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Man Walks Into Police Department With Bag Of Dismembered Body Parts, Tells The Police “I Am Tired Of Eating Human Beings”

A man was arrested after he walked into a police station complaining that he was tired of “eating human beings.” He brought in a bag that he showed had a maggot-infested food and dismembered hand. Upon going to his house they found even more dismembered parts including a bucket filled with human entrails: Chilling evidence […]

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Family Auctions Off Their Teenage Daughter On Facebook To Wealthy Businessman

Online auction and marketplace websites have had people place many interesting “commodities” for sale, some of which have included people. In a recent case, a woman was auctioned off on Facebook to a wealthy businessman for 500 cows, three cars, and $10,000 according to a report: The auction of a South Sudanese girl for marriage […]

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If The Recent Arrival Of An “LGBT Splinter Group” Of “Migrants” Does Not Convince You This Caravan Was Planned, I Do Not Know What To Tell You

The “migrant caravan” story has been all over the news. Now headlines are being made as the first members of the “caravan” are arriving, which is said to be a “splinter group” of 80 sodomite migrants: A group of LGBT migrants who were part of the massive caravan slowly marching toward the U.S. made it […]

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Western Civilization Is Not Great Because You’re White

By Theodore Shoebat There is an idea that has been becoming something of a trend amongst the Right-wing, and that is that “Western civilization” is great because its native inhabitants. These people wish to make things about biology and genetics as opposed to spirituality. Here is the video: Click Here To Donate And Help Spread […]

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