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The Iraqi Teen Who Murdered Viktorija Sokolova In The UK Did Not Do This For Islam Or Allah- He Was Addicted To Watching Rape Porn, She Was A Known Strumpet, And Her Stepfather Continued To Molest Her Until Her Death

There has been a lot of talk about the case involving the horrible murder of Viktorija Sokolova, the fourteen-year-old daughter of Lithuanian immigrants in the UK who was beaten to death with a hammer by an unnamed teenager from Holland born to Iraqi refugee parents. Many have been lauding the girl as a victim of […]

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Man Stabs His Pregnant Girlfriend To Death With Scissors Because He Does Not Want The Child, Declares To Her “I Will Eat Your Flesh”

A man in the UK who did not want his pregnant girlfriend to have his child and had a history of abuse, including threatening to cannibalize her, stabbed her to death with a pair of scissors to which he boldly confessed the act according to a report: A man who stabbed his heavily pregnant girlfriend […]

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Three Hundred Hindu Terrorists Attach Christian School, Destroy Bibles And Threaten To Attack The Students If They Go To Church

Three hundred Hindu terrorists recently attacked a Christian school in India, where they destroyed Bibles and threatened to attack the students if the were seen going to church according to a report: As Pastor Selva Raj was leading a worship in Amathur village, located in the Virudhunagar district, a mob of 300 radicals from the […]

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Make No Mistake About It, The Trump Administration Is Giving Syria To Turkey And Is Helping With The Revival Of The Ottoman Empire

By Walid Shoebat & Theodore Shoebat Make no mistake about it, the US military withdrawal from Syria is being done to help Turkey. The US is giving Syria to Turkey and this is only fortifying the utopian vision that the Turks have of a revived Ottoman Empire. The United States is helping to revive the Beast […]

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