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altmaer Berat Albayrak

Major German Politicians Meet With Prominent Turkish Official To Discuss Germany’s Historical Connections With The Ottoman Empire And How This Is A New Era Of The German-Turkish Alliance. Prepare Yourself For The Turco-Germanic Reign Of Terror

By Theodore Shoebat The Turkish and Germany governments have just declared that Turkey and Germany will be coming to a new era of cooperation between the two countries. The Finance Minister of Turkey, Berat Albayrak recently had a meeting with the German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, and the German Economy and Energy Minister Peter Altmaier, in […]

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Israel Is Responsible For The Destruction Of The Russian Plane, Russian Government Declares

By Theodore Shoebat The Russian government has recently reported that it was Israel who was responsible for the shooting down of the Russian plane that was destroyed in mid air. According to one report from USA Today: A Russian reconnaissance aircraft was brought down by a Syrian missile over the Mediterranean, killing all 15 people […]

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Ireland Declares That Murdering Unborn Babies Is So Important That The Government Must Pay For All Execution Services

Earlier in 2018, Ireland amended her laws to allow for women to murder unborn children. Now, the government has decided that she needs to subsidize the murder rees, and so will provide execution services courtesy of the Irish taxpayer: Ireland’s imminent abortion services will be completely free to ensure they can be fully accessed by […]

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soldiers turks and americans

The United States Military Will Now Be Patrolling Syria With Turkish Soldiers On Their Sides

By Theodore Shoebat The United States military will now be patrolling Syria with Turkish soldiers on their sides. For all of you fools out there that fell for the hype that ‘American troops could get into a fire fight with Turkish soldiers in Manbij,’ here you go: Turkey and the United States have almost completed […]

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Islamic Terrorists Butcher 250 Christians In Just Two Months

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists in Nigeria have butchered 250 Christians in just two months, as we read in one report from Christian Headlines: On September 14, two Christian boys were murdered by Fulani radicals in Nigeria, making the total number of lives claimed by this violence over 250 in just two months. According to […]

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HIV-Infected Worker At Shelter For Migrants Sexually Assaults Six Teenagers For A Year

Dennis Prager famously said that “the Bible says” there is nothing wrong with homosexuals sodomizing “fifteen year olds, not eight year olds”. However, the Federal Government disagrees after a case where an HIV-infected worker at a shelter for migrants sexually abused six teenagers over the course of a year according to a report: A child […]

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Sodomite Club Stripper And Bodybuilder Gets Mad At His Sodomite Roommate For Asking Him For Sex, He Takes His Phone And Films Himself Stabbing His Roommate Fifteen Times With A Knife, Says “I’m So Glad I Filmed It”

In another bout of homosexual violence, a sodomite club stripper got angry at his gay roommate for asking him for sex. In response he took his phone and a knife, and filmed himself stabbing his roommate fifteen times according to a report: A bodybuilder accused of trying to murder his 50-year-old roommate by stabbing him […]

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Homosexual Couple Engages In Fornication, One Sodomite Asks To Be Sodomized Again And His Partner Refuses, He Gets Angry And Stabs Him In Murderous Lust-Driven Rage

The sodomites are driven by their lusts, and so not only do they seek to engage in unnatural behavior, but they will act with violence to fulfill their lusts if they so desire to. A sodomite has been arrested after attempting to murder his homosexual partner. According to reports after the two engaged in fornication, […]

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The Future Holds Disease And Death For The Sodomites As HIV Rates Explode For Younger Millennial And Gen-Zers said before that in about ten years time there is going to be a major crisis of STDs and particular of HIV/AIDS due to the increase in drug-resistant disease and the false sense of security that many people have because of immoral marketing promises for anti-HIV medications. This has serious implications for all of […]

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