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Japanese Companies Try To Disguise The Skin Color Of The First Japanese Winner Of The Australian Open Who Is Also The Top Tennis Player In The World

Naomi Osaka is the top female tennis player in the world right now, and she just grabbed another victory in the Australian Open. Born in and representing Japan, she is the daughter of a Japanese mother and a Haitian father who met at university in New York. It is true that nations tend to place […]

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Village In Major Indian State Bans All “Christian Outsiders” From Entry

Gujarat is a major state in India on the border with Pakistan. It has a large Hindu population, and with the rise in nationalism in India has seen violence against both Muslims and Christians in the name of Hinduism. While Christianity is a minority religion in the state, it has continued to grow and to […]

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Christian Man In Egypt Kidnapped By Islamic Terrorists Disappears And Nobody Knows Of His Whereabouts

A Christian man was kidnapped by Islamic terrorists in the Sinai region and his whereabouts have since been unknown, and authorities believe he has been killed according to a report: A Coptic Christian man traveling on a microbus in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula was kidnapped by Islamic militants on January 18th. Abeed Nakhla Yassa was traveling […]

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Famous Sodomite Couple “Married” By Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Arrested For Gang Raping A Man

There are many lies that are told about the LGBT. Aside from the lie that is “homosexual marriage,” as such a concept cannot exist because the nature of marriage itself under the natural law contradicts this, another lie is that the LGBT is not violent or that violence is an exception and not the rule. […]

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