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Islamic Mobs Block Roads, Promise To Hunt Down Christian Woman Cleared Of Blasphemy Charges

We reported that Asia Bibi, a Catholic woman who spent ten years on death row over false charges of blasphemy, was just cleared of all charges and is pending a final review of her case prior to her impending release. In response to the news, Islamic mobs have been blocking roads, promising to hunt down […]

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Flesh-Eating Illegal Drugs Common In Russia Now Becoming Popular In The UK

“Krokodil” (Crocodile) is a drug made by cooking codeine with xylene (paint thinner), hydrochloric acid, and red phosphorus that is very popular in Russia and is similar to what methamphetamine is throughout the USA. However, the difference is that while poorly made methamphetamine (of which the majority of “street” meth is) will destroy one’s teeth, […]

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Did Saudi Arabia Just Settle The Family Business While Cucking Turkey At The Same Time?

Saudi Arabia is toast. We asserted this over a year ago as Saudi Arabia moved Pakistani troops into her eastern quarters, who is her only ally as neither nation is liked by the rest of the Middle East. The two great powers in the Middle East are and have always been Turkey and Iran. Turkey […]

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Woman Kills Six-Day-Old Baby, Court Says It Is Not Murder Because The Baby Is Not A Person

In a major court ruling from New York, a woman pregnant in her third trimester had a baby delivered by C-Section after a car crash she was involved in. The baby then died six days later. In a ruling from the court, it determined that she was not guilty of manslaughter because the baby was […]

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