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In Addition To The Catholics, Protestants, And Muslims, It Is Overdue For The Eastern Orthodox, Hindus, And Jews To Be Exposed For Their Sex Crimes

The Catholic Church is receiving an overdue scrutiny into sexual abuse cases that wrongly were ignored and suppressed by the Church hierarchy. However, cases of sexual abuse are not unique to simply Catholics, as sexual abuse is a human phenomenon. The exposure of the Church’s scandals will ideally lead to more scandals being revealed not […]

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Atheist Chinese Government Destroys A Second Church Without Any Warning

The Chinese government has been going through China and destroying Churches, even if there are no legal issues. In the second case in the same area, another church was destroyed abruptly by Chinese authorities who ripped the entire building apart sparing not a single thing according to a report: Another officially registered Catholic church was […]

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Indian Homosexual Gets Mad At His French Tourist Lover After Sex, Murders Him And Chops His Body Into Little Pieces And Sets The Remains On Fire

A homosexual man was arrested after murdering another homosexual following a quarrel after having sex. A 29-year-old man hit the 68-year-old French tourist with a wooden stick and he lost consciousness. Out of fear that he murdered him and in an attempt to hide the body, he chopped up the body, soaked the remains in […]

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martha albishara

Law Enforcement Officer Tazes 87-Year-Old Arab Woman Cutting Dandelions, Arrests Her And Says It Is Her Fault

Martha Al-Bishara is an elderly Arab woman who does not speak English and likes to cut dandelions near her home. One day she went to the Boys & Girls Club across the street to do what she does, and somebody called the police on her. The police came, tazed her, and then arrested her and […]

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