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Chinese Eugenics Plan Blows Up In Their Face As Tens Of Millions Of Young And Sexually Frustrated Men Have No Wives To Marry

For many years, China promoted a “one-child” policy, allowing families to have only one child. Since for cultural reasons boys are more highly valued than girls, if a girl was born, she was either given up for adoption, murdered, or if her gender was discovered in utero, aborted and the matter forgotten. As the young […]

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Pope Francis Condemns The Government Of Israel For Killing Palestinians And Calls For Israelis And Palestinians To Have Peace Between Each Other

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis recently condemned the government of Israel for killing Palestinians and called for Israelis and Palestinians to have peace between each other. According to one report from Haaretz: Pope Francis on Wednesday condemned the killing of Palestinians near the Gaza-Israel border, saying the deaths would only lead to more violence, and appealed for dialogue to […]

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Aaron Schlossberg

Racist Jewish Attorney In New York City Harasses Hispanic People For Speaking Spanish In A Deli, And Screams That He Will Call “ICE To Have Each One Of Them Taken Out Of My Country.”

By Theodore Shoebat A racist Jewish attorney in New York City harassed a group of Hispanics in a deli because they were speaking Spanish in a deli, and said that he would call “ICE to have each one of them taken out of my country.” And if you are going to get mad at me […]

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California Parents Take 10 Children And Waterboard Them, Beat Them With Sticks, Shoot Them With Crossbows And Force Them To Live In Trash And Filth

Parents in California were arrested after it was discovered that they were torturing 10 children in their care. The accusations include waterboarding the children, beating them with sticks and bats, shooting them with crossbows and BB guns, biting, and forcing them to live in piles of trash and filth:L The 10 children rescued from a […]

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