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Mike Pence Helps The Germans, Tells Them To Spend More On Their Military. Germany Loves Trump Because They Have The Green Light To Make Their Military Powerful Again

By Theodore Shoebat Mike Pence recently chastised Germany for not ‘doing enough’ to spend on its own defense for NATO. In a speech the vice president did recently, he said: US Vice President Mike Pence on April 3 chastised Germany for not spending enough on defense, warned Turkey against going ahead with the purchase of […]

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alabama wants to outlaw abortion

Politicians In Alabama Are Working To Outlaw Abortion

By Theodore Shoebat Politicians in Alabama are now working to outlaw abortion, as we read in one report from WHNT19: Alabama could be the latest state to consider an abortion ban as supporters hope to spark legal challenges to revisit Roe v. Wade, the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. Rep. Terri Collins, […]

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Mass Grave Uncovered Revealing The Bodies Of Over One Thousand Jews Murdered By The Nazis. A Reminder Of The Future Holocaust That Is Coming

By Theodore Shoebat A mass grave was discovered in Belarus revealing the bodies of over 1,000 Jews murdered by the Nazis during the reign of terror of the Third Reich. As we read from Algemeiner: Excavations at the site of a Holocaust mass grave in Belarus have uncovered the remains of more than 1,000 Jews […]

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algeria map photo

Algerian President Ousted Amid Mass Protests

The President of Algeria, who has reigned for two decades, as been ousted following mass protests according to a report: Algeria’s ailing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika resigned on Tuesday, succumbing to six weeks of largely peaceful mass protests driven by youth and pressure from the powerful army against his 20-year rule. Hundreds took to the streets […]

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Egyptian Policeman Sentenced To Death For Murdering Christian Father And Son Outside Of A Church

An Egyptian policeman was sentenced to death by an Egyptian court for murdering a Christian man and his son outside a church according to a report: An Egyptian policeman found guilty of killing a Christian man and his son in a case that outraged the minority Coptic community was sentenced to death on Tuesday, judicial […]

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New Orleans Formally Apologizes For Largest Mass Lynching In US History

When the term “lynching” is used in the US, it is often used to refer to the ancestors of the slaves killed by mob violence. However, the largest mass lynching in the US was not against slaves, but by whites against other whites, namely Italian immigrants driven by nationalist fervor and a hatred of foreigners […]

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russia map

Russia Suspends Seminary Activities Of Baptists And Pentecostals

Several months ago, I received word from a priest in Russia who has worked there for a long time that he was not able to return for the foreseeable future. This priest, whose location is in Siberia (location withheld), alluded to it being changes in Russia’s foreign policy, specifically with religions other than the Russian […]

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First Black Female Sodomite Elected As Mayor Of Major American City

It is a veritable part of American political religion to praise the number of “special qualifications” that a person has when one gets into office. These “qualifications” are not related to anything that one has done or virtue that one possesses, but often times to intrinsic qualities that one cannot change because one was born […]

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