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Hindu Terrorists Get Indian Police Police To Shut Down Christian Event And Arrest Pastor

In another event of Christian persecution in India, a pastor was arrested and his worship event of six hundred people was forced to close amid complaints from Hindu terrorists according to a report: On November 11, a regular Christian gathering of nearly 600 people was shut down by police in Pure Pande Pululiki village, located […]

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The Religious Facade In American Politics Is Dying It’s Natural Death That Began Centuries Ago

American politics and religion have a strong overlap, but in recent years it has been of noted that Christianity has taken a reduced place in politics while interest in politics remains as strong as ever: As churches and other religious communities in the United States find themselves with declining membership and attendance, some have argued […]

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President Trump Pwns His Base, Takes The Money For “The Wall” And Gives It Directly To Mexico

To “pwn” somebody is classic Internet hacker slang for “own,” meaning domination or control over another. It is equivalent to the modern usage of the term “cuck” (so “He got pwned” also can mean “He got cucked.”). President Trump built a substantial campaign base around the idea of building a giant wall to separate the […]

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Donald Trump Declares That Illegal Immigrants Cost America $200 Billion A Year

By Theodore Shoebat President Donald Trump recently declared:  “Illegal immigration costs the United States more than 200 Billion Dollars a year,” he wrote on Twitter. “How was this allowed to happen?” Of course the most devoted of the Trump cult will believe this, without question. But thankfully, there have been people on the internet rightfully correcting so […]

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