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Eastern Orthodox and Trad Catholic Fanatics

By Theodore Shoebat Some of my thoughts on Eastern Orthodox and Trad Catholic nationalists: CORRECTION: At 17:31 I wrongly said “orthodox heresy” when I meant to say “Orthodox faith”. Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going   CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW OUR NEW SHOEBAT FACEBOOK PAGE  

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Two Hundred Chinese Christians Stand Off Against Six Hundred Government Officials And Policemen To Protect Marian Shrine

Two hundred Chinese Christians stood off against six hundred government official and policemen who came to destroy a Marian Shrine in China according to a report: At least 600 government officials and policemen arrived this morning in front of the Marian shrine of Mujiaping to destroy it. The shrine is located in the Diocese of […]

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Man And His Son Sell Diseased Organs From Dead Bodies On The Black Market

A man and his son were arrested for selling diseased organs on the black market according to a report: Two Illinois men sold human remains and falsely told buyers on multiple occasions that the cadavers had tested negative for diseases, federal prosecutors in Michigan said in court documents filed last week. Donald Greene Sr. has […]

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Hindu Terrorists Work With Local Politicians And Bulldoze Church On Video, Tell Christians “As Long As I Am Here You Will Never Have A Church”

A group of Hindu terrorists pressed a local city council to bulldoze a Church in the state of Uttar Pradesh, to which the President of the council then told the Christians “As long as I am here, you will never have a church”: More than 150 faithful Christians have witnessed powerless to demolish their church […]

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Church Of Sweden Publishes Official Brochure For Children Calling The Holy Family Sodomites

In what has become a “race to the bottom” of popular culture, Sweden once again has pushed forward to the front with a new low in the official Church of Sweden committing blasphemy against the Holy Family and promoting it to children. According to a recent pamphlet published by them, it called St. Joseph a […]

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