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Do Not Be Fooled, Russia And China Are Not Friends, They Never Have Been Friends, And Russia Is Preparing For A Fight With The Chinese

However, Russia is no stranger to her own propaganda, or people projecting fantasies onto her who do not like something the US is doing. This was seen a lot in the past years under Obama, where people in the US were veritably lauding Putin as a kind of a savior only to completely forget and […]

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Supreme Court Building

US Supreme Court Rules In Recent Case Against Excessive Asset Forfeiture

“Asset forfeiture” is a process by which the government, usually the police, use either the committing of a crime or the accusation of a crime to seize one’s assets. This not in itself per se an issue, but a common problem in the US has been a consistent pattern of excessive seizure. For example, using […]

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Islamic Terrorists Murder Eighteen People Gathering Firewood In Nigeria

Violence by Islamic terrorists continues in Nigeria, affecting even people seeking to live their lives and care for their personal business. Such recently happened in Nigeria, where Islamic terrorists butchered eighteen people gathering firewood according to a report: Suspected Boko Haram members have attacked a group of firewood merchants in Borno State, killing no fewer […]

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US National Debt And Other Debts Hits And Continues To Reach Record Levels

The national debt was, rightly so, a major concern under President Obama, who greatly helped to increase it. One of President Trump’s major campaign promises was to reverse, stop, or at least, attempt to stem some of the out-of-control spending. However, the national debt continues to increase as well as all forms of debt, reaching […]

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The Rise Of Catalonian Separatism Is A Sign Of A Coming War In Europe

By Theodore Shoebat The Catalonians are pushing for their severing from the rest of Spain and their movement is getting backing from entities in both the United States (the American lobbyist group SGR Government Relations) which is getting funds through a bank in Russia, Sberbank. The Second World War was preceded by separatist sentiments in Europe. Today we are […]

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