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Muslim Terrorists Take Four Farmers At Work And Slit Their Throats

Four farmers were murdered in another series of terrorist attacks in Nigeria. The men, who were farmers, were attacks and they had their throats slit according to a report: Four farmers were killed by Boko Haram jihadists outside a key northeast Nigerian city, a militia leader and survivor told AFP on Saturday. On Friday, around […]

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Man Shot Dead After Running At Spanish Police Officer While Screaming “Allah” And “Some Other Words” During The Attack

A man was shot dead in Spain after he ran at a Spanish police officer while carrying a knife and screaming “Allah!” and “some other words” according to a report: A man, wielding a knife and uttering the word “Allah” lunged at an officer in a police station near Barcelona, Spain, on Monday in what […]

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Nigeria Arrests Six Homosexuals For Crimes Against Nature, Paraded For The Public To See

In Nigeria, six homosexuals were arrested for committing crimes against nature, and they were paraded for the public to see according to a report: Six men in Nigeria have been arrested and paraded in public because police suspect them of being gay. In Nigeria, people convicted of having gay sex can spend up to 14 […]

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Scientists Are Now Using “Mean” Robots To Make Humans Work Harder Or Faster

Robotics has made many developments in society and the workplace with new discoveries coming regularly. One of such discoveries was that a “mean” looking robot placed in front of a human tends to increase human productivity according to a report: A team of researchers from institutions in France and Switzerland has found that people asked […]

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The Government Of India Angers The US By Moving To Purchase Russian Anti-Aircraft Missile Launchers

By Theodore Shoebat The government of India has defied the US by being poised to purchase the Russian S-400, or anti-aircraft missile launcher. As we read in one report from RT: Russia hopes to finalize two major defense deals with India by year’s end, with first deliveries of the S-400 air defense system potentially taking […]

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