a man: but the ends thereof lead to death.

          Many ‘sins’ seem right to a man left to his own devices (devoid of Christ the Logos). Just look at the pop culture icons we’ve seen in, Milo Yiannopoulos, Miley Cyrus, the list goes on… As well as the political leaders we’re seeing e.g. Justin Trudeau in Canada.

          The path has already been paved for the man of sin to claim the throne and the stage is now being set for his arrival. The values of the majority of the worlds population, Christians included, are literally antichrist values.

          I also agree with the conclusion of your essay. No man knows the day or hour, none of us have an excuse to avoid our cross (Church/family/work/evangelism/charitable duties) in anticipation of what may or may not come tomorrow:

          Matthew 6:34 (DRA)

          34 Be not therefore solicitous for to morrow; for the morrow will be solicitous for itself. Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.

          A favourite Scripture quote that always comes to mind when contemplating this reality in this seemingly late hour (in the eyes of man) is the following:

          2 Peter 3:8 (DRA)

          8 But of this one thing be not ignorant, my beloved, that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

          Us creatures see and experience time in slow motion, whereas for God/Creator, being eternal, time passes by in the blink of an eye (and He doesn’t miss a single millisecond of it in all of its totality).

          No man knows the day or hour. We’ve seen one revolution after another, one war after another, and yet we still wait in anticipation for the Antichrist of Bible prophesy and the Second Coming.

          And, yes, as we wait and watch for the signs, we must continue to pick up our cross and follow Him daily… And we certainly aren’t short of our crosses to work through in this day and age with the help of Our Blessed Lord, none of us are.

          Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

      • I want to elaborate some more other than giving you a link to a research conducted on the sayings of the Fathers regarding the 2nd Coming of Christ.

        I understand the central point of the fragmentation of the EU will lead to greater conflict in the not-so-distant future. The departure of England from the EU increases the risk that Germany will seek dominance of Europe, and now Catalonia is embolden by the Brexit referendum to secede from Spain. Also, Germany is coming under fire for their trade, which is about their economic leverage over her neighbors. It is basically arguing that because Germany weild enormous economic leverage, she could easily go to war over it. Read more here (H/T to DLV for emailing this several weeks ago).

        • MattB

          It is a long and in depth piece. I’m sure everyone took something different away from it.

          The central point I personally took from the article is every revolution is an antichrist revolution. The Catholic Faith, or Christianity, is counterrevolutionary. Revolutions go against God and the Divine/Natural Order. Counterrevolution upholds the Kingship of Christ and the proper relationship of Church and State, God and man. It doesn’t matter if we look at Luther, the French Revolution, the EU, (or others), all these revolutions go against the God’s Divine Order, and they are “progressions” toward ‘the’ Antichrist (End Times) of Bible prophesy.

          I did read about this Technocracy group in another link you shared regarding them. I agree entirely that technology is going to play a central role in the events to come, and technology is being used to promise a ‘utopia’ to man. This group reminds me of that popular propaganda documentary film/series, called Zeitgeist. They bash all religion as a myth, specifically choosing to target Christianity, and promise a global government and utopia based upon modern technologies.

          • I also see elements of ideas from technocracy in the Church, and may I be wrong on this, it seem to have influenced Francis on his extensive commentary on the caring of the environment.

            I also agree that the world is increasingly becoming ripe for a leader to offer solution that will seemingly solve many problem, but as you have cited from Proverbs, it’s dangerous to accept man’s ideas over God.

          • MattB

            It is true that we are meant to be good stewards. God gave us dominion of the earth as a gift. We aren’t meant to treat nature as a dumping ground 😀

            In saying that, I agree entirely that there is an extreme overemphasis on the environment today (including in the Church) and an underemphasis on sin and salvation. I haven’t read that encyclical you cited and don’t plan to at this stage. So I can’t comment on the actual content therein.

            What I can tell you regarding the Church’s dogma on Papal Primacy is this, quoted from the primary source:

            “The Roman Pontiff – like all the faithful – is subject to the Word of God, to the Catholic faith, and is the guarantor of the Church’s obedience; in this sense he is servus servorum Dei. He does not make arbitrary decisions, but is spokesman for the will of the Lord, who speaks to man in the Scriptures lived and interpreted by Tradition; in other words, the episkope of the primacy has limits set by divine law and by the Church’s divine, inviolable constitution found in Revelation.33 The Successor of Peter is the rock which guarantees a rigorous fidelity to the Word of God against arbitrariness and conformism: hence the martyrological nature of his primacy.”

            Source: http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/documents/rc_con_cfaith_doc_19981031_primato-successore-pietro_en.html

            Always keep this in mind. Francis doesn’t have the power to overrule the established dogmas of the Faith, the Laws of God, and the Divine Word of Sacred Scripture. The Church is protected by the Holy Spirit. He is the Soul of the Church. I don’t obsess over the issues with Francis (as much as I don’t like the confusion they are causing)). I trust God will resolve these issues in due course. In the meantime, the limits of Francis’ power as pope are clear and set in stone.

          • MattB

            Yeah, that message somehow ended up in the spam bin. It happens from time to time 🙂

            The pope is a man with personal opinions that are not infallible. Papal infallibility is exercised extremely rarely (often not at all by a pope), and it can’t contradict the doctrines of the Faith based upon the Divine Law and Sacred Scripture when exercised.

            Anyone who blindly follows the personal opinions of a pope at the expense of the established doctrines of the Faith, (much of which can easily be known through faith and reason e.g. it’s not rocket science that the Divine/Natural Law is sacred and to violate the Divine/Natural Law is a mortal sin), is living in a state of idolatry popularly known as papolatry when in reference to a standing pope. That’s why the Dubia was issued as well as the recent Fraternal Correction by lay scholars, theologians and others.

            Again, I trust Christ to resolve the current issues with the papacy in due course through the bishops and cardinals. It’s not something I obsess over. We all have our own personal cross/es to worry about, our own salvation to work through with “fear” and “trembling.”

            Remember Christ’s words regarding the weeds:

            Matthew 13:28-30 (DRA)
            28 And he said to them: An enemy hath done this. And the servants said to him: Wilt thou that we go and gather it up?
            29 And he said: No, lest perhaps gathering up the cockle, you root up the wheat also together with it.
            30 Suffer both to grow until the harvest, and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers: Gather up first the cockle, and bind it into bundles to burn, but the wheat gather ye into my barn.

            The Church is 100% divine and 100% human. We’ll never have a ‘perfect’ Church in human terms until the Second Coming. We all sinners in varying degrees. We must suffer this permanent reality that the weeds and wheat will grow alongside each other until the Final Judgement.

          • MattB

            P.S. Here is another article you might find interesting, to compliment the quote from the Church’s doctrine on papal primacy:


            Have a blessed day.

          • yters

            Would that include the American revolution? Or the Magna Carta that denied the divine right of kings?

          • MattB

            That would include every revolution that defies Divine/Natural Law as established by God, (these laws are universal and all men are bound to them). The Magna Carter was established in ‘Catholic’ England not Protestant England. The US revolution would have to be examined in accordance with Truth for a full analysis. The US revolution maintained the Natural Law (before it didn’t). This is counterrevolutionary. It excluded God from the Constitution. That is revolutionary.

            Not everything is entirely either or.

  • Brenda

    One of the saddest things to witness happening all over the world is these evil people that have multi faceted thinking and plans who are able to get more simple minded people to follow them blindly with emotional manipulation tactics and propaganda, and then there’s no convincing anyone that is all hyped up on emotion and severely biased that they are being led down a path that has no lasting benefits to them in the end. It’s all complex and too much to keep up for me with the details on so many things but I do see people being led astray.

  • racarrera

    I’m surprised the Basque are so quiet. The Catalonians always supported their separatist aspirations, but the Basques didn’t return the favor.

  • Kamau41

    “This fragmentation will spread chaos like a wildfire.” WOW!!!!! By far, this is the most exhaustive, compelling, comprehensive, extensive research study you both have written…. Furthermore, the research you both have done on the very key powerful elite players, specific roles along with major national socialist groups/organizations, who has continued on pushing for Social Darwinism-Eugenics for many decades in the west, runs so very deep. During the first part of 2018, we definitely need to be monitoring the upcoming Euro-Spring, as we can clearly see, war is inevitable. I’m sure there is so much more to be revealed in the days ahead.

    Excellent, historical and present analysis of how all of this evil is being funded and have been so well covered up by such powerful elites, which is indeed a jaw dropper. The study further reflects how all of this interconnects to the revival of the Ottoman Empire. As always, thank you both for revealing and widely exposing in-depth to us all of the undercurrent evils and demonic forces that are in our world as very few are totally unaware.
    “Every one therefore that heareth these my words, and doth them, shall be likened to a wise man that built his house upon a rock, And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and they beat upon that house, and it fell not, for it was founded on a rock. And every one that heareth these my words, and doth them not, shall be like a foolish man that built his house upon the sand, And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and they beat upon that house, and it fell, and great was the fall thereof.” -St. Matt 7:24-27

  • AnthonyM

    Good article. This article has a lot of material, and is going to take awhile to absorb the details. Will this provoke other Autonomous communities to declare independence. Independence. The rise of nationalist sentiment is on the upswing today.

  • Jami

    Abundant blessings . Lord protect these your chosen Hereos.

  • DeusLoVult

    How can you blame people for wanting to leave the EUSSR? It has far exceeded its original scope to the detriment of the European continent. Yes, I know, nationalism isn’t the solution. But neither is being fettered to an oligarchy decidedly inclined towards self-annihilation. All except for Germany, which has political preeminence and has seen economic prosperity at the expense of her neighbors. At least if other nations leave, Germany will be unable to legislate them into semi-autonomy. They’ll use military force, sure, but sovereign states have a fighting chance. They have nothing under the EU.

    Counter-arguments welcome.

    • MattB

      Check out my comment to Trevor (in this comments section). I think the point the Shoebat’s are making here when the whole article is read in full and put into context actually makes sense, and I’m saying this as no defender or supporter of the EU.

      • DeusLoVult

        I don’t agree with your point on revolutions. Christianity exists because of revolution.

        • MattB

          It seems you do. That’s exactly the point I was ‘trying’ to make. It must’ve been poorly worded on my part.

          • DeusLoVult

            Well, you call it counterrevolution. I suppose one could look at it that way on a spiritual level. However you think of it, I do not believe one can extrapolate that logic to the current crisis in Europe and reach a negative conclusion concerning rebellion against it.

          • MattB

            As noted in my message to you, I’m not a defender or supporter of the EU. We are in 100% agreement regarding the evils of the EU. It is antichrist.

            The problem is the people are simply calling for “more revolution” in reaction to the EU crisis instead of for a counterrevolution. In short, the hearts of the people, collectively speaking, have waxed cold. They remain hard and stubborn.

            That’s the real crisis at its root.

            I watched a lecture online once that explained the difference between revolution and counterrevolution and our Church’s history of facing revolutions and inspiring counterrevolutions. It is posted on Sensus Fidelium (can’t remember the name of it, apologies). This article brought that fine lecture to mind.

            It was remembering this point of reference that helped me to see where the shoebat’s are coming from here. I don’t believe they are trying to say the EU is ‘good’ per se. I think they are simply saying this coming period of turmoil and revolution against the EU will prove to be yet another progressive step in the greater revolution against the Church and be even worse than what Europe, as a continent, already has now.

            Time will tell.

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            The great writer of Counterrevolution, Joseph de Maistre, basically said it was the opposite of revolution, and reflects a return to a natural and organic state of affairs after the artificial convulsions of a revolution. Some things change forever after a revolution, but only that which is ordained by God to do so.

          • MattB

            The audio quality isn’t the best. This is the two-part series I watched on this subject a while back:

            Love the word ‘counterrevolution.’ The name says it all. Change is a part of life. Politics change. Governments change. Borders sometimes change. Humans change throughout the stages of our life cycle from conception until death (at an elderly age for most of us). Cultures change. We change as our understanding of Truth matures or degenerates. Right now, humanity as a whole, is in a period of degeneration. Whereas God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

            Peace be with you.

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            Thank you, and may peace be with you also!

    • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

      This idea is what has persuaded many European conservatives, my friend. The idea isn’t without merit, as the EU has about outlived it’s usefulness to Germany. But what must be strengthened are the National governments, then, against all threats whether Islamic, separatist, or another Nation.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    I can assure you all, that a certain sign that this is from the same hands that brought the world the Third Reich, will be that there will be no separatist factions working to split Germany up, although there are some areas where that would otherwise be a possibility. Germany will work to undermine all her future conquests and vassal states before a fourth Reich starts up, unlike the last attempt at subjugation.

  • John Mungai

    Job 12:
    He increaseth the nations, and destroyeth them:

    he enlargeth the nations, and straiteneth them again.

    Great Sunday special.

  • FlyingDutchman

    Czechoslovakia has been split into czech republic and slovakia since 1992. The problem.is that Europe is stuck.between a rock and a hard place if you continue the EU with its extreme leftist anti Christian agenda it will end up in disaster and when you cut it up it also ends up in disaster at least guys like Farage by and large speak common sense and just detest the whole leftist political correctness BS. When i compared UKIPs manifesto in 2015 with any other party it stuck out positively with head and shoulders possibly even more above any other UK party with the exception of the Scottish Christian party but they re virtually non existent. Parties like the SNP in the UK and D66(6) in Holland are a cancer to morals and pushing agendas that will rot europe to the core. I honestly dont know what d be better common sense and realism and small states who make their own rules with a risk of war or a leftist paradise rotting to the core and imploding in a Roman empire style way gone to waste by sexual immorality (orgies in ancient days) blood (murder suicide hatred violence ) and games (sports and social media)

  • Brick

    Not good. This means while the the European/Western Christian nations are collapsing, the Islamic Umm is on its way to reunification. This also means that Rome will be vulnerable from Islamic invasion because the Europeans will become too busy to fight among themselves..

  • MattB

    Unfortunately most of us don’t want the simple truth, Filomena. It is seen as too simplistic, and it requires difficult sacrifices modern man doesn’t want to make. Acknowledging our need to be holy isn’t enough. But it is a start. We need to come to terms with Christ’s call to pick up our cross and follow Him and all that this means and requires. It is a sobering call and an urgent call. These are sobering times.

    Your comment reminded me of the following homily (posted very recently):

    “The modern man has already one-half the condition of salvation: he is miserable.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen

    • filomena seiffert

      That was a very good homily and should touch some in the pews. People who live in God even though they suffer many events they will keep calm because they put their trust in God. I talked to friend today and he lost his beautiful house in the fires that are ravaging Napa and Sonoma,CA. He was smiling and say he does not worry as God takes care of everything. He has great faith and reverence to the Blessed Sacrament, go to mass daily, take of the altar and the flowers and is very gentle and respectful to people. His dog saved him by barking and awaking him. His family is very blessed of all brothers and sisters he is the only one that did not enter religious life but is very catholic. The artificial life people are living now just make them dam. Satan is very stupid if he was not stupid he would not loose the kingdom of God, and who follow him is very stupid also. When I see the news from Brasil I feel anguished for so much evil going there from the high to the low, theft, immorality, murder and all evils took posse of society but the saddest thing is that people do no recognise their behavior is the cause of the evils that befall them. The rosary is very important to evade the power of satan. Our Lady has been entrusted with the gathering of the children and to her power was given to dominate the infernal serpent. To bad many Catholics do not pray the rosary and protestants have deceived many weak Catholics into joining their sects for their own perdition.

  • Gloria Patri

    Great point about Germany will remain a Muz infiltrated, destroyed country under Merkel, but even if they got new leadership, I don’t see it ever changing now. With a Turkey alliance the Muslims will fight alongside the Germans, especially if Erdogan turns out to be their antichrist Mahdi.

  • yters

    On the other hand, people often claim the EU, along with the UN, are a precursor to the anti-christ. Seems stuck both ways. You either have a governing like the EU, which people claim is the anti-christ. Or you have fragmentation, which people claim is a precursor to the anti-christ.

    Further, Germany could also take control of Europe via the EU. Either way, the Nazis will want to regain power, and whether the EU breaks up or not seems secondary.

  • yters

    What about the Catholic basis of some of these groups like the IRA and the Basque separatists? Some would say they are resisting the secularization of their culture.

    At any rate, it seems war is inevitable in the future, and is most likely when people are crying peace.

  • MattB

    Revolution is never justified. It is a reality of life in this fallen world.

    Islam can “claim” to honour the natural law however a simple review of what their erroneous understanding means in practice proves the contradiction of their claims e.g. polygamy and child brides, are both violations of the natural law. Procreation is exclusively between a man and a woman and as such the Church sees this bond and union as exclusive and sacred. This is natural law. Inviting a “second”, “third” or “fourth” party into this union, as is the case in polygamous relationships violates the natural law.

    America today, as a matter of Constitutional Law, permits same-sex marriage. This is another example of violating the natural law. Secular governments in general today permit artificial birth control. This is another clear violation of the natural law as created by God. It artificially divorces the unitive from the procreative. This separation is what has given rise to the sex-obsessed cultures we live in today and other horrors such as abortion and confused our understanding of our complimentary natural gender differences and roles in family and society.

    We don’t see these contradictions in the infallible teachings of the Catholic Church on natural law / God’s Laws.

    You can read any article in the current Catechism you please here:


    I recommend starting with the Sixth Commandment article and then the Sacrament of Matrimony article to compliment this reading from there. That way you’ll understand what the Church means by natural law in the context of our discussion and how we are bound to the natural law in all matters pertaining to human ethics, because it is Christ who is the Law Giver.

    Quoted from the Catechism (Article 1: The Moral Law):

    1978 The natural law is a participation in God’s wisdom and goodness by man formed in the image of his Creator. It expresses the dignity of the human person and forms the basis of his fundamental rights and duties.

    1979 The natural law is immutable, permanent throughout history. the rules that express it remain substantially valid. It is a necessary foundation for the erection of moral rules and civil law.