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Erdogan’s Military Advisors Announce Their Hidden Plan To Invade Jerusalem By A Massive Invasion Of The Muslims

By Walid Shoebat Its all there in black and white and is clear as crystal: the nations of Ezekiel 38 are forming to invade Israel. Just take a look at the colored map from Erdogan’s main mouthpiece Yeni Shafak reveals all: a planned invasion of Jerusalem by the very nations in Ezekiel 38.  Tanks, foot […]

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Gunmen in North Carolina kidnap pastor’s wife and hold the pastor at gunpoint, they bring the pastor’s wife back and burn her alive

By Theodore Shoebat Gunmen in North Carolina kidnapped a pastor’s wife and held the pastor at gunpoint. They then returned the pastor’s wife and burned her alive. As we learn from a report from WRAL: A 76-year-old Warren County woman died Friday in a house fire that was the culmination of a day of terror […]

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Muslim Police Arrest Christian Pastor, Convict Him Of “Prostelytism” And Give Him Three Months In Jail And A Fine For Having Christian Books

A Christian pastor was arrested, tried and given a three month suspended prison sentence and a fine for having Christian books according to a report: In the latest of a rash of persecution incidents in Algeria, a judge on Thursday (March 8) sentenced a pastor to a fine and a suspended prison sentence under a […]

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pharisee antichrist

Christian ethno-nationalists are just as evil as the Pharisees who murdered Christ

By Theodore Shoebat Christian ethno-nationalists are just as evil as the Pharisees who murdered Christ, because both of these put their race above their faith. This is the subject of my video: CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED EVERY SINGLE DAY, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION TO OUR RESCUE TEAM THAT WILL SAVE […]

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US Backed Muslim Terrorists Fire Rockets At Christian Village In Syria

Muslim terrorists linked to the Free Syrian Army, a terrorist group backed by the US to bring down Syrian President Asad, attacked a Christian village yesterday with rockets: On Saturday, rebels linked to the Free Syrian Army unleashed a salvo of rocket fire at the predominately Christian town of As-Suqaylabiyah in Hama province’s northwestern countryside. […]

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Syrian Christian Migrant Fleeing Islamic Terrorism Returns To Syria, Says ‘It’s Safer In Syria Now Than In Europe’

Spiro Haddad is a Christian from Syria who migrated to Europe fleeing from persecution in his native land. Now he has returned to Syria because, according to him, Europe has become too dangerous with the new Muslims that have been brought in: Spiro Haddad is a Christian refugee who returned to Syria from Austria. In […]

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Report affirms that Turkey is purging Afrin of all Christians and is going to replace them with Syrian refugees

By Theodore Shoebat A report affirms that Turkey is purging Afrin of all Christians and is going to replace them with Syrian refugees. According to a report from Catholic News Service: Two Christian activists, Bassam Ishak and Lauren Homer, told Catholic News Service of the relentless assault by Turkey and militants from hardline jihadist movements, […]

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Man Illegally Comes To The USA From Mexico, Gets A Job Working For The US Border Patrol And Works There For SIX YEARS Without Anybody Figuring Him Out

Marco Antonio de la Garza, jr. is an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Upon arrival to the USA, he applied for a job with the US Border Patrol and worked there for six year undetected until he was recently caught according to a report: A United States Customs and Border Protection officer is accused of falsely […]

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