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Germany’s Historical Ally In Hungary In Talks With Azerbaijan To Host Major Turkish Gas Pipeline

Major news has been taking place in the oil and gas industry as Azerbaijan has been working with Turkey and her NATO allies to build what is the most comprehensive, interconnected series of pipelines yet constructed going from the oil sands of Baku and the Turanian Basin to Europe. These lines pose a direct threat […]

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trans age man

Man Who Claimed He Was “Trans-Age” And Demanded The Government To Change His Age Has His Petition Rejected

In November 2018, I reported on the case of Dutch provocateur Emile Ratelband, who petitioned the Dutch government to legally change his age from 69 to 45 in the same way that people have attempted to “change” their gender through the legal system. In an update to this story, the courts have rejected his petition: […]

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Hundreds Of Angry Muslims Attack Christian Pastors For Declaring That Jesus Is The Son Of God

Hundreds of Muslims attacked six Christian pastors in a series of talks between Christians and Muslims after the pastors declared that Jesus is the Son of God according to a report: Hundreds of Muslims in eastern Uganda who were angry following public debates about Jesus, among other things, pressured local police to arrest six pastors […]

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jordan peterson

Do Not Be Deceived, Jordan Peterson Is Satanic And Is Pushing Darwinism And Genocide

By Theodore Shoebat Jordan Peterson has been praised as a prophet, a wiseman and as one of the biggest enemies of the Left. But when we uncover the veneer of his fame, what we find is an ideology and religion of Darwinism, heresy and eugenics.   The fame around the intellectual Jordan Peterson is immense. We […]

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