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Married Man Gets Drunk And High And Has Sex With Another Woman, Then Stabs His Wife 46 Times While Screaming “You’ve Got To Die,” His Wife Says She Will Visit Him Each Week In Jail And Will Start A Family With Him Once He Is Released

A married man in the UK got high and drunk and had sex with another woman. After returning home and fighting with his wife, he plotted her murder. When the time had arrived, he stabbed her 46 times all over her body while screaming “You’ve got to die,” and she barely survived the attack. He […]

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American Backed Islamic Terrorist Web Hackers Exposed As A Den Of Sodomite Perverts

One of the curious aspects of Islam is her long-documented theological support of homosexuality. Islam openly supports homosexuality, and Mohammed himself was shown to have homosexual tendencies and engage in behavior common to homosexuals. Even as recently as today, Islamic terrorists such as ISIS engage in ritual sodomy with new terrorist recruits. In what is […]

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Evil Chinese Communist Party Arrests Catholic Priests, Forces Them To Study Communism For “Reeducation”

The Chinese Communists have just arrested two Catholic priests and is reportedly forcing them to undergo “reeducation” by studying Communism according to a report: Two underground Catholic priests have been detained in Hebei Province, China, and forced to study the Communist government’s orders on how Christianity is to be practiced. More than a dozen underground […]

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CIA Spy Massacre Proves How American Corporate Culture Is Deadly

The CIA is a notoriously secretive agency, and given the nature of the work they do, it is understandable. At the same time, the CIA is also involved in many programs of a both ethically dubious and openly immoral nature, such as the systematic support of national socialism in order to revived the conditions for […]

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Ancient mosaic of a gladiatorial match

If You Want To Fully Follow Greco-Roman Civilization, Then You Must Adopt The Gladiator Games

By Theodore Shoebat If you want to go full out with this reverence for “Greco-Roman” civilization, then what about accepting gladiator games? They were part of “Greco-Roman” culture, as part of paganism:   Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going

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