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Catholic Bishop And Missionary Declares That Homosexuals In The Priesthood Caused The Abuse Crisis Today

It is a known fact that 81% of the “sexual abuse” in the Catholic Church comes from sodomites, and of that abuse two-thirds is homosexual men preying on teenagers. There is no “sex abuse crisis” in the Church, but rather a sodomite infestation that is the source of the supermajority of the problems. Remove the […]

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Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Takes Down Multiple US Drones In Iraq And Syria

The Iranian Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard reported that they commandeered and crashed several US drones flying over Iraq and Syria according to a report: Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh revealed on Thursday that several American unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) flying above Syria and Iraq […]

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Mohammed Bin Salman Offers Himself As Meat For The Turkish Kebab As He Grovels At The Feet Of Chinese Atheists Again

  Prince Mohammed bin Salman is showing himself not to be a terribly wise ruler. As I noted in November 2018, there seems to be a serious fight within the Saudi Family that was covered by the Khashoggi murders, where the older members of the family were attempting to wrest control from MbS in fear […]

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Make No Mistake About It, The Rise Of Socialism Will Lead To Destruction, Genocide And Misery

By Theodore Shoebat In America, there is a rise of Marxist and National socialism amongst millennials and Gen. Zers. When we say socialism, we use the term acknowledging that there is a plethora of different interpretations of “socialism.” So, to clarify this from the beginning, when we bring up “socialism,” we will either put the […]

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