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Japan Has One Of The Highest Suicide Rates On Earth, And This Is A Sign That Its Ready For The Kamikazes Again

By Theodore Shoebat Japan has one of the highest suicide rates on earth, with tens of thousands of Japanese people murdering themselves each year. As mass shooters are willing to kill others and themselves, so is Japan ready to kill others and destroy itself in war: Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going

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Chinese Government Orders Sick Christians To Renounce Christ Or Lose Their State Benefits

Governments throughout history have intentionally given and even pushed welfare onto their citizens to create dependence in order to control them. This is the case taking place in China right now as the Chinese government has ordered poor Christians, including the elderly and sick, who receive state benefits to either renounce Christ or their benefits […]

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Bajrang Dal Workers Protest In Bhopal

India Now Ranks In The Top Ten Worst Nations On Earth For Christian Persecution

India has been consistently saying that she will be a world “superpower” by 2020. While there certainly have been many changes in India that clearly establish her as a regional power, what she has advanced in is her status as one of the worst persecutors of Christians, now being placed in the top ten of […]

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european court of human rights

European Court Of Human Rights Takes On Major Case That May Enshrine Euthanasia Into International Law

Eugenics is sometimes associated with the rise of National Socialist Germany during the 20th century. While this is certainly true, this was only one small incident in the larger scale of events. What transpired in Germany began in the UK and US with the promotion of eugenic policies dating back to as early as the […]

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