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Atheist Starts ‘Satanic Prayer Line’ As A Joke To Mock Christian Missionaries, Shocked When He Gets Calls For Real Prayers

Atheists for years have criticized, parodied, or attempted to “expose” Christians and make them look foolish. While on occasion some of the criticism has been warranted (such as with the infamous exposure of the fraudulent televangelist Peter Popoff by James Randi), almost all of the criticism is not good and meant to be anti-Christian and […]

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Witness Declares At Trial That Mexican Drug Cartel Butcher El Chapo Personally Tortured People For Hours, Would Break All Their Bones With A Stick, Executed Some With Guns, And Buried Alive Another

The Mexican drug cartel kingpin and butcher El Chapo has been on trial for his crimes that have destroyed Mexico and terrorized the nation, including the US. According to one witness, El Chapo would personally torture some people, including breaking all of a man’s bones in his body with a stick, shooting others to death […]

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Father Declares That Jewish-Only Town’s Schools Are Keeping Students Illiterate And Uneducated As Town Digs In Against The State Of New York

For years, one hears constant legal claims or social accusations made against people of a majority religion seeking to guide a town in accordance with their religious beliefs in the US. Such examples include Ave Maria, Florida for Catholics and Dearborn, Michigan for Muslims. In both cases, a host of “civil rights” organizations seem to […]

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Man Gets Mad At His Friend In An Argument, Murders Him, Chops His Body Into Pieces And Flushes The Pieces Down The Toilet

A man in India had an argument with a friend and in the course of the argument he murdered him. To hide the crime, he cut up his friend’s body and flushed it down the toilet piece-by-piece. The only reason he was caught was because the chunks of his corpse clogged the sewer, and police […]

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