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Germany Announces ‘Investment’ Into Her Military, Says That She May Recruit “EU Citizens” Into The German Army

Germany’s military is already the 9th strongest in the world, but the government says that her military has “years of under-investment” and needs more investment as well as to recruit more soldiers, including making the offer to recruit soldiers from throughout the European Union according to a report: Seven years after Germany scrapped conscription, its […]

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Ukraine Dedicates January 1st As National Holiday Honoring Genocide Perpetrator And Nazi Collaborator

Stepan Bandera was a Ukrainian nationalist leader during World War II who collaborated with the National Socialists in World War II and murdered tens of thousands of Polish people in the Volhynian Genocide of Western Ukraine and southeastern Poland. In a recent move by the Ukrainian parliament, they have announced that January 1st is a […]

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Man Stabs His Mother To Death And Stuffs Her Body Into A Trash Can On Christmas Eve

Many people celebrated Christmas by spending time with family and exchanging gifts. In the case of a man on Chicago’s south side, he murdered his mother on Christmas Eve by stabbing her to death and then stuffed her body into a trash can according to a report: A man was charged with murdering his mother, […]

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Second Great Schism Gets Deeper As Ukrainian Orthodox Church Head Admits Love Of Sodomy And Pledges To Support The LGBT Against The Russians

The Orthodox churches are in a state of serious disarray right now as the Russian Orthodox Church has been effectively isolated from the rest of the “orthodox world.” The seriousness of this cannot be understated per our analysis (which you can read here), for the very same nationalism that defined the eastern churches and which […]

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black brain

Are Black People Retarded? According To IQ Researchers, They Are!

By Theodore Shoebat On the internet there has been growing obsession with race and IQ. One claim in particular that I have been is that Blacks have a general low IQ that classifies them as retarded. I address this here and my thoughts: Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going

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