Female Evangelical Christian Pastor In New York City Declares That Satanic Drug Lord Of Bloodthirsty Zetas Cartel El Chapo Is Helped By God And She Prays Each Day For His Release

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is one of two leaders (along with Ismael Zambada) of the infamous Zetas drug cartel in Mexico. El Chapo’s personal wealth is estimated at over $4 billion USD, with nearly all of it earned from the trafficking of drugs into the USA and associated crimes with cartel activity. Los Zetas have left their bloody footprint on Mexican soil and have helped to revive the worst forms of Aztec heathenry that terrified the Spanish and which the Church tirelessly worked to stamp out for the good of all people.

Below is a video from a story I did about the Zetas cartel in June 2018 where they sawed off the arms of a man and mocked him as he cried out in pain as he was dying. The video is horrible and grotesque, but this is what El Chapo promotes and permits his soldiers to do as a part of his wicked business deals:

The Zetas have been confirmed to be involved in cannibalism as well. Following in the example of the Aztecs, who used to murder their victims and them cook their flesh and serve it in dishes such as tamales or pozole, the Zetas have been caught doing the same as Ted reported in November 2017. Crimes such as these are the reason why Ted made his 2016 documentary “Hell Across the Border,” in which he explored the hellish world south of the border that through the wicked behavior of the cartels has turned Mexico into one of the most violent places on earth.

The Zetas have also spread their violence in the USA. One leader of the Zetas, Millan Vazquez, was arrested for a series of horrible crimes involving torture and cannibalism of those he put to death. In one particularly horrible case revealed in December 2017 at his trial, he tortured a six-year-old girl to death in front of her father, chopping her up slowly into small pieces and laughing at her screams while telling her father “This way you will remember me.”

The Zetas are evil, and it is long overdue that El Chapo be put on trial for his crimes against the human race. He is no different in his approach to life than the mass murderers of old, or the terrorists that one sees in the Middle East.

However, not everybody thinks so in spite of the clear and obvious evidence, and it not just his attorney Jeffrey Lichtman, a Jew who represented the infamous mob boss John Gotti and was recently caught in a torrid love affair. One such person is the Reverend Nedy Flugencio of Queens, who has declared that El Chapo cannot be the monster that he is because he is so kind to his family, that the media is simply lying, and that God’s help is with El Chapo and she prays daily for his release:

The impressive team of lawyers of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, headed by Jeffrey Lichtman, who seeks to mitigate his conviction in the courts of the United States, is not alone.

He has on his side a pastor who daily prays in court for the freedom of the Sinaloa capo, Nedy Fulgencio is a reverend of an evangelical church in Queens, New York, who attends all hearings of the trial that follows Guzman Loera in room 8D of the eighth floor of the Federal Court of the Eastern District of Brooklyn, New York, his mission: to intercede before a celestial power so that the ex-leader of the Sinaloa Cartel frees the 11 serious charges that weigh on him.

“When they give us a break I start praying for the judge, to strengthen the defense. Because the hope is that Mr. Guzmán will go free and go to see his mother. He’s going to hug her, her sisters and her family. God is going to grant her that request, “Nedy told elblogdelnarco.com.I elblogdelnarco . com .

Not coincidentally, the religious minister’s concern for the emotional well-being of María Consuelo Loera, mother of “El Chapo”, according to her own words, goes to the court every day on her behalf, although she does not know her personally.

“In 2015, she left (in a television interview) with the bible in her hand saying that she was praying for her son and that she had faith that the authorities would let him go free. Since that time I have been praying for Mr. Guzmán, “said Nedy, who belongs to the same evangelical church as the mother of” El Chapo “.

The mother of “El Chapo” has not had contact with her son since 2017. The Mexican press reported that through her lawyers, she has requested a humanitarian visa from the US authorities and a special permit to visit him in the midst of the strict measures of security under which he is confined.

About Guzmán Loera, there are accusations of drug trafficking, money laundering and arms trafficking. He is designated as the head of one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the world, but for the reverend, he is not a “monster” as the Prosecutor’s Office wants to see.

“I see him who is a genuine person, who is healthy, you do not see that light as bad as they put on the news. That he is not. Because I do not see that on his face. How he greets people, how he behaved with his daughters. That is a person whom God helps and loves, “he explained.

The 47-year-old Dominican woman living in New York insisted that the drug trafficker is a good person who could even pass for a religious minister.

“I saw him as a healthy person, as if he were literally going to put a bible under his arm and he was going to say: ‘We’ll see you right now in the cult’,” he said of the first time he saw him in court presided by Judge Brian Cogan.

Fulgencio said that he had the opportunity to speak with the wife of “El Chapo”, Emma Coronel Aispuro. During his brief meeting in court, he gave words of encouragement.


The reverend is not the only person outside the trial who takes a place in court. Being a public trial, tourists have even been able to look closely at the incidents that could lead to life imprisonment for the protagonist of films and series.

The weekly Proceso has described the trial as a “narco-show” that leaves daily new chapters of a novel that seems endless.

“It’s something surreal (witnessing the trial), it’s as if I was watching the TV series ‘El Chapo’,” Peter Stolt told the AP, after attending audiences on three occasions as a tourist. (source)

But her logic is not unheard of.

Once upon a time there was a man who was a leader of a powerful nation. He was a national war hero, he loved animals, he crusaded for public health and against smoking, was a vegetarian, was loved by his people, and was very good to his family. His name was Adolph Hitler.

Likewise, once upon a time there was a powerful ruler in China whose memory still echoes to this day. This emperor build the great wall of China, built the terra-cotta soldiers, made the Chinese language script and dictionary that remained in use for over two thousand years until 1949 and is still used by Chinese throughout the world, and made the Chinese system of time, weights, and measurement. This was Emperor Qin, who was also a mass murderer and would personally cannibalize his enemies in front of their families.

Power does not make a man great, nor do his private actions to those whom he likes. What makes a man great in the eyes of God is how he lived his life towards others in accordance with moral truth. God does not care for power or greatness, but the greatest among men is he who seeks after and does what is right. This is the calling of all men, great and small, as so eloquently expressed by the Ghost of Jacob Marley in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol:

At this time, it is also good to remember that this is not the first incident of Protestant pastors supporting drug cartel terrorists. Another serious example of this was the case where Ted exposed the connection between Protestant Christian pastor John Eldridge and his direct support of Los Caballeros Templarios, who have been involved in drug trafficking, organ trafficking, and human sacrifice.

El Chapo is an evil man. If the hand of God has helped him, it has been to keep him alive so that he may have the potential to ask pardon for his sins and spend the remainder of his life in penance, for his wealth cannot save him from his crimes. Indeed if anybody wants to pray for El Chapo, they should be praying for mercy for his soul in the afterlife because of the horrible life that he has lived, as his crimes are worthy of death.