Megachurch Pastor Declares ‘Christianity Is Not The Path To Heaven, You Can Believe What You Will And It Does Not Matter’

“Reverend” Shannon Kershner of the second largest congregation in the Presbytarian church recented stated that Christianity is “not the only way to Heaven” according to a recent report:\

Leader of the second largest congregation in the Presbyterian Church (USA), Rev. Shannon Johnson Kershner has declared that Christianity is not the only way to heaven.

Kershner, 45, who leads the 5,500-member Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, Illinois, expressed her belief in a podcast with the Chicago Sun-Times after she was asked the question “Is Christianity the only way to heaven?”

“No,” Kershner replied bluntly.

“God’s not a Christian. I mean, we are … For me, the Christian tradition is the way to understand God and my relationship with the world and other humans and it’s for the way for me to move into that relationship but I’m not about to say what God can and cannot do in other ways and with other spiritual experiences,” she explained.

The Christian Post reached out to Kershner’s office for further comment Friday but she did not respond by press time.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) preaches “the sovereignty of God, the authority of the scripture, justification by grace through faith and the priesthood of all believers.”

“Our knowledge of God and God’s purpose for humanity comes from the Bible, particularly what is revealed in the New Testament through the life of Jesus Christ,” the church declares. (source)

There is an idea that has existed particularly in American society that all people indeed make it to Heaven without question. It is the understanding that it does not matter what a person believes, but as long as he is “good” then there will be no issue.

However, that is not what the Bible states. As the Bible clearly notes, Jesus says “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and nobody comes to the Father except through me.” If that were not enough, He then adds more harrowing words in 3:17-20

Indeed, God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. Those who believe in him are not condemned; but those who do not believe are condemned already, because they have not believed in the name of the only Son of God. And this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and people loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil.

These words are hard, but if Jesus is really God, who can deny them? Yet this brings up another issue, which is that how many Christians truly believe that Jesus really is God?

During the fourth century, a great part of the ancient world had embraced the Christian Faith. However, as it was soon exposed at the Council of Nicaea, the majority of people -75% or more- were infected with the heresy of Arianism. This heresy denied the divinity of Christ, yet it was so common that the average Christian person did not believe that Jesus is truly God. Why would it be then, that they continued to call themselves Christians? Keep in mind too this is just one heresy, as there were many thousands more existing and that would emerge.

The problems of ages past still are present today. They may assume different forms, but their essences remain the same. However, divinely revealed truth does not change either. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, because He is Truth.

God came to Earth as a man in order to repair the damage done by original sin, so that in so lowering Himself to our despair and misery we might be raised up to His divinity. All that is needed is for man to choose to follow Christ as He commands to be followed.

This is likewise why it is incredibly important to read John 3:16 in its full capacity, because the message is not just one of salvation, but as God is mercy, and love involves both mercy and justice, it is also a message of justice against those who would reject Him. This is the reason why at mass, speaking the words of Jesus at the Last Supper, he said that the cup of His blood that He offered would be poured out for many, and also the reason why Jesus Himself told Judas Iscariot that if would have been better for the one who betrayed the Son of Man that he had not have ever been born.

These are the words of Sacred Scripture, spoken from the mouth of God Himself. You can be uncomfortable with them. You can reject them. You can pretend they do not have any relevance. But nobody can change them because God Himself said them, and the only way to make such a ridiculous denial would be to say that the entire New Testament corpus was a fraud that is teaching lies, in which case to do so would mean that the person is no longer a Christian.

This “Reverend” is teaching something that is not even Christianity. It is a form of universalism, closer to paganism than Christ. Whether she believes genuinely or maliciously is another issue, but it does not change the essence of her message, and yet she is not the first to do so. Like Arius, Marcion, Valentine, Luther, Calvin, and many other heretics of the past, she is but one in a long line of persons who are spreading dangerous errors that potentially jeopardize the salvation of those who hear them.

The reason why Christ said that those who teach will be judged more harshly is because those who do teach have a moral responsibility to ensure that which they teach is accurate, for in their hands is the potential for the formation unto eternal life or damnation of the students they receive. Just as all students are a reflection of their teachers, even minor errors can be passed on for a long with with enduring effects if they are not caught.

So always pray for those who teach, and remember that the words of no man, regardless of who he is or what others think of him, is ever a substitute for the words of sacred scripture read in the context of Sacred Tradition given by Christ to His Church.



  • That woman is more a liar than a pastor, and a daughter of satan.

    • Kamau41

      Without question. Absolutely sad.

    • Brick

      exactly! Mr. Trevor. This woman is a daughter of Satan. She probably joined ministry for the sake of dental benefits instead of a desire to serve the One and Only Way to Life and Truth. That reminds me of Simon the sorcerer in the book of Acts. He also joined the church because he wants power (benefits) instead of truly believing.

      • Power without discipleship. Doesn’t work that way in God’s kingdom.

    • Higlac

      She’s positively – other than in name – NO pastor whatsoever but an impostress!!!

      Truly, “Brick’s” invocation of Simon Magus (i.e., the magician) is amply appropriate for her – like him, she’s teetering on the brink of blaspheming the Holy Ghost (if she hasn’t done so already). Almighty God Have Mercy upon her and the rest of us that we NEVER end up in that kind of predicament…

      • That’s why I said she is a liar more than a pastor.

      • filomena seiffert

        She is full of herself, thinks she is above others by been a “pastor” of a large congregation. Pride is her name.

    • Gloria Patri

      And sadly she is noted as ” Pastor of iconic congregation and one of the largest in the Presbyterian Church” what does this tell us?

      • It tells me they are spiritual dead.

  • Steven

    I have some bad news for her…

  • Taurnil Oronar

    The sad part of that? There will by multitudes believing her and not just those of her “faith”.

    • Kamau41

      Unfortunately, very true. There are so many of these types.

  • Kelly Ann

    She is no pastor more like imposter.

  • Kamau41

    Very dangerous/blasphemous leading many souls astray.

  • MidNightRider2001 .

    If you go to the wrong church, she’s right.

  • Gloria Patri

    This is what is wrong with so many churches today. I see so many Americans bemoan Islam, and rightly so, but this problem in American churches is worse than Islam and will in the end unite the two. Forgive me, but I see it as a problem brought on by mostly the arrogance of Protestantism, that goes unchecked because the whole thing is based on how each person understands the Bible without any other authority. So many people are going to fall into the pit following these blind guides.

    • Raph Sebastian

      500 years of the Protestant heresy has led untold numbers of people to wager their souls over the diabolical in protest of the LORD’s Church and the authority bestowed upon His Church.

      The arrogance of Protestantism will continue to lead many into heresy and to be or remain outside the Church which then imperils their immortal souls.

      • Gloria Patri

        Ralph, I know many Protestants who wholeheartedly love Christ and do what they know best to do, but very true. I myself come from that background, and I can say it leaves you out in the fray where it is very easy to get eaten up by wolves or fall off a cliff into heresy. I think what keeps most of them from seeing truth is the whole prideful “I am my own authority” mentality. It’s very dangerous, and why we have things like pre-trib rapture ideas and other damaging ideas.

        I wish we could all go back to be one complete church, the one that the gates of hell will never prevail against. In the mean time, as my Priest has said “Love them back into the church.”

        • Raph Sebastian

          There is very little love can do when they hate in return. Only through their own conversion through the truth and not their own authority will they change until then St. Ireaneus is right on heresy. Even if they claim to love the LORD, He already warned that He will separate them and will say “I never knew you”. Are Protestants going to hell? I don’t know, passing judgment is above my pay grade. But the Doctors of the Church, Early Church Fathers and the Apostles wete clear about heresy. Until and only if they renounce the Protestant heresy they imperil their immortal souls.

          • Gloria Patri

            Love is the hardest thing, esspecialy when we are hated in return. We can’t do it, and we can’t change anyone, but Christ in us can. Even if they don’t accept that love, I think we are still blessed to share it. I don’t know either, I can’t judge even my own soul, I am sad for them though that they do not have the support of all Christ gives through his church to be strong.

  • Filip

    Be aware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You shall know them, by their fruits

  • Lisa

    Don’t Catholic nuns and priests wear black? Out of respect for the dead, and grieving family, black is worn to funerals.

  • Rjk

    I think she’s preaching from the Koran.

  • Vinny Zee

    John Calvin must be turning over in his grave. Well in all actuality, whom do the presbys have to thank (or whom should they blame) but their rebel founder John Calvin? He himself was of the same spirit when he broke from the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church with his rebel doctrines. In 2017, when we hear, “Christianity is not the only way to heaven” and call this blasphemous, well this is as blasphemous as when Calvin was telling the 16th Century Church that one only needed faith alone, or scripture alone or grace alone or that the Pope had no authority, etc. He sounded as heretical then as she sounds today. So in essence the Presbyterians are only continuing today what they started 500 years ago. Calvinism was deemed a heresy in the East almost as soon as it was proclaimed or advocated.

    So in the final analysis, this woman is not a pastor of an actual church. If you are outside the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic church you are neither in Church nor do you lead one. As hard as people have tried to normalize sectarian protestantism, this is the reality. The church has 4 marks, if your “church” does not have one of those marks it does not have any of them.

  • Jami

    May God cleanse her soul from all the false teachings and make her a new being . May the Holy Spirit intervene. Fire Fire Fire .

  • Jami

    As soon as we learn of misleading Pastors , let’s pray for their transformation and the Holy Spirits intervention. They need healing more than anything. May God heal her today