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bannon, mauren and harnwell

How The Anti-Immigration Network Is Working To Get Conservatives To Accept Population Control

By Theodore Shoebat In an abandoned monastery on a mountain in Italy, Steve Bannon and Benjamin Harnwell are conspiring to accelerate a dramatic shift in the political climate of Europe. In the Trisulti Monastery, two hours away from Rome, Harnwell — a ‘traditionalist Catholic’ — is contriving a plan, alongside Bannon, to make the site […]

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Mormon Man Jailed For Molesting Five Children All Under The Age Of Six

A Mormon man was arrested in Utah and jailed for five decades after being convicted of molesting five children under the age of six according to a report: Noel Anderson, a 23-year-old former Sunday school teacher with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in McKinney, Texas, was sentenced to 50 years in prison […]

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Major Hindu Nationalist Ruling Party President Calls Christians “Infiltrators” In Major Speech, Says He Will “Remove” Them From The Country

Hindu nationalists have openly declared their hatred for Christianity and a desire to commit genocide against any Christians if they are allowed to take power. The main political party working towards this concept of a “Hindu Ethnostate” is the BJP, and in a recent speech the President of the party called Christians “infiltrators” and that […]

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Most Christians Expected To Be In Africa By The End Of The Century

Christianity is exploding in Africa as it is dying in the Western world, and according to a report by the end of the century Africa will have the largest concentration of Christians in the world: New projections from a leading American research group suggest that the number of Christians in various denominations and sects is […]

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White Nationalists Prepare To Conduct Occult Rituals On Hitler’s Birthday To Summon His Spirit In Order To Revive National Socialism

National Socialist philosophy was founded on Cabbalistic beliefs and is inherently occult in nature. It was this way during World War II, and why there is a direct overlap between the new national socialist movements throughout the west with groups practicing satanism. It is first a spiritual movement before a political one, and which has […]

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