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The Rejection of Accountability And Confession Is The Spirit of Antichrist

By Theodore Shoebat Jesus said that the only sin that will not be forgiven is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. As we read from Augustine, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is the rejection of God’s forgiveness. This involves the rejection of confession and accountability. Thus, the rejection of redemption is of the spirit of Antichrist. […]

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Christians In Iraq Face Increasing Discrimination In Government As Their Numbers Slowly Dwindle

Christians in Iraq have been severely persecuted for the last decade and a half. From once being active participants in previous governments, including that of Saddam Hussein, they now are an isolated and dwindling minority that faces constant and increasing persecution for being Christians. Such was confirmed by a recent story, which found that the […]

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Christians Across Pakistan Are Being Attacked, Pulled Out Of Their Cars And Beaten Over Asia Bibi Case

Christians throughout Pakistan have faced many troubles, but the recent acquittal of Asia Bibi’s case has resulted in an explosion of violence against Christians, where many are reporting attacks and even being pulled out of their cars and beaten according to a report: Christians have been dragged out of their cars and beaten, and said […]

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Married Man Obsessed With Masturbating Into Other Men’s Intestines Murders His Wife

Mitesh Patel was a married man and a closet homosexual who enjoyed using the gay phone app Grindr, which has been used by more than a few homosexual murderers (see here and here), terrorists, congressmen, slave trafficking, and has been indicted in helping to spread HIV. He used to use the app to indulge in homosexual sex […]

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American Couple And Friends Torture Man And His Girlfriend With Axes And Knives, Drive Staples Into Their Faces, Shock And Rape Them With A Stun Gun, Has A Dog Maul Them, And Then Hung From A Tree Over $185 Debt

American couple and their conspirators were sentenced to life in prison after horribly torturing another couple to death over a $185 drug debt. According to a report the couple was beaten with knives and axes, raped with a stun gun, had staples driven into their face, were mauled by a dog, and then hung from […]

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Turkish Government Caught Helping Major Mormon Criminals Who Are Members Of Polygamous Mormon Cult In Utah

  By Theodore Shoebat The Turkish government has been to have helped two Mormon criminals involved in a major act of fraud in which they stole hundreds of millions of dollars and wired over 130 million dollars to a company in Turkey. The brothers were Jacob and Isaiah Kingston, and you can see one of them, […]

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